Thank God you are here

Welcome Saturday!
Welcome weekend;
How nice to have you around;
Many of us love you;
You are caring;
You make us stay at home
Instead of going to work;
And we take care of our homes;
And ourselves;
You’re a good friend, Saturday;
You’re not our enemy;
We are in one team.
Thank God you are here.


Saturday, you were a darling

You have the honor to close the door on 2016
And make way for 2017;
What a big role you play!
Throughout 2016 you were a darling;
You gave us the opportunity to stay at home,
Away from work, to do clean up, shop and relax also;
Above all, you gave us the possibility
To go out and socialize with our dear ones;
For these reasons you were precious to us;
We thank you;
Thank you for closing the door to 2016 smoothly;
With celebration and prayer;
We look forward to our 52 meetings in 2017;
We count on you to make them good;
Void of violence, and sadness;
And full of happiness and celebration;
Many thanks to you, sweet Saturday!