Seek and you shall find it

Have you ever realized?
That you may seem
Not to be doing well
When you are doing so well?
At times, the eye deceives;
And can do so badly;
Don’t let it deceive you;
When you look, see beyond
What you see;
The truth is not superficial;
The truth is deep;
Seek and you shall find it;
It’s there waiting for you.


What is God waiting for you to do?

How would you feel if the President of your country called you by phone and told you he likes you and wants to have a chat with you?

Definitely, you would feel happy; and your self-esteem would go up.

How would you feel if you got such a call from the President of the United States of America or from the Pope? I believe that would astound you.

The President of your country, the president of the United States of America and the Pope are very important personalities. To call you and tell you they like you means they value you. If you feel great because they have called you, one reason is they are great personalities.

You feel happy when an important person recognizes and values you.

God values you and that is why he created you. Don’t you feel very happy? God is most important. He created all the important people of the world whom you regard so highly.

If you regard human beings so highly, what more of the God who created them?

God is great; and loves you. It is not a joke. He loves you so much. If he had not loved you, he would not have created you.

You should be very happy that God loves you. And because He loves you, He will protect you and provide for you. Someone cannot love you and stand and see you suffer.

What more of God who is all good? He wants you to be happy. He is ready to make you happy. He is ready to give you the things that are good for you.

But He has his conditions which you must fulfill to benefit from his largesse. Fulfilling these conditions is not for his good but for yours. He wants you to ask and you shall be given; to seek and you will find; to knock and the door will be opened into you.

Do you ask? Do you seek? Do you knock?

That is what God is waiting for you to do. To ask, you must know clearly what you are asking for. To seek, you must know what you are seeking; to knock, you must know which door you are knocking.

And how do you ask? How do you seek? How do you knock? There are right and wrong ways of doing everything. Whatever you do rightly will give you good results. Whatever you do wrongly, will give poor or negative results.

The right way to ask God is first to obey him, then to ask. The wrong way is to disobey him and then ask. You will not get what you have asked for.

Obedience to God is the key that opens the door of his heart.

Obey the Lord and ask. You shall receive. This is what God is waiting for you to do.

To find him seek (Be inspired today 222 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you seek God
With all your heart,
For sure,
You will find him;
If you seek him
With half your heart,
For sure,
You won’t find him;
Actually, God is not hard
To find
And God is also very hard
To find.
To find him,
Seek him
With all your heart.
That is the only price
You pay;
For a reward so wonderful
As finding God.
Are you ready
To pay the price?

3 things you must keep doing in 2019

3 things to do

If you do any of these 3 things or all of them and keep doing them, you will be fine. They will give you all that you need this 2019.

There are only two conditions:

  1. That you do them or any of them;
  2. That you believe you will get the desired results.

The 3 things are:

  1. Ask;
  2. Seek;
  3. Knock.

Keep asking:
Keep seeking
Keep knocking.

When you do them, believe. It is the Master who says it:

“Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened to you.” Mat. 7:7.

I will do all to find you

Why are you so hard to come?
I am talking to you, Success;
I have been seeking you
For such a long time,
Yet, I have not found you;
Why are you so slippery?
So difficult to find;
Why are you like this?
What am I to do?
Do I keep searching for you?
Or I call it quits?
To call it quits means
To say I have failed;
I am not ready for that;
I am not going to fail;
I will find you;
You are hard to find,
But I will find you;
I will not stop searching
Till I find you.
That is my resolution.
I will do all to find you.

Keep on

Search for what you want;
Keep on searching;
Don’t stop
Until you’ve found
What you’re searching for.

Hunt for what you want;
Keep on hunting;
Don’t stop
Until you’ve caught
What you’re hunting for.

Ask for what you want;
Keep on asking;
Don’t stop
Until you’ve been given
What you’re asking for.

Pray for what you want;
Keep on praying;
Don’t stop until you’ve been granted
What you’ve prayed for.