Don’t use it and lose it (Be inspired today 368 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you park your car for a long time and you don’t use it, it will depreciate.

If you abandon your house for long and nobody lives in it, it will depreciate.

It goes same for your muscle, and brain power.

If you possess a good character trait like courage, and you don’t use it, you will lose it.

A driver who doesn’t drive will find, on starting again, that the skill has dwindled.

It is similar for other skills like cooking, hair dressing, etc.

You have to keep using your talents, your skills, and your physical and intellectual attributes to keep them strong.

You will realize, if you go off blogging for a long time that you will have to put in quite some effort to regain your skills.

All this underscores the importance of permanently using the brain, the talents , the skills and qualities that God has given us or that we have acquired, otherwise, we lose them.

Knowledge is not meant to be stored away on a shelf but to be used to do things.

Use your knowledge and whatever skills and talents you have to get the results that you desire.


Who can teach us?

Can anyone teach us?
We are willing to learn;
We wish to have more interaction here on SIWO;
There must be a way
To write
That will motivate readers
To comment;
Who has some tips or skills?
We are willing to learn;
We have a dream of making
SIWO a forum where
There is real interaction;
We know it can be done,
But we haven’t yet found
The way;
Anyone who knows,
Please, teach us.
Thanks in advance.

Becoming a great writer

If becoming a great writer is your aspiration, I call it a lofty aspiration; and give you a warm thumbs up for that.👍

Many of us, though, dream to be great writers but do not realize it takes hard work to acquire the skills through learning and practise. To those who aspire to acquire Shakespearean ability the easy way, thumbs down 👎.

If you follow the 10 steps to become a great writer, they will greatly enhance your efforts.

I believe very much in the power of excellent communication. Those who take the pains to endow themselves with the ability to express their thoughts excellently in writing and in speech, do not have a limit to how high they can climb on the ladder of success wherever they find themselves, be it in their region, state, country or in the world.

I do challenge you to take a careful look at the 10 tips and see how far high you soar in the literary plane. And if you have something to add to this list, our comment box is open arms.

Honing your writing skills

How much time do you give yourself, To fashion and hone your language skills? Do you spend enough time to master The delicate craft of writing? An important matter to think about If you want to articulate with dexterity; To be a great writer is a worthwhile exercise; But not a bed of roses, nor a day’s job; See how beautifully the great writers do it; Like they were savoring a delicious meal, Take a look at the crisp lines of La Belle Vie; See how charmingly the writer writes; It is eloquent and flowery; And once you start to read, You have no desire to come to a stop; You become so engrossed; You want it to bury yourself in it forever; You wish it had not come to an end; It flows like a spring on a hillside, Sweet like the product of bees called honey; When you finally turn the last page, You hate that it has come to an end; So well the writer has fine tuned her skill, A thing to everyone I strongly recommend; Language has such amazing power; The more you master it, The more power you wield; Reason you must take time and master Your writing skills; So that you may write like the masters And hold the world in your palms. I got inspiration for this post from the blog La Belle Vie by Sarah. This brilliant blogger has impressed me with her writing style. Reading Immigration Brouhaha and Budget trip to the French Riviera (Nice), l was moved to write on writing.

Gaining skills

Every game demands that you acquire certain skills to play it well. If you master the skills, you will shine in the game. Take business. If you acquire excellent business skills, you will shine in business. If you acquire good speaking skills, you will shine as a speaker. If you acquire good writing skills, you will be an excellent writer.

Hence, skills are important. But while some people easily gain the skills they need to shine in their chosen game, others take time to do so.

My discovery is the more time you spend training to play a game, the better your chances of gaining the skills that you need.

Training is the key factor in acquiring skills. If you find an excellent football player, that would be someone who has spent many years training to acquire better skills in the game.

A skilled writer or blogger would be someone who is dedicated and has spent a good length of time learning, practising and exploring new ways of doing things.

Skills are hardly gained overnight. Even if you are naturally talented, you will still need time to polish your talent.

Therefore, those who want to shine in their field, have to bear in mind that they have to train to acquire the needed skills to shine. If you are a blogger and want to make it in the world of blogging, you have to gain the skills and practice until you become proficient.

How brightly you shine, will depend on the size of your dream, how much time you are willing to put in, and how determined you are to face and overcome the challenges on your way.

In SIWO’s Online Directory 11,  I talk about Ramit Sethi and Josh Kaufman and their amazing post in second place on that page, that can help you quickly learn a new skill.

Excellent writing

Prior to writing this post, I read a good number of posts and feel happy about it. That has enabled me to gather knowledge which I am convinced will be useful to me the rest of my life.

Reading is mind nourishing and mind enriching, especially when you read rich and well written material.

Some people are gifted in the art of writing. They write so well it flows and gives real pleasure to read.

Of course, such ability does not come in a day or on its own. It is usually the reward of hard work. Often, they spend many hours a day, for many years working hard to cultivate and perfect their skill.

Undoubtedly, the best way to attain excellence in writing is to write and write; and also to learn by reading the writings of some of the masters of the art.

No one can deny that there are skills that need to be learned, but ultimately, it is the practice that makes perfect.

It is for this reason that I encourage you to do two things daily – to read as much as you can and to write as much as you can.

By reading, you feed on nourishing mental food from other minds. By writing, you practice to put your own ideas on paper as best you can.

To attain excellence in writing ability is a worthwhile ambition. There’s no easier way to reach the human heart and win it to your side than through the spoken or written word.

Our take-home would, thus, be, to read and write with a view to perfecting your writing skills so that you may easily get to the human heart and win it over to your side.

The more fellow humans we win to our side,the more we succeed. No one succeeds in a signifucant way without a large number of people on their side.

To succeed is to have or win someone who matters to your side and the more of such people you win to your side, the better for you. Excellent writing does that excellently.

Communication prowess

Whenever I peruse a literary piece that is well worded and exquisitely penned, I feel rejuvenated, motivated and inspired to sharpen my own writing skills and consolidate my communication prowess.

Effective communication ability tops the list of attributes anyone with an aspiration to excel should gun for.

Through superbly crafted communication you can attain the entrails of anyone’s heart.

Thus, spending time to build solid communication skills is a worthwhile endeavour. That is what I urge you to do.

Build an unshakable communication powerhouse for your self and let it skyrocket you to the summit.