Shine brightly

To give the world light,
Shine brightly
O Light;
That’s your job;
Which you should do,
And do best;
Why were you made?
If you don’t shine?
Your work is to shine,
To give light
To God’s people;
There should be
No darkness
While you are there;
You must shine;
And accomplish
Your assigned mission
Fully not partially;
Shine and shine;
Shine brightly,
O Light;
Give light to the world.


Start to shine again

What happened to you?
You are not what
I knew you
To be;
What ever happened to you?
You were shining;
Always smiling;
Waxing strong;
I had every assurance
You had a great future;
But now, look at what I see;
You are not the same person;
Whatever happened to you,
I simply do not understand;
You need to go back
To what you were;
Be the you that I knew;
Revive your dreams
And your confidence;
Revive the spark in you;
Start to shine again.

Light I shall find (prayer)

You remind me everyday,
O Lord,
Of your unshakeable love
For me;
In you alone can I find joy;
As you made light shine
In the world,
To take away the darkness
That covered the world,
You alone can make light shine
In my heart;
And take away
All the darkness
That is
In me.
As those who believe
In you see light,
May my belief in you
Be strong,
So that I may see light.
For now, in darkness
I live;
But in darkness
I do not want to live.
In you, I find hope that
Light I shall find.

If you are shining

If you are shining,
It will be hard
For you to hide;
Light shines;
And cannot be hidden;
Even if it is covered,
It will still shine;
Thus, be light and shine;
If you are light,
Even if someone
Tries to cover you,
You will still shine.
You are meant to shine;
In you, your Creator
Put light;
Shine and shine.
If you are shining,
You are doing
What you are meant to do.