Continue to give Peace a Chance.

Very early one morning in a far away land the cockerel crowed and that was the signal for the retinue to approach the Palace.  Holding calabashes of simple gifts, but these were precious to life.  They came seeking an audience with the King.  No one comes before a King empty-handed.

After the long ceremonial greetings, the purpose of their visit was revealed. The people wanted permission to beat the Drums of Peace.  This was not the season for drumming and a high price has to be paid if anyone breaks the rule.  “The King wants to know the reason and urgency for the drumming.” said his Chief Assistant.”We want to row our canoes to the horizon on the sea and beat the  drums there, we know it has never been done but we want to send a message across the sea, for the waves to carry it to all our brothers and sisters who came from lands afar and those who ended up there, that they should every day continue to give peace a chance.” said the leader of the retinue.

The King wanted to know the significance of the gifts of the water and the salt they brought. The answer surprised all who were there “Well, the sea is salt and water and we reckon everyone has these in their homes and so this qualifies them to join us in the drumming for peace.”

So come on you all, you qualify, start drumming on whatever surface you have, on your tables, your drums, your floors, your walls, your pots and pans beat the Drums of Peace.