Since you left me

Since you left me in the
Freezing cold of love,
Things have never been
The same again;
And it looks like
They will never be
The same again;
If I say I don’t miss you,
I will be lying;
I am suffering in silence;
I must be honest to say
You have left a vacuum
In my life;
That vacuum will be
Hard to fill;
I envy you because
You are so calm;
I know you are fine;
Which means you never
Loved me in the first place,
Though you claimed you did;
For me, I loved you;
And still do;
That is why I miss you;
However, I have learned
That in life,
We cannot always have
What we like;
Sometimes, we have it;
But many times we don’t;
This time I haven’t had it;
And thank God my father
Already taught me
To be strong at such times;
No matter what I am
Going through;
I do follow that advice;
It enables me to sail
Through many challenges;
As I am doing now;
I am proud to say
I am fine.
Yes, I miss you;
And wish we had not come
To this;
But, I am braving it;
I am fine.
I do agree with your stand;
And it is actually mine also;.
If you have lost your keys
And cannot open your door,
Do not rush to force it;
You may damage it;
Just to later on find the key.


The end of the road

I do meditate on our love,
To see where we are;
Are we closer or further
From each other?
I do recall how we started;
How intimate we were.

When we started,
I thought I could not do
Without you;
Love for you burned fiercely
In my heart;
I thought of you wherever I went.

Today, I am at a loss;
It is hard to say what is
Going on;
Our love seems to be burning
In hot fire;
We are torn apart.

Yes, our love has hit
A hard rock;
There is no use forcing
What cannot work;
The chapter must be closed;
And life must continue.

What do I do now?

She has left me at last;
She has left me in the cold;
How can she do this to me?
Isn’t it so unfair?
She knows how I love her;
She knows I cannot do
Without her;
She knows my limits;
And then she leaves me in
Such cold;
Who shall now warm me?
She was my heat;
She was my comfort;
She was my source of joy;
But now she says our game
Is over;
What do I do now?

Top of the Elevenses #53

Was leaving a mistake?

If it wasn’t a mistake?

Was staying away from the children a mistake?

If you bumped into them among the crowd by mistake?

Would you recognise their pain by mistake?

Perchance would the shrug of your shoulders catch their tear by mistake?

Would your arms open up to wrap in one hug all they missed by mistake?

Perchance is your heart still hardened by fear, guilt and pride of no mistake?

When you lay down does your sleep clock tick the cruelty they endured by mistake?

When do you acknowledge it takes two to make it right and two to make a mistake?


My Elevenses of Pasta Bake, Grilled Courgette and Sweetcorn was enjoyed by all but I, it  just tasted bland.

Don’t break my heart again!

Why do you break my heart
When you know how dear
You are to me?
You break my heart
Each time you leave me;
You recently left me,
Breaking my heart;
I wondered where I had hurt you;
I have never believed in hurting you;
Now that we are back together,
Shall we never be parted
From each other again?
Shall you now stay with me
And never leave me again?
Never forget you break my heart
Each time you leave me.
Do not break my heart again!

Rita in deep trouble

Tell me. If this note from Rita came to you what would you tell her? Read the note:

Drawing coutersy Prachi Meena.

Drawing coutersy Prachi Meena.

My dear friend,

Trouble has come. Please, help me. My husband has just told me he does not want me any longer; that I should pack and go. The words fell on me like a thunderstorm. I wasn’t expecting them. All along I thought our love was perfect  although of recent he started hitting me whenever he liked. He wasn’t like that. I am wondering what has come over him. He has given me no explanation. He immediately left for work when he said it and said I should be gone by the time he returns from work.

Please, tell me what do do. We have been married for twenty years and have two lovely children. Should I be gone before he returns? If so, where to? Is this what happens to other people or only to me? My head is hot inside it is almost exploding. It’s like a bad dream. What do I do?

This is RIta.

For better or for worse

When we take on the one we love in matrimony, we take the oath of fidelity and promise to stay with them ‘for better or for worse’.Then as we live together we find it hard. Some people actually find they made a mistake by getting into the marriage.

What should they do in this case?

Secondly if you find that staying in that relationship will inevitably lead to your death, what should you do? Should we keep the marriage at all cost including the risk of our life because we signed for better or for worse?