SIWO Global News 25th June 2018 #70

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Heathrow runway goes to the vote

Members of Parliament (MPs) are going to vote on the building of a third runway  at Heathrow.  It is expected the government will win.  Although it has many levels of acceptance to get through before the ground can even be first dug.  It is anticipated that,  it will be 2025 before building starts. In the meantime the other UK airports will have to accommodate the increasing air passenger rates.

Prince William visits Middle East

This is a special visit as the Royals don’t get involved in politics.  In order to circumvent this difficulty,  the Prince William will meet and see Arab countries, Palestine Territories and Israel.  His first stop is Jordan.   He met Syrian refugees, students and Crown Prince Hussein went with him to show the old Roman ruins of Jerash.  Kate, Prince William’s wife played in the ruins as a child.

Peace Train Festival

On the 68th  Anniversary of the Korean war, some of the organisers of the English Glastonbury festival are having a musical Jam at the demilitarized zone.  Musicians representing 37 countries are involved.  They are hoping bringing music to the North and South Korea will establish the peace process.

Inspirational Story

Blind Dave runs marathons to raise money for charity.

Dave Henry’s blindness has not stopped him, rather it spurred him to attempt extreme challenges.  Known as Blind Dave to family and friends he has flown between continents to ran seven marathons in a week.

He gradually lost his sight and by adulthood he was totally blind.  The West Bromwich man has raised millions for charity.  Dave is now 60 years old and wants to trek the Great Wall of China.


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SIWO Global News 3rd June 2018 #48

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Remembrance for London Bridge victims

The Remembrance Service was held at Southwark Cathedral, for the victims of the London Bridge terrorist attack last year. After the service there was a minute silence at Borough Market where further attacks had taken place. Relatives and friends gathered together to pray, sing and remember their lost loved ones. Traders in the market were resolute in their determination to carry on and not be intimidated by the experience.

Volcan de Fuego erupts in Guatemala-west of the

Volcan de Fuego meaning Volcano of Fire erupted on Sunday about 7pm in Guatemala. Situated 25 miles south west of the capital, Guatemala City, the ash and covered everything very quickly. The lava came down onto their villages and streets before anyone had a chance of escape. 7 people are reported dead and fears exist for two villages. El Rodeo, which is feared buried under ash and lava and La Libertad cannot be reached.

Protesters on night vigil against Tax rises in Jordan

The Jordanian capital Amman saw the 3rd night of vigil against tax rises and austerity measures backed by the International Monetary Fund ( IMF). Protesters were faced with Police who used tear gas on them and blocked roads leading to the Cabinet Office. Shouting anti-government slogans, the protesters called on King Abdullah to sack the Prime Minister Hani Mulli.

In provincial towns like Maan, protesters have been burning tyres on the highway and scuffles with police ensued. Police have used tear gas over there too. Fears that these measures will affect the poor and middle class more energised these protests. Prices would rise, especially as subsidies for bread had been cut and fuel prices is set to increase while salaries did not. King Abdullah intervened to freeze the fuel prices.

Inspirational Story

Good people and supportive teachers

Zoe Starliife was in her fifth grade when her school backpack was stolen from her Dad’s car. She was heart-broken for lost school work and the notebooks full of completed stories and others she was developing. The tests rolled down her face for up to an hour.

Next day she went to school empty-handed and told her teacher what had happened. Her 5th grade teacher, Miss Taylor was sweet, kind and understanding and gave her a new folder. She even wrote Zoe’s name in a special font on a paper for the front of the folder. Zoe was meant to colour it in but she didn’t quite get to doing it ever. Why?

Later that day, Miss Taylor received a phone call from the principal’s office. She announced, “Zoe, a miracle has happened and your folder has been found. Zoe run to the office for her folder. Although the thief had her backpack, he had emptied it of all its precious items. The person who found it and brought it to the school also left an envelope with $20 in it saying, “I’m sorry all your stuff got stolen, I hope this helps.”

