Inspiration through Bible Sharing 8


“The Bible is a master handbook. It contains all the answers. All is to know how to find the answer you need.” (Romilia Quote)

Bible sharing TEXT for today

“Again, amen, I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matthew 18: 19 – 20).

Thank you for today’s gospel sharing text.

What has touched me

What has touched me are the words “gathered together”.
These words touch me because I see in them the importance of coming together to pray. Example: Holy Mass, in my Small Christian Community and in my family.
From this, I know that when we pray together, our prayers are powerful and God answers them.

I resolve not to miss any opportunity to pray with others. Hence, I will intensify family prayers , praying in my small Christian community and in my Prayer and Action group. I will continue to join others virtually to pray the Angelus. I will try to create other occasions to pray with others.


My word of life for today is ‘pray’. I will spend this day prayerfully by praying as often as I can.


God our Heavenly Father, I thank you for today’s gospel sharing which has opened my mind more to the importance of praying with fellow Christians.

Thank you for the resolution which you have guided me to take.

I pray that through this daily gospel sharing, you help to fashion me to be holy.

This is my humble prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen!


Which word or verse in this text has touched you in a special way?

Explain what it means to you.

What do you resolve to do as a result of what you have learned from this passage?

Which word in this passage will you choose as your word of life for today?

How will you live this word of life?

You may end your sharing with a prayer.

Thanks for sharing and may God bless you!

Inspiration through Bible sharing 7


“The greatest source of inspiration is the Holy Bible; the word of God is the spring from which you must draw the fresh water of inspiration daily, to water your heart and mind and soar to your greatest height.” ” (Romilia Quotes)


“Jesus said to His disciples: “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net thrown into the sea, which collects fish of every kind. When it is full they haul it ashore and sit down to put what is good into buckets. What is bad they throw away.” (Matthew 13: 47 – 48).


What has touched me personally

The words that have touched me personally in this text are “collects fish of every kind”.
I see through these words the world in which we are. We are all kinds of people in the world, gathered here by our creator. When the time will be ripe and judgement day comes, the good will be put in buckets (heaven) the bad will be thrown away to suffer eternal damnation.


I resolve to work hard so that I can be on the good side on that last day, so that I am not thrown away.

Word of life
My word of life for today is “Good “. Throughout this day I shall try to do only what I know to be good in the eyes of God. I will try to do good work, talk to people in a good way, see good in people, look on the good side of life.

God our Father, thank you for your word today. I pray you to help me live my word of life today which is good. Guide me to do good throughout this day; to see good in others and encourage good in the world.
This is my prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen!

Over to you

Is there a word, phrase or verse in that text that touches you?

Which word would you choose to be your word of life for the day?

How would you like to live this word?

Inspiration through Bible sharing 4

Bible sharing passage for today.

“Then the Lord answered me and said: Write down the vision Clearly upon the tablets, so that one can read it readily. For the vision still has its time, presses on to fulfillment, and will not disappoint; If it delays, wait for it, it will surely come, it will not be late. The rash man has no integrity; but the just man, because of his faith, shall live.” (Habakkuk 2: 2 – 4

What has touched me?

Reading this passage the words that touch me are:
“If it delays, wait for it, it will surely come…”
These words seem to be addressed to me. At times, when I want something, I want it immediately. I am not ready to wait. When I pray, I want God to answer my prayer immediately. This passage is telling me that if God delays to answer my prayer, I should wait knowing the answer will surely come, and it will not be late.


I resolve that from today, when I want anything, I will pray for it and wait knowing God will grant it at the right time.

Word of life

My word of life from this passage is ‘just’

How shall I live this word?

I shall do my best to be just and to promote justice today and for the rest of my life. I shall speak out against injustice not violently but with charity.


God our father, help me this day to learn to be patient when I present my needs to you and also to be a champion of justice in my community
This is my humble prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen!


I invite you to share on thus Bible passage. Which words touch you? Why? What is your resolution ? And what is your word if life?

Inspiration through Bible sharing 3

Gospel sharing text for today:

Matthew 16:24-28

Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.

For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

What profit would there be for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life? Or what can one give in exchange for his life?

For the Son of Man will come with his angels in his Father’s glory, and then he will repay each according to his conduct.

Amen, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in his Kingdom.”

Questions to help you share:

  • Which word, phrase or verse in this passage has touched you most?
  • In what way has it touched you? What does it mean to you?
  • What will you do to be a better person?
  • Which word will you choose as your word of life for the day?
  • How do you intend to live this word of life?
  • Can you report on how you lived yesterday’s word of life?
  • Say a short prayer to end the sharing.

    What has touched me:

    The words that have touched me are:

    “He will repay each according to his conduct.”

    I am touched because what I get from it is that our reward depends on how we behave.

    This challenges me to watch my behaviour so that I behave well and get my reward from God.

    Word of life

    The word of life I choose for today is ‘follow’. I will follow Christ. To follow Christ I will have to deny myself, take up my cross and follow him.

    I will deny myself by pushing my selfish interest behind and putting Christ ahead. I will not do what pleases me but what I know will please God. Example: I might find it more comfortable watching a film than saying my night prayer. But I know that God will be pleased if I pray instead. To deny myself, I refuse myself what will please me (watching my film) and do what pleases God (praying).

