Quote (Prayer)

“Do you wonder why God does not answer your prayers?And do you want God to answer your prayer? It is simple. You can get God to answer every single prayer you pray. The secret is to do what God asks you to do, and God will do what you ask him to do.” (Romilia quote)


If I try a thing (Be inspired today 269 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If I try a thing
And it doesn’t go,
I waste no time in tears;
Tears help no one;
And I don’t get angry
As well;
Anger isnt better;
It makes things worse;
What I do,
I try again;
And try again;
And I keep on trying,
Until I succeed.
That is the success secret
I was taught;
The success secret
That I know.
And that I recommend to you.

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Right key rightly used

If you are not having the things you want from life, do not despair. Do not blame anyone. Change your method.

It is rather unfortunate that many people blame others for their failures without looking at themselves to see what their own fault is.

If you fail to achieve what you want, change what you are doing or change the way you are doing it.

Let nobody deceive you that having what you want in life is magic. It is not. It is doing what you should do to get it. It is doing the right thing.

Let me liken it to how you open a locked door.

If you do not use the correct key to open a locked door, you cannot open it.

Even when you have the correct key, you must insert it well and turn it rightly. This means you must know how to use the key.

If you have the key, but do not know how to use it, you will never open the door.

That is the only secret of success I know, if we can call it so.

Know the key that opens your door; get it; learn how to use it; use it correctly; and you will open your door.

Sounds too simple? The greatest secrets of life are very simple; but if known and correctly used, they work magic.

Secrets of success

“What do we mean when we talk of the secrets of success?

When we talk of the secrets of success,we are not talking of strategies or methods that are hidden, we are talking of strategies or techniques that will make you succeed but which many people do not know even though they are not hidden. Those who do not know about them just have not had occasion to learn about them. ” (Romilia Quotes)

The viral button

I am searching for a secret;
The secret that makes people go viral;al;
I am searching for a button
That I’ll press and go viral;
I am searching for the door
That opens into the viral world;
Don’t tell me you know it
When you haven’t gone viral;
I want someone who’s gone viral
To tell me which button I must press
To go viral.
I want to know the viral button;
I want to know the door;
The viral secret;
And I will know;
In any case,
I will keep on searching until I find it;
Of one thing I am sure;
I will find it;
I will go viral someday.
My heart is set on it,
No stopping until I’ve got what I want.

Can you keep a secret?

can you keep a secret?
If you cannot keep a secret,
You cannot be trusted;
How can anyone trust you
With their secret,
If they know
You cannot keep a secret?

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Secret desires

Every human heart seems to me
A secret storehouse;
So too is every human mind;
If you say you have no secret,
I wonder if you expect me
To believe you;
Deep inside,
You know it’s a lie;
Think of that one intention;
That one secret thought
That passed through your mind
That no one knows about;
And no one ever will know.
Some secret desires
Have burned in me
If only for fleeting moments;
But I dare not talk about.

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What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?