The appointed time

Keep searching
The appointed day will come;
The appointed moment;
Known by God alone;
He who appointed that day;
Nobody can change it;
Nobody can stop it;
Nobody can even delay it;
Once appointed;
That is the day and time;
The unchangeable day
And time;
Your duty is to search;
And you will find,
At the appointed time;
Which must come.


Searching for my missing Heart

My heart is missing;
Now, I live
Without a heart;
Who has seen
My missing heart?
My lost but unfound
Where are you,
How can I live
Without you?
I never heard
That anyone lived
Their heart;
So, please,
You come back
To me, wherever you are.
I want to live.
And so want you back;
My missing heart,
I want back.

Crazy search for money

This search for money
That is so crazy;
Craziest search I know;
All go for it,
As they were all mad;
And why is it so?
Everyone’s crazy?
In search of money?
What is this money?
With so much power!
Everybody wants it;
And can kill for it;
Money, money, money!
Money, riches, wealth.
Can make somebody mad;
One has to be careful,
Lest one becomes crazy,
Just because of money;
Which ends in vanity;
Watch out!
Be careful!
Don’t become crazy,
Because of money.
Money is not life;
Money is not final;
It is love that is final.
No crazy search for money.

I will do all to find you

Why are you so hard to come?
I am talking to you, Success;
I have been seeking you
For such a long time,
Yet, I have not found you;
Why are you so slippery?
So difficult to find;
Why are you like this?
What am I to do?
Do I keep searching for you?
Or I call it quits?
To call it quits means
To say I have failed;
I am not ready for that;
I am not going to fail;
I will find you;
You are hard to find,
But I will find you;
I will not stop searching
Till I find you.
That is my resolution.
I will do all to find you.

Try and try

What is it that
is doing?
What is it that
For success;
Wanting to make
At this moment,
Millions of people,
are engaged
In the search
For success;
For money;
A fierce search;
Some search
And find;
Some search
And never find;
Everyone wants
To search
And succeed;
But if you
Are searching
And not finding,
Take courage;
And plunge ahead;
Bear in mind;
No one finds it
Most people try
And try
Before they find.
That will be same
For you.
Try and try;
And try again;
And keep on trying;
Till you pluck it.

I will search on

Searching for my way;
I want to go away
From where I stand;
I want to move;
To another land;
To the promised land;
So I am searching
For my way;
Failure is not my land;
Poverty is not my lot;
For a life of wealth,
I am ordained;
I want to go
To a land of riches;
Where abundance flows;
And poverty unavailable;
That is where
I want to live;
The rest of my life.
There, I will live.
And so I will search on
For my way till I find.

I am that someone

If you are searching for someone
To love,
If you are searching for someone
To love you,
If you are searching for someone
To love you for ever,
If you are searching for someone
To love you till death do you part,
Here I am;
I am that someone
Who will not fail you,
I am that someone
Whom you can trust in love,
I am that someone
Who will be yours alone,
And yours for ever;
I am that someone
Who will always be there for you.