Zoe was even more shocked and pleased to get the money, left for her to buy more school stuff. A kindness and reassuring act to cement her faith in goodness of people and teachers. She looks at her name on the piece of paper and though it is not coloured in, it is a reminder of Miss Taylor. I am sure there are a million like Mis Taylor and the person who found Zoe’s backpack and gave her a gift of $20.


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SIWO Global News 29th May 2018 #43

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Britain’s biggest family has 21st baby on the way

Sue, 42, and Noel, 47, Radford are expecting their 21st baby, a girl.  Sue made the announcement on Instagram.  After their 20th baby  in September, Sue said it was their last baby.  The family own a bakery company and don’t take State Benefits except Child Benefit.

Their eldest is Chris at 28-years old, the older siblings help their parents with cleaning, cooking and looking after younger ones.  They live in a ten-bedroom house in Morecambe. Their Channel 4 reality show has been running for many years.

Fatal shooting in Liege, Belgium

Two police officers and a bystander was shot by a man in a terrorist attack.  Soraya Belkacemi and Lucille Garcia were attacked from behind with a knife and the gun man took their handguns and shot them.  He kept shooting at cars and shot 22-year old Cyril Vangrieckei deed too.  He also tied to kidnap a female cleaner at a school but failed because the police disabled Belgian Benjamin Herman and his wicked plan.

Westminster Abbey’s new Diamond Jubilee Gallery to open

In 700 years the roof space of the Westminster Abbey has not been opened to the public.  Replicas of the Crown Jewels and effigies of past royals are among the displays.  In 2015, while planning a museum, among the debris dug from the floor of the roof items from the 15th century were discovered.  They are all on exhibition here and it is anticipated to be popular.

Inspirational Story

Pilotes Volontaires

Jose Benevente and Benoit Micolon spent all their money, their total life savings to buy an airplane.  This would help them rescue the people crossing the Mediterranean in  the small dingy boats.  They did not want to wait to apply for finance.

With 25 years experience working for the Red Cross, Benevente knew the business.  The two met when getting their pilot’s licence and their chat turned to the plight of Syrian refugees.

They refused to believe or justify the high fatalities and with their airplane they spot boats in difficulties.


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SIWO Global News 27th May 2018 #41

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“More than 60,000 bolts of lighting strikes parts of England in 24 hours” – Met Office

An experience never seen by anyone, apparently, the Met Office called it “mother of all lightings”.  The Saturday night sky was brightened by the constant lighting  revealing its new and temporary purple colour.  Thunder cracked like a whip lashing the air into waves of storms.  Torrential rainfall came down and the warm muggy temperature was reminisce of a tropical rainstorm.

In some cases, the roofs of houses were hit and caught fire.  In Stansted Airport the refuelling centre was disabled by the lighting therefore no airline could take off.  Passengers were stranded and some gave up and went home but it was a sleepless night for hundreds more.  Parents taking their children on half -term holidays were especially disappointed.

Some streaks of lighting illuminated landmarks such as The Shard and The London Eye. Places in the countryside were also hit as below.


The 71st World Health Organisation (WHO) Conference

The WHO conference came to conclusion, having agreed on its new five -year strategic plan. WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told the delegates they had now charted a new course for the organisation.  He sai, everything the WHO did from now on would be evaluated in light of the “triple billion targets” within the strategic plan.  This aims to achieve:

  • billion more people benefitting from universal health coverage
  • 1 billion more people better protected from health emergencies
  • 1 billion more people enjoying better health and wellbeing.
Before closing the delegates also agreed two more items, maternal infant and young child nutrition, whereby they work to reduce stunted growth in children, urge more countries and their hospitals to practise baby friendly systems including breast feeding, prevention of anaemia in adolescent girls and preventing childhood obesity through counselling and complimentary feeding.
The other was eradication of wild Poliovirus, as at May 2018 only 9 cases were reported globally, that was from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  Inspirational Story

A Single Mom’s second job inspired her non- profit organisation

“Amazing Mom” Honoree Jennifer Maddox’s After School activities helps more than 800 children

Jennifer Maddox’s job as a police officer was satisfying but she  needed more financially, in order to take care of her two sons.  Born in Chicago, now at 46 years old, in 2008 she was doing her main job as well as her side hustle/job as a security officer of a housing estate.