    Testimony on yesterday’s word of life.

    My word of life for yesterday was listen. I listened. I listened to the word of God very attentively.


    Almighty God, thank you for granting me the grace to listen to you today. I pray you to help me to always listen to you.

    Now it is your turn to share.

    Inspiration through Bible sharing 1

    Today, our gospel sharing passage is from the Gospel of Mathew. You might have heard it if you went for Mass this morning or prayer service. Let us take time and read it and share how it touches us.

    Matthew 15:21-28:

    Jesus withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon. Now a Canaanite woman came from those borders and began to cry out, “Lord, Son of David, have pity on me! My daughter is tormented by a demon.” But Jesus did not answer her, not even a word. So his disciples approached him and said, “Send her away: see how she is shouting after us.”

    Then Jesus said to her, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the nation of Israel.”

    But the woman was already kneeling before Jesus and said, “Sir, help me!” Jesus answered, “It is not right to take the bread from the children and throw it to the little dogs.” The woman replied, “It is true, sir, but even the little dogs eat the crumbs which fall from their master’s table.” Then Jesus said, “Woman, how great is your faith! Let it be as you wish.” And her daughter was healed at that moment.”

    Questions to answer:

    1. Which verse in the text touches you in a special way?
    2. What do those words, phrase or verse mean to you?
    3. How do they challenge you?
    4. After reading this passage what will you do learning from the text, to be the type of person God wants you to be.
    5. Which word from the text will you take as your word of life to guide you throughout this day?
    6. Tomorrow, we will like to hear from you how you lived this word of life.

    You may conclude your Gospel Sharing with a short prayer that you write out for all of us.

    My sharing

    The words that touch me are “Sir, help me!”
    I feel deeply touched seeing the woman kneeling in front of Jesus and pleading for help. It reminds me of the Blessed Sacrament. I am inspired and challenged to kneel before the Blessed Sacrament daily and ask Jesus to help me. I see that Jesus granted this woman’s desire because she pleaded earnestly and with faith that she would get what she wanted. When I go to Jesus, I will do like her. I will go with full faith.

    My word of life

    My word of life today is kneel. I will kneel in front of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament today and put any problem I have to him.


    God, Almighty Father, thank you for the gospel of today and the message that you have given me through it. Guide me to live my word of life so that I can come closer to you.

    I make my prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen!

    Now, over to you. What do you have to share. Sharing the gospel is loving God.

    Husband and wife, household chores: who should do what? By Ngobesing Suh Romanus

    On Saturday, March, 2, 2019,
    I had a lengthy but very enjoyable conversation
    With ZEE YOLA.
    It followed a post she  wrote:
    How to keep your man.
    I believe you will enjoy our chat.
    I encourage you to read it. Click this link above.
    She put this question to me:
    "You know there’s something that
    Some women would like to know.
    I've been  thinking that too.
    I believe a man should be a companion
    to his wife and  not a master.
    He shouldn’t dominate.
    And there are times when
    a man  comes home
    and expects certain things
    from his wife like
    to always have  food on the table
    whether or not she has been out
    all day trying to make  ends meet.
    And shes so tired and still he expects her
    to clean up the  house, cook, do the laundry
    and if they have kids, take care of them.
    He  feels it’s her duty, her responsibility.
    Do you think cooking should be  a duty for the wife?
    Or taking care of the house?
    Do you think there is  anything wrong
    with sharing the home chores?"
    What is your response to this question?

    What I can say is, spouses
    should be equal partners
    and it is a good thing to share the chores.
    But couples should always take into consideration
    the fact that men and women are different physically, emotionally and in abilities and talents.
    Men can do certain things better than women;
    And women can do certain things better than men;
    There are roles as defined by society that fit men better.
    Others that fit women better.
    We have different cultures in different parts of the world. People are too attached to their culture. Hence, it is important to take change gradually when it is contrary to culture. When women from a culture which gives men advantages want to overturn things abruptly, they run into trouble with their husbands. Use tact and love to get change not force.
    Husbands and wives should also attend marriage courses together. A good one is a Marriage Encounter Week End. Through many presentations and a gradual process, couples are brought to see the real meaning of marriage and journeying together as a couple not servant/ master relationship.
    If you read this and have any questions, I will be very happy to answer them.
    I thank Zee Yola for her post and raising the questions she raised.
    Read How to keep your man.

    A few spontaneous thoughts

    I am having a few spontaneous thoughts;
    Let me share them
    As they come;
    Honestly, I am satisfied
    With the progress of our work;
    I can’t keep this to myself,
    We are having the joy
    Of service;
    I wish
    I had discovered this path
    Earlier, but no regret;
    God chooses the best time;
    There is so much joy
    In serving others;
    In being useful;
    In being nice;
    In loving people,
    And promoting love;
    And harmony;
    In short, universal values;
    I thank God for his grace
    To serve.
    If you make love of people
    And honest service to them
    Your life thing,
    You will not regret,
    I thank God for the people
    He has blessed me to meet
    Far and near;
    To touch;
    And be touched by;
    May more and more good people
    Of the world come together
    And find more strength together,
    To spread more love
    And good in the world!

