Photo for the day! #Aug20


Good Morning this Saturday

Good morning
To you all;
To loved ones
And all;
Handsome and beautiful
May this morning
Be good!
A prelude to a day
That is best;
May this morning
Bring joy!
Joy that will fill
All your day;
Good morning
To you all;
Good morning this Saturday;
Let your face shine
With smiles.
Nice people that you are.
May you start your day
On your right foot!
Good morning;
Good morning
I encourage you
To get on
With a jump;
Put negative thoughts
Let your armour
Be positive thoughts
And faith.
Good morning
Good morning again.

This very Saturday

O Saturday!
This very Saturday;
What carries you
In that swollen belly
Of yours?
Uncertainty fills the air,
Doubt, worries and fear
Hang every where;
And keep rocking our
Troubled hearts!
What may happen,
No one knows;
O Lord our God,
Only you can keep us safe;
To you,
On our knees we turn,
In tears and sorrow,
Asking for your help.
Help us O Lord;
Help us or we perish!
Help us this very Saturday!