While working at the housing projects/estates, she noticed majority of the 1200 children were getting into trouble because of boredom.

“There were no safe spaces or places at all for the kids to be kids, to play ball, jump rope or anything,” Jennifer says. “The lack of resources and lack of community spaces for young people sparked something inside of me.”

She gained the trust of the parents living there and soon convinced the management of the housing company to allow her to organise After-School activities for the children.  She started Future Ties in 2011, providing after-school and summer activities plus a mentorship programme for children who are 18 and under.

Crime has gone down by 70% and many of the children keep coming back to volunteer.  This story caught the attention of co-anchors NBC’s Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kobt of the ” Amazing Moms Today” aired before Mother’s Day 2018.


Content from BBC news, Sky news, https://www.who.Int,



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SIWO Global News 16th May 2018 #30

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Pageboy and Bridesmaid

Catherine and Prince William’s children, George and Charlotte will be one of the pageboys and bridesmaids at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan.  The first rehearsal is tomorrow amid tight security. The Royal Wedding team and companies  with Royal Warrant make the military coats, uniforms and ceremonial tunics, the printers were responsible for the invites.

North Korea threatens to call off US meeting.

Kim Jong Un threatened to pull out of the meeting with President Trump.  He does not want the US to pressure him to give up the nuclear weapons. He also thinks the joint military exercise by US and South Korea is meant to be an invasion on North Korea.

Two Paliamentary Committee the Business Select Committee accuse Carillion

The Working Pensions Committee and the Business Select Committee accuse Carillion bosses of  ” stuffing their mouths with gold” while neglecting their staff who are now going without jobs and pensions.  The bosses have rejected these accusations.

NMC  criticised for failing mothers and babies in Cumbria

The NMC is criticised for neglecting the welfare of bereaved families and not handling the concern about some midwives. There were number of maternal deaths in the Crumbia Hospital as well as a baby’s death from 2094-2013.  The Professional Standard Authority made these observations.

Inspirational Story

The wonder of kindness

On the recent Mother’s Day a mother-of-two, Brenda Pearsons, received the best surprise gift from a customer who was a truck driver.  On talking to Brenda  while waiting for his food, David Platt found she had fallen on hard times.  She did this waiting job in the 4 star diner in Roland, Mississippi to help her make ends meet.  The cheeseburger he ordered was taking a bit long because the cooks got the order wrong. They talked about the Lord and her children.  When he finished Platt left her a tip of $1000.

He came back an hour later to buy a pie and again left her a tip of  $1000.  Brenda was so surprised, a gift like this and not even from her children.  Platt was humble and said “money as just paper or numbers on a screen.”  The interviewer said Platt considered helping people as adding something to the world, an investment and people are important.


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SIWO Global News 9th May 2018 #23

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Met Gang Database ‘racially discriminatory’

Amnesty International has declared the Metropolitan Police has a gang database which is ‘racially discriminatory and breaks International Law’.  3 out of 4 names are of black youth and it does not include well-known gangs of other nationalities.  On the streets and in barber shops real experience of black people of all ages are  feeling they cannot even stand together in a group of three or four to talk or laugh.  These oppressive tactics cannot stop the senseless violence going on.  Sensible ways are the only way to win and “#Just Let It Stop”

Sir Alex’s positive news

Sir Alex Ferguson is out of intensive care and recovering from his operation.  Many have been wishing their boss and associate get well sentiments.

