Long distance talk

Long distance talk

“Distance doesn’t separate people.Silence does”. Jeff Hood

This leads me to a Question,which I am unable to decide !

Long distance relationship or short distance relationship……which is better & why ?  (couples & Friends)

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.    Philosophy Through Photography

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What Is Your Silence Trying To Tell The World? — Michael J. Fite

“The silence speaks; listen to what I didn’t say today.” Rachel Wolchin

For today’s inspiration, I want to share with you what is your silence trying to tell the world. Your silence is a very powerful tool that can speak for you at times where there are no words. As good as silence may be, it can be dangerous when people cannot understand or assume what you’re saying with your quietness.

Remember silence offers answers when words or actions do not, so take the time to gain understanding of the silence or else the answer will remain silent.

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What Is Your Silence Trying To Tell The World? — Michael J. Fite

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Don’t die in silence!

Don’t die in silence!
Speak out!
If you are silent,
Nobody will know what you
Are going through;
And dying of;
Speak out!
Say what hurts you;
Ask for redress;
Is someone hurting you?
Is someone cheating you?
Is someone trampling on your right?
Is someone playing with your emotions?
Is someone being violent on you?
Don’t be silent!
Don’t die in silence!
Speak out!
Let the world hear.

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Listen and obey


DSC_0000143PhotoGrid_1420273189495God’s silent voice unceasingly speaks to us. Did you know that? This is true. Unfortunately, many of us do not listen.  Hence, His words slip by unheard and vanish into thin air.  The result is we miss many of the opportunities and blessings that are intended for us.

The French philosopher, Voltaire once said, “The road to one’s heart is the ear.” Let me add that the road to God’s heart is your ear.

You must listen to Him to win his heart. Joseph, the foster-father ofIMG_20141226_135843 Jesus has taught us that listening is important.  He was a great listener.  He listened to the voice of God. He listened throughout his life.  He was a silent listener.

God spoke to him through His angel; and did so silently. Joseph listened. He listened and executed every instruction that he was given. This earned for him a great place in the history of salvation.

You listen best when there is silence, don’t you? You cannot listen well to someone if you are talking at the same time that the person is talking to you; or if there is noise around you.  Silence is important.  According to an anonymous writer, “If speech is silver, silence is golden.” Blessed Mother Teresa tells us, “God is the friend of silence. Trees, flowers, grass grow in silence. See the stars, moon, and sun, how they move in silence.”

The whole Bible is about listening to the voice of God and obeying it. This calls for moments of silence so that we will listen well.

How well do you listen to the Word of God? How well do you listen to God’s voice when you read scripture? How well do you listen when someone is sharing the world of God with you? There are many distractions that can make it hard for us to listen. We must beware of them and guard against them.

IMG_20141226_135843Every single line of Scripture is God’s voice to us. He “speaks to those who are willing to listen.” When you pray, you have to listen. If you do not listen, you will not hear when God answers your prayer.

Throughout your day, you need to take off time and be quiet and listen; that you may hear God’s voice as He, forever speaks to you; that you may hear and obey; for in listening, hearing and obeying is found the key to open God’s ear to hear and grant your prayer. Tell us what you think.DSCN0486

Listening silently to God


It’s amazing that the most silent person in the bible turned out to be one of the most powerful persons the world has ever known. Do you know this super silent man? Let’s share on him. Who was he? Why is he the most silent person?  What did silence do for him?

This man who is found in the very first chapter of the Gospel of Matthew was entrusted the most precious creation of God.

What does his silence teach us? What can you say about silence and noise in today’s world?

Watch out for my post on the most silent person in the bible on Friday, March 28, 2015.