Saturday night

Saturday night is a very special night;
I hope it is special for you
As it is for me;
Saturday night is outing night;
And outing is sweet when
I have my sweet heart
With me.
What about you?
What makes Saturday night
Outing sweet for you?


This very Saturday

O Saturday!
This very Saturday;
What carries you
In that swollen belly
Of yours?
Uncertainty fills the air,
Doubt, worries and fear
Hang every where;
And keep rocking our
Troubled hearts!
What may happen,
No one knows;
O Lord our God,
Only you can keep us safe;
To you,
On our knees we turn,
In tears and sorrow,
Asking for your help.
Help us O Lord;
Help us or we perish!
Help us this very Saturday!

Saturday, you were a darling

You have the honor to close the door on 2016
And make way for 2017;
What a big role you play!
Throughout 2016 you were a darling;
You gave us the opportunity to stay at home,
Away from work, to do clean up, shop and relax also;
Above all, you gave us the possibility
To go out and socialize with our dear ones;
For these reasons you were precious to us;
We thank you;
Thank you for closing the door to 2016 smoothly;
With celebration and prayer;
We look forward to our 52 meetings in 2017;
We count on you to make them good;
Void of violence, and sadness;
And full of happiness and celebration;
Many thanks to you, sweet Saturday!