Royal Wedding Countdown

It’s 10 days to the Wedding and Prince Harry is giving his soldiers who were with him in the tank in Afghanistan special roles.  A waxwork of Meghan Markle is on show at Madam Tussauds in London.

North Korea release detainees

North Korea releases detainees prior to President Trump and Kim Jong Un’ s meeting.

Malaysian elections victory

Malaysian politician, Mahsthir Mohammad, 92, came out of retirement to win the election for the opposition.  He switched sides and upset the 57 year reign of the Barisan National party.

Ebola Outbreak in DRC

An outbreak of Ebola has been reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Nigeria is taking precautions by extra checks and supply of thermometers at airports.

Trilateral China, Japan and South Korea relations

The leaders of the China, Japan and South Korea held a meeting to discuss economic, finance, disaster cooperation  and historic issues, especially on the agenda will be the Trump and Kim Jong Un s forthcoming meeting.  South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in,  Japan’s Shinto Abe and China’s Premier Li Keqiang are consulting with each other after their respective entente with Kim Jong Un.


Inspirational Story

Lilly Ledbetter, an ordinary person, took a lawsuit out on her former bosses, Goodyear for paying her less than her make co-workers.  This was in 1998, 20 years after her retirement, she persisted with the case until it reached the Supreme Court.  Although she did not win, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote ‘stirring dissent.’  Congress has subsequently passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act 2009. A law that has made sure the  federal law is changed to better  protect women in the workplace.



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SIWO Global News 7th May 2018 #21

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UK Foreign Minister meets US Secretary of State

Boris Johnson goes to meet with Mike Pompeo in the US to talk about Iran Deal.  The deal on nuclear weapons, which needs to be renewed within the next couple of weeks seems to be in jeopardy.  President Trump wants to scrap it, but Johnson, Iraq leaders and EU Ministers do not this to happen.  Johnson would like the deal retained so improvements can be made to it.

It’s hot, hot, hot

The hottest May Bank Holiday is how the TV weather men described the hot weather in London , East Anglia and West Midlands.  The temperature recorded in Northolt was 28.7 Centrigrade.

Precious Teen Lives

A second victim of rape who has been set alight in Jarkhand was taken to hospital by police.  Doctors observed the 17- year old girl to have burns to 50 percent of her body. The girl was alone in her uncle’s house and because she resisted her attacker, he doused her in kerosene.  She was saved by her uncle and aunt who returned just in time. A 19- year old man has been arrested

#Just let it stop.

A 17- year old boy lost his life from gun shot wound while playing football in the park in London with his friends. His mother sat on the grass to talk with journalists and appeal to the youth to stop the killings.  In tears, she said, “just let it stop” and asked for her son to be the last young person to die. 3 more gun shot incidents were in London over the Bank holiday, in Manchester and Oxford there was one incident each.

Bilateral Relations- Ethiopia and Keyna

The new Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed visits Kenya to talk of bilateral relations for their economies and regional issues of security. a 2 Day State Visit with full state honours

President Salva Kiir on forgiveness

The South Sudan President Kiir in an act of forgiveness has asked Opposition leader Riek Machar to return home. Machar is currently in exile in South Africa.

Inspirational Story

This ordinary person called Rosa Parks made a difference, she was tired after working all day and wouldn’t give up her seat in the ‘colored’ section for a white passenger. On  the 1st of December in Montgomery she was arrested for civil disobedience.  This action sparked off the Montgomery Bus Boycott which in turn propelled the events of the Civil Rights Movement.


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SIWO Global News 4th May 2018 #18

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Council elections have taken place in London and some Counties of England. All parties were hoping to gain seats.  So far the 139 seats have been declared out of 150. The numbers of Councillors after the election and their gains and losses are-

1287 Conservatives lost19.

2042 Labour         gain  62.

486 Liberal Democrat gain 63,

34 Greens                    gain 5

146 Other parties     gain 16

3 UKIP                        lost 142

No party has won massively but the the leaders are taking credit for doing well.

