Can’t expect otherwise

I am satisfied;
Very satisfied with life;
Not that everything is moving,
Everything is not moving;
Everything cannot move;
But some things are moving;
And that gives me good reason
To be satisfied.
Enough reason indeed;
It’s rare to find someone
For whom everything
Is moving.
We all face challenges;
Some things move;
Others don’t.
We can’t expect otherwise.
Be encouraged;
And keep moving;


Beyond my imagination

I am satisfied;
I am fully satisfied,
Really, really satisfied;
I have reason to be;
And to be thankful to God,
The author of my life;
Look at all
He’s done;
And is doing for me;
Just imagine!
Look at me!
Who am I to be so favoured?
In many ways favoured;
I am really happy;
And satisfied;
And thankful to him.
Thank you, my Master;, my creator;
Thank you, my Lord.
You are great
Beyond my imagination.

I thank God for this wonderful day (Be inspired today 225 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If I am going to bed tonight,
I will do so satisfied
That I have had a great day;
I have worked hard this day;
I have done my best;
I wish I had had better results,
But I won’t downplay my success;
It’s great success;
Many wish they did like me;
I did it;
I did it in a way I like;
I really got inspired,
And I did all I could;
I will try harder tomorrow,
While waiting, I thank God
For this wonderful day!
The amazing gift of this day.

Are you satisfied? (Be inspired today 164 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Are you satisfied
With the work you did
Are you satisfied
With the results
You obtained?
Are you satisfied
With the way the world
Is turning?
Are you satisfied
With world leaders;
How they are running
The world?
Are you satisfied
With the young people
Of today?
The way they behave?
Are you satisfied
With the way we use
Social media?
Are you satisfied
With the way
Public servants
In your country
Do their work?
Are you satisfied
With the practice of
Democracy in your country?
In the big democracies?
Are you satisfied
With the way corruption,
Crime wave,
social injustice
And other ills are being
Tackled in the world.
Tell me where you are
Not satisfied.
Are you satisfied
With the way we try
To inspire you on this site?
How satisfied
Or dissatisfied are you?

If you are not satisfied

If you are not satisfied,

Do not become bitter;

That will not help you;

Instead, it will hurt you.

If you are not satisfied,

It may be it is God

Who is speaking to you;

Listen and hear what he

Is telling you.

If you are not satisfied,

Do something

To be satisfied;

You have what it takes.

If you are not satisfied,

Turn to God

The source of all


And he will make you satisfied.

If you are not satisfied,

Keep on searching

Until you get

The satisfaction

That you need.

If you are not satisfied

Maybe God wants you

To change your path;

Maybe he has a new way

For you.

Are you satisfied?

If you are not satisfied

Life continues

Don’t blame everybody.

If you are not satisfied,

Follow the path of wisdom;

Go down on your knees

And pray;

Satisfaction will come

To you running.

Thank God if you are not satisfied

Thank God If you are not
If you are satisfied,
That is good;
If you are not satisfied,
That is also good;
If you are satisfied,
Thank God
For blessing you
With satisfaction;
If you are not satisfied,
Thank God
For blesding you
With dissatisfaction,
Whether satisfied,
Or not satisfied,
Thank God;
Each is a blessing;
A great opportunity;
If you are not satisfied,
You are challenged,
To do something special;
It is a blessing in disguise,
From dissatisfaction
Have emerged
Many great ideas,
Which have given birth
To many great achievements.
Thus, if it is good
To be satisfied;
It is equally good,
If not better,
Not to be satisfied.
For this reason, I say it
Loudly and clearly,
Thank God if you are not

Today, I am satisfied

Today, I am satisfied
With what I’ve done;
Today, I feel positive
About how things are evolving;
Today I begin to see light
At the end of the tunnel;
Today, I am more optimistic
Than I was yesterday;
Today has come
With great hope for me;
Today, things are not as difficult
As they were yesterday;
Today, I can visualize the sun
Shining brightly.
Indeed, today, I am satisfied.

I am satisfied

I am satisfied with what I have done today;
I do not say I have everything I want,
But I am satisfied with what I have done;
I would have liked to get better results,
But I am satisfied;
Next time, I’ll do better;
We cannot always have what we want;
We cannot always do all we want;
But we have to learn to be satisfied with our efforts;
And the results we get.
I am satisfied with what I have shared
On the web;
I am satisfied with my interaction with you.
I am taking a break of about an hour;
And by God’s grace, I’ll be back;
Today is a great day for me;
A great day to you! LOL!

Going to bed satisfied

I will go to bed tonight satisfied with myself and with my work; satisfied that I have given the world what I desired to give. It was a busy day for me, indeed. In addition, network was not the best. I saw myself unable to accomplish my mission for the day. That made me a little worried.Thank God everything has worked out well; and I am going to bed satisfied.

This is a confirmation that with God on your side, everything will always work out well. What a joy indeed to go to bed satisfied! This is my prayer for you who are reading this. May you go to bed every night satisfied with yourself; with your day’s work; with your creator!.