    SoLIDariITY BloGGerS’ FoRum 19

    The delicate question of being in love well handled

    I have read and written a lot about love.

    The post I am recommending here has captured my attention in a special way because of how it has handled the delicate question of being in love.

    I know it will thrill and edify many of you. Hence, take off some time and read it:

    If you have a post which you like us to recommend in this forum, please, indicate to us in the comment box. You may give a brief summary to facilitate the exercise for us.

    My feelings as I start 2019

    “How do I feel as I start 2019? Describe your feelings in loving detail.”

    Dear beloved,

    Take that this question has been given to you to answer. Are you ready to answer it? Do you have the courage to share your feelings?

    Many people are shy when it comes to sharing how they feel. Such people are not free. They are like prisoners. They are inhibited. I think we should feel free to share our feelings with others if they can help.

    I leave that to you to decide. Do you agree with me? Please, let me know. Your opinion counts.

    Now, coming to the question, let me answer it. If my answer inspires you, I invite you to share your own feelings. If not, let me know so that we can move on to something else.

    How do I feel as I start 2019?

    As I start 2019, I feel happy. I am happy that I have seen this new year. Many have not seen it. Many that I know have been called to the next world whereas they would have loved to be here. My staying on is not by my own merit. It’s by God’s grace and love; and so I feel happy and thankful to God for this wonderful gift.

    This is not the first time I am having this type of feeling of happiness. I felt this happy a few years back when my daughter had eleven ordinary level papers with four A grades in the General Certificate of Education exam.

    My feeling of happiness is so strong it makes me want to cry.

    When I imagine that I could have gone like the so many brilliant and good hearted people who have gone, I sincerely thank God for my life.

    For God’s wonderful grace to me, I am taking a responsible decision to love him more and to show love to every fellow human being that I come across.

    This is my way of expressing gratitude to God.

    It is such a big favour that he has kept me in this world while many more worthy people have gone.

    I feel happy sharing my feelings with you as we start this 2019.

    I look forward to making the year better for some people no matter who they may be, where they may be, or what they may be.

    Thank you for reading my thoughts. Kindly let me know what you feel about what I have shared. Has it touched you in any way?

    Your comment will be highly valued.

    Thanks a million.

    I love you.

    The wonderful blessings of sharing this 2019

    sharing blessings



    If you know the wonderful blessings of sharing, you will not hesitate to share your blessings. “He who gives to the poor will never lack, but he who shuts his eyes will have many curses’ (Proverb 28:27).

    Sharing gives joy. It brings more blessings. It binds people. It pleases God. In Hebrew 13:16 we are told, “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

    We all have something we can share. It maybe we have money, knowledge, talent, time, love, etc. Teaching children to share instills in them kindness, team spirit, compromise, love, generosity, etc. Thus, we say sharing is not only a vital social skill but also a response to God’s call.

    God wants you to share

    He wants you to share the good things that you receive. He blesses you not for you alone. He blesses you to share with others. He blesses you to bless others; and sharing blesses those to whom you share. “Whoever has two coats must share with anyone who has none, and whoever has food must do likewise.”

    God passes through people to enrich others. He uses people to work miracles in other people’s lives. In sharing, the good that comes to us is spread to others. Thus, sharing makes the world a better place for everybody.

    Through sharing we bless ourselves

    When we share, we bless ourselves too. We open the way for more blessings to come to us because we become channels of good not only to other but to us also. Sharing is like giving a smile. The more smiles we give, the more smiles we have on our lips. The more you share, the more you have to share.

    Many stories teach us to share

    The story of the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee teaches us to share. These two seas get their water from the same source. While the Sea of Galilee receives its own water and passes it on, the Dead Sea receives its own and swallows it.

    Because the Sea of Galilee shares its water by passing it on, it is alive. It is fresh and contains fish and other living creatures.

    Because the Dead Sea swallows its own water, it is dead. It is not fresh; and it does not have any living thing in it.

    What is not shared eventually dies. It does not multiply. The things that are shared multiply.

    When you share you get:

    • The joy of making life more beautiful for others;
    • You make more people happy.
    • The world has more happy persons.
    • Their happiness is a prayer for you.
    • God is pleased with you.
    • When God is pleased with you, He blesses you.

    We bloggers have been sharing our blessings in different ways. We must continue to share. Many of the posts we find on the net are blessings to us. We can share them without getting up from our seat.


    You can share this post and other posts here on Facebook, Twitter, Google and any other sites of your choice. Reblogging is also sharing. Many of you have reblogged and shared many of my posts.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart; and urge you to continue. That is an act that can make a big difference to someone somewhere. It is hard to say how far it can go.

    Are you ready to share and or reblog this post or any other one on this site? That would be great. It would be a demonstration of generosity with knowledge which is very laudable, indeed. That would be one of your beautiful Christmas gifts to me. In advance I express immense gratitude to all of you who shall offer me this wonderful gift.


    Kindly offer me a Christmas gift by sharing or reblogging this post or any other one you like on this site.