Don’t Rush

Have you ever seen a flower grow? Take a step back…

Part of what makes a flower grow out looking so beautiful is how long it took to grow and the gradual process it went through.

Rush no one and most importantly, let no one rush you. Everyone has their way of emerging victorious.

Everybody mustn’t be like you or do what you did to succeed, everyone has their uniqueness.

Understand this and we’d all be happy at the end of the day.

Everything on earth has its own time and its own season.
Ecclesiastes 3:1 CEV

Many thanks for dropping by, until next time… remember to wash your hands regularly with soap and running water.




To all of you my friends at Christmas

My dear friends,
I wish you all a Christmas
That sings and dances;
Call it a happy Christmas;
May the blessings
Of this Christmas season
Pour on you
Like showers of rain
From heaven,
And remain gummed on you!
May you have
A geometric multiplication
Of everything
That is dear to you!
May your loved ones
Make you proud;
May this Christmas indelibly
Stamp happiness on your face!
May your star shine
This Christmas
Like the sun on a bright day!
May you ever remember
This year’s Christmas day
With love and joy!
Your bossom friend,

What you should do

I am in winter;
It is so cold;
What can I do?
Buy a winter coat?
That seems obvious
But cannot be all;
What else, then?
Isn’t it an opportunity
To prepare
For the sunny days
To follow?
That should enable you
Make the most of them;
Do not hate winter;
Winter is good;
Depending on how
You see it.
If you are positive,
And creative,
It can make it
Your best season
Of the year;
And that is what
You should do.

The time’s welcome

Spring is soon to spring
Like a spring
That starts to run down;
Your work will work out,
Before time’s time’s out,
Enough is enough, dare you;
Watch your comfort zone;
And if possible zone out
The free air like a breeze
On a farmer’s worn out face;
As he gently tills his farm.
And hopes the coming harvest
Will generate a smile;
The time’s thus welcome.

SIWO waving

SIWO waving you “Good Morning”;
Christmas, right at the door;
New year stands at the corner;
The SIWO family, like others,
Gets ready for an up-and-run,
Festive season;
Whenever you perceive SIWO in written form,
Or hear the words pronounced,
See the word LOVE followed by
Ending with WORLD.
Love SHaring for an Excellent
That’s us; we are SIWO.
We inspire, motivate and encourage,
Because we love;
That is how we share our blessings;
And thus sharing,
We build an excellent world
For all.
Come aboard the SIWO plane,
And if you prefer by land,
The train is waiting;
For lovers of water,
The ship’s about take off as well;
We at SIWO Headquarters
Wish you a hitch free, pleasant trip
To the two most pleasant places to visit, this year:
Christmas and New Year.