Contrary Yet Complementary



Difficult. Annoying. Vexing.
Tiresome. Trying. Tedious.
All that it could be
But never for a moment was teaching,
Inconvenient. Boring. Uninteresting.
Bothersome. Infuriating or maddening experience for me.
I always had a problem with my temper.
A simple irksome situation could
Turn into an explosion of emotion.
Tensions; Uncomfortable silence
Defiance; bad decisions wrapped up in smiles.
Gritted teeth and my motto; “I am who I am, and I do it my way”


Underneath those smiles
Lurked an irksome truth
And its name was Perfection.
Then I had kids of my own.
And discovered perfection in their imperfections.
Mediocrity was fine for me now.
Individual differences, I learned to accept.
My life’s perspectives were different now.
I was a mentor to my students.
In a world so impulsive,
They taught me cautiousness
Addicted to the chaos they created, I longed for it every day.


Torrent of love and faith showered
Was comparatively so stimulating,
My voyage with them has taught me the patience
Of an hour glass and its sand,
A need to learn and unlearn,
A need to learn how to endure
And to stand against the troubled winds
Of corporal punishments.
Breaking the barriers of absurdness
Your love led you to address me a ‘maa’ instead of ma’am.
Contrary yet complementary…
…YES; But that’s what today makes us ‘WE’.

(This poem is dedicated to my students, who are my mentors)


© All Rights Reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.

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The Daily Post 

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The Best School Ever

the best school ever

There is one beautiful school I know which has the following regulations:

  • There is no required passing grade. For there is no grading system.
  • It is you who have to grade yourself according to how aware you are of your performance.
  • There are four main subjects: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
  • You have to select your specialization from those four main subjects.
  • The teacher is everybody.
  • No matter what course you take, you always end up a TEACHER.

Read the full post here.

May you’d find inspiration from Purposive Writer’s little stories and life musings.

Have a blessed day!


Education’s priceless value

Education is of priceless value;
Play not with your education;
That is what will open doors for you;
None can make it without education;
If it’s not your education,
It’s another one’s education;
The bottom line is education;
It’s an indispensable tool,
That must come into play;
If you’re a pupil or student,
Play not with your education;
If you’re a parent,
Do the best you can
To get your kids in school;
Whether you’re a teacher
Or a school manager,
Yours is a big responsibility,
Handle it with care and love!

Happy New School Year!

This is a special time not only for children and parents but for all stakeholders in education: teachers, school administrators and governments, especially those running the department of education.

Millions of kids and young people around the world are taking or have already taken the road to school.

In many countries, it is not an easy time for lots of parents. They do not have the required resources and have to make enormous sacrifices to sail through this period. To them I say “bravo!”

To teachers, school managers, principals, headteachers and other administrators, I say “thank you in advance for all that you will do this academic year for our kids and all others in school.”

Education is important and worth the effort.There can be no better gift from parents to children than the opportunity for a solid education. With quality education, one easily finds one’s way in life.

As the school year begins, we have one piece of advice to all young people in school and the stakeholders. You start negotiating for your success or the success of those entrusted to your care on day one of school. You don’t wait for day two. Start on day one to put in your best; and do not relent in your effort until the end.

Happy school year to all.

School started

In my country, school started on Monday September 7th for the 2015/2016 academic year. It might have started in yours too. I believe it started in many parts of the world.

Everywhere in the world, more and more people are realizing the importance of education. Education is the key. Learning enables you to do things. Without knowledge of how to do something, you cannot do it. The more you master through learning how to do something, the better you can do it; and the better your chances of success in life.

If you are a student, take your studies serious. The better you perform in your studies the better your chances of success in life.

If you are a parent, you are encouraged to make necessary sacrifices for your child’s or children’s education.

Education is one of the two best gifts you can offer your child or children.

The other is love.

School is good

I love school;
School is good, my child;
In my day of school,
I loved school.
A formation center;
Source of the spring
Of knowledge;
Where I drank to my fill;
Where my teachers, male and female
Let out their wisdom
To quench my thirst
For knowledge;
And nourish my mind;
School is good, my child.
Love school, for
School is good.
Go to school;
Stay in school;
And dig out the gold
That is buried in school.

