Safe and peaceful world

We must get rid of them outrightly.
We must get rid of these culprits;
Who are causing havoc
All over the place,
We must bring them to book;
Let us say it point blank,
We must speak
Without mincing words;
We want a safe world;
A peaceful world;
We are sick and tired of
Those who are responsible
For the high crime rate,
They will pay for it;
The wave of criminality sweeping
Through our communities,
Is a great cause
for concern;
Who creates these criminals?
Who is responsible
for these
dangerous men and women
who terrorize the world?
It’s hard to believe
That humans are capable
Of the heinous crimes
We bear witness to daily;
Were these hardened
rogues born and bred
In crime cities or in normal families?
See them move about
like decent humans,
But are in reality gangsters;
They have no hearts;
Wild beasts that they are;
What they do best is destruction;
Champions of trouble,
Ruining the world,
By their erosive, dreadful actions;
Breaking into homes;
Harassing people;
Heartless, cruel,
Merciless souls;
True enemies of the people.
They are misfits here;
It is a shame to find people
engaged in destruction
without blinking;
Taking so much pride in
Taking away human life.
Such enemies of their people.
A big shame that homes
produce such evil.
And we complain of evil
in the world;
When we generate it
in our own very homes.
We cannot let it go on
As it is doing.
Stop crime wave in the world.
We want a safe world;
A peaceful world.
That is what we want.

Today’s morning prayer 3

Good morning, Father,
Another day is here;
The gift of your hands;
Many thanks to you;
As we move into the hours
That lie ahead,
I have worries
About security;
My people and I
Are still living in fear;
We do not feel safe;
Danger looms overhead;
With kidnapping
And asking for ransom
As the order of the day;
Only you can protect us;
Therefore, on my knees,
I plead to you O Lord,
That you take control;
And keep us safe.
Increase our faith in you,
Grant us the grace
Of total trust in you,
For you are the source
Of all safety.
This, our humble prayer,
To you, we submit, amen!

Prayer for protection

May the Good Lord
Provide you a safety armor,
To protect you
From any arrows
That may be aimed at you!
May he shield you
From all your enemies!
May all verbal attacks
At you come to naught!
May your journey
Be a joyful one!
May your family
And neighbours,
And all dear ones
Whom you have left behind
Be divinely protected
As they move about,
And as they sleep;
May you have reason
Throughout your stay away
From your home
To sing praise to God!

We need safety

Do you know?
My people are living in fear;
My people are living in doubt;
My people are worried;
My people are traumatized;
Do you know why?
There is so much insecurity;
The future is bleak;
Nothing is sure;
The people are only counting on God.
What can we do
To change this situation?
Can this state of fear be reversed?
There is a dire need
For security for all;
Let us stop
Making life so unsafe
For others and us;
Let us stop wasting
The opportunity
To enjoy this world
Which has been given
To us by God himself.
Let us make the world safe
For all to enjoy;
Or how do you see it?
We need security.

May she travel safely

May she travel safely O Lord,
Protected from all dangers;
As you take control
Of their bus;
Be their driver;
Accompany their them every step
Of their journey;
Turn all her traveling partners
Into the best of friends;
Keep them hooked to you;
So that their hearts may know
Not fear but trust in you;
May your name be glorified
When their journey is through!
We make our humble prayer
Through Christ
Your son our Lord, Amen!

Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #52

The Youth Clubs has always fascinated me both in Ghana and England, not having attended one myself because by eighteen I was in training to be a nurse, I wondered how much fun the children had.  It always looked like they were having fun.  In reality being in clubs at school was sufficient enough for me therefore I only wanted to read and spend time with my family when on holidays.  Of course I spent time seeing my friends too.

With more and more parents working and doing shift hours too, children need well supervised places like Youth Clubs where through games and socialising they can learn skills of communication, organisation, leadership, creativity, IT, physical and mental dexterity.  A Youth Club in London was celebrating 150 years and I thought, Wow! I didn’t realise how long some had been going.

Did you go to a Youth Club and what was it like?

Today I had Porridge, Pumpkin seeds, Orange and a glass of Water.

I wish my voice could go far

If there is something I really strongly wish, it is I wish my voice could go far. I see us spending huge sums of money to bring peace to the world.
I see the world everyday becoming more and more unsafe. Innocent people are killed here and there. No one knows what each day will bring. Killings, terrorist attacks, wars etc are the order of the day. Our response to all this is to spend billions in terms of money on peace missions and negotiations. This does not help much. The situation seems to be going worse.
Our world will not change unless we change; and we will not change unless our education changes. We are what we are educated to be. We behave as we have been educated to behave. The solution to the world’s problems will only come from education. We need a new kind of education for all. Or we need to inject something in education that the world is not having now.
If I had a way to let those who matter in the world listen to me, this is what I would tell them. Unless we do something profound in the education we give the people of the world, the world will continue on the wrong path and finally destroy itself.
Let us reeducate ourselves and save the world. Who will listen to this? I wish I could take this message to the people of the world everywhere!