But do you even know your WHY???

This is why

And this is why

Why I do what I do on

Why I say what I say

Why I dance as I do

Why I cry so sad


And indeed this is why

Why I share it all

Why I love so bad

Why I hurt so deep

Why I heal so slow

And yes this is why

Why I long to help

Why I want to bare

Why I need to show

Why I can relate with that flow

To thyself be true

Leave me to my guise and grace

That may help another soul

Part of the master plan

By faith and not fear

It ain’t easy but it’s mine

Why I am the way I am

And that is why

Why I’ll keep being me

Why I’ll go on bare

Why I’ll speak it loud

Why I’ll write as it flows

(c) Marie Abanga

p.s: I have been sharing how I feel and look at life for the past weeks, and I really appreciate the likes and hopefully the fact that many are inspired and motivated by what I share through my poems. I try to be the best version of myself, and today I share in verse form once more, MY WHY… be inspired and motivated once more as we begin our wrap up days of September (oh my times flies), to find or be true to your why lol