Be silent and listen

Be silent and listen,
That you may hear
The message of love
From our lord and saviour
Jesus Christ.

Be silent and listen,
That the words of love
From holy scripture;
May get to you.

Be silent and listen,
That you may hear
The call to salvation
From the pulpit.

Be silent and listen,
That you may hear
The message of love
From those around you.

My silent inner voice

Do you have
A silent inner voice
Like mine?
It keeps talking
To me;
It never stops
Talking to me;
A silent inner voice
That tells me
What to do;
And what not to do;
I love this silent
Inner voice;
I trust it;
It points the way
To my creator;
When it is in line
With his plan
For the world,
I follow it;
But at times,
It is not to be trusted;
It is unreliable;
It misleads;
And so, I am vigilant.
Very vigilant.

God’s silent voice

The Lord is speaking to you
At this moment;
Listen to His golden voice;
You will hear him
Whispering to your heart;
Like a passing breeze;
That is God’s silent voice;
He is the king of the universe;
Sweeter than the angels
He sounds;
Telling you things
That are important to hear;
Answering your cry;
All your prayers he hears;
If you listen to him
And pay attention to
What he tells you;
And obey his commands;
He will hear your cry;
And answer your prayer;
Obedience is what he wants.
It is the key that opens
God’s heart.

Drawing of a woman ‘Silent Seeing – An Eye On You’

Drawing titled ‘Silent Seeing – An Eye On You’ by Michel Montecrossa


'Silent Seeing - An Eye On You'

Description: ‘Silent Seeing – An Eye On You’, Mirapuri, 2010 & 2013, Pen and acryl on canvas, 40 x 60cm

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