Page views hit high

Dearest friend,

Did I read well? Who read it too? Six hundred thousand page views. Unbelievable! But true.

How did SIWO get here? Of course, you made it possible – your support; your prayers; above all, team work.

I said team work. That is right. We have an incredible team. High spirited, committed, focussed, full of love, mutual respect and ambitious to break the bounds of impossibility.

We are a world team. We come from all the continents of the world, breaking barriers of race, language, religion, geography and social class to work together.

And there is space for more people to join. You can join like an author. And within the house, you find where you wish to stand.

Immense thanks to our awesome team for the amazing work at SIWO.

Immense thanks to our wonderfully loving readers.

Love you all,