If you don’t quit

You not only have found
The secret of success,
You are actually using it
If you work hard
And don’t quit
When the sky changes colors,
Turning from bright to dark;
When a hot day
Suddenly becomes cold;
Or, from a cosy armchair,
You find yourself sitting
On mud,
And yet refuse to budge an inch.
I like such a horse;
There is no magic wand
That lifts people
To the top on this planet
That I have come across;
The only lever I know
Is hard work happily
Married to persistence.
Let this couple never lack
In your entourage,
No matter the purpose
of your journey
And your destination;
If you call them
Brave soldiers in your war
Against failure,
I will not contest.
Since I know no door
They have failed to open.
What I tell my people is:
Work hard and don’t quit.
That is the Master Key.
If you quit you lose;
If you dont quit, you win.


Can your life change in an instant?

Your life can change in an instant.

One day you can be down, and the next day, you are at the summit. It is possible; and has happened to many people.

You could be the next person.

But how does it happen? Who makes it happen?

I know many people who, reading this, will be asking these questions and more. Who would not want to be rich in one day? Everybody would love to know the secret; and apply it to get skyrocketed to success.

You can be rich in an instant if God decides that it should happen to you. God alone can do it. You cannot do it for yourself. It only happens when God decides it should happen.

The good thing is you can make God take that decision in your favour.

How can you do that? By getting into an excellent relationship with Him.

Of course, you know how to build a great relationship with God. It is through prayer.

Pray without ceasing. That will get you into his heart and once you are there anything you ask, will be given you.

What is your joker?

Tell me your secret;
Tell me your magic wand
Tell me the combination
Of your master key;
Tell me your joker;
Tell me how it happens
That you do it so big;
Because as fas as I know,
Success like yours
Doesn’t come on its own;
And does’t come easily;
It is the fruit of planning;
Call it meticulous planning;
And careful execution
Of a well drawn up plan.
That is the plan
I want you to tell me.
So you go ahead and do it.

If I try a thing (Be inspired today 269 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If I try a thing
And it doesn’t go,
I waste no time in tears;
Tears help no one;
And I don’t get angry
As well;
Anger isnt better;
It makes things worse;
What I do,
I try again;
And try again;
And I keep on trying,
Until I succeed.
That is the success secret
I was taught;
The success secret
That I know.
And that I recommend to you.

Be inspired today 20

Right key rightly used

If you are not having the things you want from life, do not despair. Do not blame anyone. Change your method.

It is rather unfortunate that many people blame others for their failures without looking at themselves to see what their own fault is.

If you fail to achieve what you want, change what you are doing or change the way you are doing it.

Let nobody deceive you that having what you want in life is magic. It is not. It is doing what you should do to get it. It is doing the right thing.

Let me liken it to how you open a locked door.

If you do not use the correct key to open a locked door, you cannot open it.

Even when you have the correct key, you must insert it well and turn it rightly. This means you must know how to use the key.

If you have the key, but do not know how to use it, you will never open the door.

That is the only secret of success I know, if we can call it so.

Know the key that opens your door; get it; learn how to use it; use it correctly; and you will open your door.

Sounds too simple? The greatest secrets of life are very simple; but if known and correctly used, they work magic.

Secrets of success

“What do we mean when we talk of the secrets of success?

When we talk of the secrets of success,we are not talking of strategies or methods that are hidden, we are talking of strategies or techniques that will make you succeed but which many people do not know even though they are not hidden. Those who do not know about them just have not had occasion to learn about them. ” (Romilia Quotes)