Wisdom Tidbit for today! #Dec18πŸ‘Œ


Saturday morning

Saturday morning;
I am in good spirits;
Many thanks to God;
To him be the glory;
It’s not my doing;
It’s no man’s doing;
It’s the divine work
Of His holy hands;
Who, in his right mind
Can take this for granted?
I thank you, O Lord,
You are ever good;
Merciful and kind;
On my knees,
I humbly supplicate you,
To make this day great,
Fill it with success;
And grant us the grace
To praise your name
This Saturday morning,
And forever after.

Good Morning this Saturday

Good morning
To you all;
To loved ones
And all;
Handsome and beautiful
May this morning
Be good!
A prelude to a day
That is best;
May this morning
Bring joy!
Joy that will fill
All your day;
Good morning
To you all;
Good morning this Saturday;
Let your face shine
With smiles.
Nice people that you are.
May you start your day
On your right foot!
Good morning;
Good morning
I encourage you
To get on
With a jump;
Put negative thoughts
Let your armour
Be positive thoughts
And faith.
Good morning
Good morning again.