Sports news is about Rangers Football Club’s appointment of Steve Gerrard as the next manager.

In Hawaii, Mount Kilauea has erupted     and 1700 homes are greatest risk because they are in the path of the lava.  100,000 people are being evacuated.  After a series of earthquakes, dust, rocks and lava.  It is the most active volcano in the world.  Seismic activity is reported to be high and extreme levels of sulphur dioxide gas have been detected.

6 Black rhinos has been flown from South Africa to Chad.  Rhinos there were wiped out in the 1970s.  The plan is for countries in Africa to work together in order to expand the rhino population in Africa, this venture was agreed to by South Africa’s  Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa, saying she had been assured the rhinos would be protected from poachers.

The 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature will be announced next year.  The Swedish Academy took this action because of a sex scandal involving the husband of one of the jury. 18 women have complained of sexual and physical abuse in Sweden and in France. Public confidence had fallen following the scandal, the infighting and the resignations by some of the jury.  As well there was allegations of him leaking the names of some past winners of the Nobel Prize for literature and for financial irregularities.  All these have resulted in this unprecedented move by the Nobel Prize institution.  It appears 2 Laureate will be announced in 2019.  Some people were also unhappy that Katarina Frostensen was being made to take the blame.  Some officials were planning to let her go.  The lawyer for Jean-Claude Arnault, Katarina’s  husband, on behalf of his client is denying all the allegations.

Royal Wedding Countdown, 14 days to Harry and Meghan’s big day.  Meghan’s family is definitely coming. It’s her mother and father and their roles in the wedding that was revealed today.  In the young couple”s unique style, her mother will ride with her in the carriage to St George’s Chapel.  Her father will walk her up the aisle.  She chooses to have young bridesmaids and no maid of honour.

Inspirational Story

In Japan, they are raising the value of Elderly Care, being a leader in this field, other countries can learn from them. Japan has had migrant workers, there  are about 5000 care workers from South East Asia.  They can continue to stay in the country as long as they pass their certification within five years.  They must also master the Japanese language. It is the Japanese government policy of promoting Intergrated Care Services.  They hope by involving  volunteers to come together with the medical and community services, problems of the lack of family involvement in this sector can be sorted out.

Traditionally daughters, wives and daughters-in-law take care of the elderly.  In this current modern society, this is not always possible.  Neighbours who are Volunteers in this experimental care programme are seen as vital to this new experiment. Living near the elderly, they can take care of daily activities like going shopping or taking a walk with their elderly neighbour.  Volunteers would be familiar with the habits of the neighbours and with the neighbourhood.  This is a good advantage when keeping an eye out for their elderly neighbours.

SIWO GNews #18

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SIWO Global News 3rd May 2018 #17

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Breast Cancer Charities report a leap in the numbers of women seeking advice in view of the IT error, which stopped many women receiving letters calling them for breast cancer screening.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump now says he knew his former lawyer Cohen paid Stormy  $130,000 out of his own funds.  New lawyer Gulianno said the President knew and the payments do not involve the US elections.  White House Press Secretary in a live event with journalists said she gave the best information possible at the time.

In India intense dust storms in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi killed 100 and left hundreds more injured.  At 80 miles an hour, trees were uprooted, homes collapsed, roads blocked and power and water pipes were cut.  People were caught unawares as they were asleep at the time. A spokesman said all the hospitals in the area have been alerted.  Help from government and private sources was utilised to solve immediate problems.  Crops and livestock have been affected and this in turn impacts on the livelihood of farmers and businesses.  The Meteroological Department revealed the storm was more intense than anticipated and warned the public to expect more storms.