The life of a poor village boy

six boys standing near trees and houses photo takenToday We begin the story of Che Zama and his struggles. It was not easy for Zama. He had many obstacles in his life.
 How did he end? That is what we shall see.

 Che Zama struggles through school

Che Zama was born in a very poor family.  His parents were unable to send him to secondary school. It had not been easy for him to go through primary school. His parents had found it hard to pay his school fees, not to talk of buying his books and other school needs. For the seven years that he was in school, he had neither text books nor exercise books. He did not even have a pen to write. He used sharpened sticks to write.

In those days, children in the senior primary section used pen holders to write. The pen-holder would be dipped into ink and then used to write. Since Che’s parents could not afford a pen-holder, he would sharpen a stick or a piece of the outer skin of a dry bamboo, and use to write.  While the other  pupils dipped their pen-holders into ink and used to write, he would dip his  sharpened stick; and that served the same purpose.

You needed to see Che’s uniform. It was old and torn. His whole appearance smacked of misery.

Che Zama passes with flying colors

Despite the difficulties that Che Zama faced, surprisingly, he passed the First school Leaving certificate Examination at the end of his course with flying colors.

Many of the children from rich homes failed. Che’s success earned for him respect and admiration in the village.

Che is admitted in a prestigious secondary school

He also had easy admission into secondary school.  It was not just any secondary school.  It was the most prestigious secondary school in the country.

There is confusion in the village

The news of his admission into this wonderful school was broken, it threw the village into confusion when.  That became the talk of the day. Nobody could believe that the son of a wretched man like Mr. Ekema would go to  such an outstanding school.

The is a problem of money

Everybody waited to see the magic that the man would use to get the fees to send the boy to such a school. Behind his back, they said nasty things about him.  They even said they were sure the boy would not go anywhere.

Money is found

Happily, after a hard struggle, the school fee was found and Che was poised to go. He was the happiest child in the village when it became clear that he would go. He thanked God that his father had worked hard and had the fees although it was only for the first term.

The villagers, on their part, were at a loss about what they were seeing.  They began to say all types of things to run down Mr. Ekema.  Mr. Akema did not mind it when he heard what they said. He was happy and proud that his son would go to college. He would be the first boy in the village to go to college.

Che Zama goes to school

When the day came, Che went. That was the best day in his life. He met other boys from other schools and they began to live and study together .  It was a boarding school. He had never experienced boarding school life before and so in some ways it was difficult; but on the whole he enjoyed it very much.

Che Zama leaves school

Unfortunately, Che’s joy and that of his family was short-lived. He only tasted secondary school for a short time. At the start of the third term, he was forced to leave for good because his father could not afford to pay the fees for that term.

Che’s sadness the day he was leaving could not be measured. You could touch it. He was down cast as he carried his blank box home. When he thought of how he would miss his lessons tears rolled down his cheeks. He had wanted to come out on top in the exam that term.

Although he hoped his father would struggle for him to return to school, he was worried. Many of his classmates shared his sadness and worry. Some comforted him saying they hoped it would not be long before he returned to join them in school.

Che Zama never returns to school

That ended up as wishful thinking. Che never returned to school. School had ended for him.

It is fifty years today.  Che has never met some of those classmates he left behind on that day. These include the boy who sat closest to him in class and the one whose bed was closest to his in the dormitory.  Both were his best friends; and they had great dreams together for their lives.

Che Zama returns to village life

Che got back home to join the other poor children whose own parents had also been unable to send them to school. After two months, when he did not return to school, he knew he would never do so again. His life style changed. He would get up in the morning, loiter around their home, do a few things around the compound and go to play with his friends.  At times, he would join them to move up and down and idle away their time.

On some days,  he and his friends would go hunting or setting traps to catch bush animals….CONTINUED ON TUESDAY 16 SEPT. 2014 in New on Success inspirer as Our Story of the day..