To all of you my friends at Christmas

My dear friends,
I wish you all a Christmas
That sings and dances;
Call it a happy Christmas;
May the blessings
Of this Christmas season
Pour on you
Like showers of rain
From heaven,
And remain gummed on you!
May you have
A geometric multiplication
Of everything
That is dear to you!
May your loved ones
Make you proud;
May this Christmas indelibly
Stamp happiness on your face!
May your star shine
This Christmas
Like the sun on a bright day!
May you ever remember
This year’s Christmas day
With love and joy!
Your bossom friend,


What you should do

I am in winter;
It is so cold;
What can I do?
Buy a winter coat?
That seems obvious
But cannot be all;
What else, then?
Isn’t it an opportunity
To prepare
For the sunny days
To follow?
That should enable you
Make the most of them;
Do not hate winter;
Winter is good;
Depending on how
You see it.
If you are positive,
And creative,
It can make it
Your best season
Of the year;
And that is what
You should do.

The time’s welcome

Spring is soon to spring
Like a spring
That starts to run down;
Your work will work out,
Before time’s time’s out,
Enough is enough, dare you;
Watch your comfort zone;
And if possible zone out
The free air like a breeze
On a farmer’s worn out face;
As he gently tills his farm.
And hopes the coming harvest
Will generate a smile;
The time’s thus welcome.

SIWO waving

SIWO waving you “Good Morning”;
Christmas, right at the door;
New year stands at the corner;
The SIWO family, like others,
Gets ready for an up-and-run,
Festive season;
Whenever you perceive SIWO in written form,
Or hear the words pronounced,
See the word LOVE followed by
Ending with WORLD.
Love SHaring for an Excellent
That’s us; we are SIWO.
We inspire, motivate and encourage,
Because we love;
That is how we share our blessings;
And thus sharing,
We build an excellent world
For all.
Come aboard the SIWO plane,
And if you prefer by land,
The train is waiting;
For lovers of water,
The ship’s about take off as well;
We at SIWO Headquarters
Wish you a hitch free, pleasant trip
To the two most pleasant places to visit, this year:
Christmas and New Year.