Since early April, Kenya has had heavy flooding causing 100 deaths and the displacement of 200,00 people.  Landslides have blocked major roads and caused homes to collapse.  Crocodiles have bitten some locals. Mombassa was submerged and the Red Cross has asked the International Community for Emergency help and classifies this a Human disaster.  A camp has been set up by River Tana for the Red Cross to use the proximity to continue the water filtration system, which makes the water safe for drinking.  In turn the incidence of diseases like cholera are halted.  The flood water is not easing off because the river is rising and the dams up on higher ground is releasing water.

Rohinga refugees at the Kutupalong Camp, Bangladesh are in danger of floods and displacement due to the season of cyclones and monsoon expected in the next four months.

A conference for World Press Freedom Day for journalists was held in Accra, Ghana. The United Nations(UN) chose 3rd May, UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres urged governments to protect journalists and world leaders to strengthen Press Freedom globally.  900 journalists and advocates gathered for the event.  Rosalind Jordan said not only were journalists fearful of physical danger but attacks on social media have increased.

Royal Wedding Countdown is about St George’s Chapel situated in the grounds of Windsor Castle in the English county of Berkshire.  Prince Harry was christened in this Chapel, it sits 800 guests. A special permission is required from the Queen to get married in it and the Prince had to get one too. St George’s Chapel is known as the Royal Peculiar, so the monarch governs it and it is also the Chapel for the Knights of the Garter.

Insipirational Story

After years of former miners suffering the lung diseases of silicosis and tuberculosis, lawyers in South Africa have reached an agreement with mining companies  to compensate the miners. A $400 million lawsuit was successful after the lawyers set a precedence in 1994 and pursued a class action and from 2003 they were able to follow up with litigation by gathering evidence.  They initially acted on behalf of 300,000 miners mostly from Lesotho, Mozambique and neighbouring countries.  In the apatheid era when they worked in South Africa, when they got ill, all they had to look forward to was being sacked from their job to go back to their home countries sick and penniless.  A Trust Fund has been set up  for 12 years and the mining companies have agreed to fund it with however much is required.  Mobile vans and Outreach groups will go to find those ex-miners who are alive or their living dependants.  Compensation depends on satisfying a Criteria and an Agreement.  The lawyers made history as this action and result is first of its kind.

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SIWO Global News 1st May 2018 #15

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Scotland has decided to be the first in the world, to ban bargain alcohol.  There has been studies, Alcolhol Research UK says there is correlation between cheap alcohol and rise in the incidence of complications of alcohol consumption.  With  22 deaths every week and 40% of people in prison saying they were under the influence of alcohol, when they committed their offence.  The bill for this is a £3.6 billion a year to the government.   To solve this problem prices are going up, a 3 litre bottle of strong Cider used to be £3.69, it’s now £11. 25. just over.

Belfast Health and Social Care and Trust has recalled 2500 patients of a neurologist employed by them.

A feud between two men led to one man setting the others family house on fire.  4 children died and their mother is still seriously ill in hospital Manchester.

The 26 storey building occupied by squatters in Brazil has collapsed, after being on fire for 90 minutes.  One man died and some people were injured.  150 fire fighters battled the blaze.

Inspirational Story

Churches across Memphis and certain parts of America are holding prom nights for disabled people.   While sitting in Starbucks, Ashley Parks and Ginna Raul had an idea to give disabled people in their church, Memphis Joy Prom.  Both had years of experience working in the special needs sector.

This happened in 2014, Ashley and Ginna planned for 110 people of 16 years and over.  Lots of young and older people came, some had not attended their high school prom.  Each attendee had a host who was equipped with a card detailing the allergies and specific requirements the attendee.  The joy came from having a fun time with dancing, chatting, enjoying The shoe polishing,  nail and make-up services.    ice sculptor and a candy bar.  Limousines and a red carpet as well as being greeted by the announcer  for the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team elevated the event.  The joy shown the attendees made the organisers plan  another prom the following year.

Content from BBC news, Inspiration TV, Huffington post.

Reported by Susanna Dziworshie

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