Poor you

Do you know what it means?
Do you even know what I am talking of?
I am talking of millions
Of people
Not able to oust one man,
A tyrant from power;
Is it not a disgrace?
Pure and simple, it is;
Especially when the man
Is demented;
When the man is confused;
A blatant liar;
Morally depraved;
How can one single soul
Mobilise people enough
To bar the way
To millions of people?
I will be the first
To laugh at the people;
All the people,
Of that country;
Imagine the big brains;
The country we all admire;
And look up to;
Unable to say a no
To someone they know
And the world sees
To be a lunatic!
Disgrace, pure and simple;
We have to be serious;
Those blindly supporting
A lunatic;
Those of you who
Sheepishly support
For in reality
That is what it is,
Do you know
What you are doing
To your country?
Do you love your country?
Please, be serious;
Fly above mediocrity.
Fly high.
You have a chance to regain
Your lost reputation.
Poor you if you squander it.

Make a name to be proud of

What are you doing
To your name?
Are you building
Or destroying it?
Are you making a name
That you will be proud of
Or one that you will be
Ashamed of?
What does your name mean
To those who know you?
What does your name mean
To those who hear it called?
Does your name inspire?
Does your name annoy?
When your name is called,
Does it draw respect
Or disrespect?
You have to manage your name;
So that it is fruitful
Not barren;
So that it bears sweet fruit
Not sour fruit;
So that when people hear it
They will feel happy not bitter;
They will smile not frown;
Yes, manage your name well;
So that your progeny
May inherit a blessing
Not a curse;
So that they may be proud
Not ashamed
Of their family name.
Mind what you do to your name.
Some names are great;
Some names are a disgrace.
Some names give honor;
Some names evoke hate;
Some names evoke love.
Think about the name
You are building
And the name
You will leave behind
After your earthly life.
Make a name to be proud of.

Have you ever broke any taboo?

When I got there

I was scared to go near

I knew it was out of bounds

Heard it belonged to a shaggy fellow


He knew none will dare

offer to clear

all the clutter with any duster

it was an implied taboo to go any near

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p.s: Sometimes in life we are held back from reaching out, loving, helping, sharing, progressing, and much more, all because of some taboo or murmurs accompanied by all the stigma. This poem I wrote shortly after breaking a taboo so close to home. I felt so good and we both felt so good. I am inspired and motivated to challenge all these ‘taboos’ in life – hence I am an ‘unconventional woman’. Hope someone is inspired and motivated in here too to break some damn taboos lol


Why Secrets Keep Us Sick

It’s pretty common around people in 12-step programs to hear, “You’re only as sick as your secrets.” Honesty is stressed. Telling our secrets, even if it’s just to one other person, can set us free. But what is it about keeping secrets that keeps us sick?

Humans need connection. Keeping secrets make us feel separate, disconnected. If I’m keeping a secret about something I did or something that happened to me, I’m actually believing that if you knew this you would know how sick and disgusting I am and I would be alone.  Therefore, I will bury this secret so deep that even I will forget about it. Denial can be a life-saving coping skill at times, but eventually, it will kill us.

It makes me wonder if the ’cause’ of many people’s relapse is the secrets they are keeping. See, secrets are usually about shame. As Brene Brown puts it in her TED talk “The Power of Vulnerability,” shame is believing that “something about me, that if other people know it or see it, I won’t be worthy of connection.”

So the key, it seems, is learning that this thing, however bad it is, does not make me unworthy of love and connection. It is letting go of that thing that makes all the difference. Letting go of the shame and accepting this thing as part of me is how I become whole. I accept all parts of me, all of my experiences, all that I am.

If it’s that simple, why do we still keep secrets? For the most part, it’s fear of being vulnerable. When Brene Brown talks about vulnerability, she describes it as doing something even when there are no guarantees.

When we are vulnerable, we feel connected. Doing the 5th step is all about vulnerability.  But sometimes, we need professional help to be vulnerable. Even people with a lot of time in the program often find the need to seek outside help.

If we’re afraid of vulnerability, speaking without knowing what the reaction will be, then often a therapist can help. It is their job to hear you and be accepting. It is their job to help you through it. When you talk to a therapist, it’s like side-stepping vulnerability because you have a guarantee that you will be OK even if you tell this horrible secret.

And that is how we become whole.

So, my message is this: If you are keeping a secret that you swear no one will ever know, please find a way to let it out. You are worthy of connection. You are worthy of love and acceptance. Otherwise, your secret could very well kill you.

*This was originally posted on my blog, I Am Many Things.

It’s a big shame

It’s a big shame
If you judge others by their skin color
Instead of the content of their hearts;
It’s a big shame
If you look at another as an invader of your space
Just because the person’s skin color
Is different from yours;
Yet, I still see this happening
At this time in history;
What a big shame!
Worse when it comes from respectable-looking people;
Supposedly educated minds.
Whatever our color,
We are children of God;
Created in the image of God;
With honor and dignity;
Let’s frown at anyone with divisive tendencies;
Who discriminates based on color;
Their place is in the past;
And if they persist,
Shame to them!
It’s a big shame.

Two powerful ‘don’ts’ for success

If you want to make it in a big way in this world, let me give you two powerful ‘don’ts’ that will help you faster up the ladder.

  1. Don’t be afraid to let the world know you are ambitious.
  2. Don’t be ashamed to let the world know you are ambitious.

Let the world know what you want. This will free you to pursue this dream with no complex and inhibitions. Have the courage of your dreams.

Bear in mind that you can live beyond your wildest dreams.