Country Boy

Lucius McCray is a character I developed in my short stories that I shared here and on my blog on many occasions. Since that time I have taken him on as a pen name and Lucius has written one short anthology called “Country Boy” and his new book is coming out March 9th. I wanted to share part of his dog, Wobbly’s story. Please enjoy this clip from the audiobook.

Pick up your copy of “Country Boy” by Lucius McCray The audiobook is available from audible:… It is also available on iTunes and other audiobook vendors. You can buy the ebook, or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited:… Paperbacks are available in many bookstores or check out an independent bookstore near you via Indie Bound


Story Time with Lucius

I have not written any stories up here recently. I just released my newest humorous anthology “Humor Deeper Than a Holler.” It’s available for pre-order on Amazon and other bookstores. I’m also editing the next novel in the Berserker series that will come out in May.

That information aside, I have decided to tell my short stories on videos and let Lucius do the narration. He is starting with his own stories, and this week’s story is about his run in at a local supermarket. Click on the link, relax for about five minutes and so, and have yourself a few laughs.

Cockroaches and rats

Cockroaches and rats all over;
They have invaded you,
What are you doing about it?
Look at them climbing
On you;
They are hungry creatures
Hunting for verbal food;
Do you ignore them,
Or wipe them off
With insecticide?
Idle creatures with no knowledge
Of how to use their time
They are out to tear you down;
To pull you down;
But they remain cockroaches
And rats.

This poem is talking about the idle people around us who spend precious time talking about others, trying to tear others down. They do nothing worthwhile but take delight in criticizing the people who are doing their best to do things.