Time to go to bed

It’s time to go to bed;
What about you?
I don’t know you plans;
But for me,
It’s time to go to bed;
And I don’t regret;
It’s been a great day;
I took some great strides,
And now can boldly say
It’s time for sleep;

For a well merited rest;
One person to whom
To say “Good night”
Is God, our father
Who lives and reigns
In heaven and in earth,
Now, for ever and ever,
Thus, I pray,
Almighty God, you made us;
We belong to you,
Bless us as we go to bed;
We make our prayer
Through Christ our Lord,

God’s time the best

With a clear mind,
Last night,
I went to bed;
Day had just given way
To night,
Sunshine had darkness
Yes, indeed!
With a clear mind;
Justice, I had done
To my day;
No portion of my time
Had I wasted;
Time well spent,
Wisdom itself;
Reason for thumbs up;
Come on, new day;
Whatever your bowels contain,
Expectantly, I wait;
Knowing God’s time
Is the best.
Always, it is the best.

Get up

Get up and be on your feet;
Get up and get going;
Get up and face this day;
If you keep sleeping
When you should be up,
You will be up
When you should be sleeping;
There is a time to sleep,
And a time to be up;
Don’t be up when you should
Be sleeping;
Don’t stay in bed sleeping,
When you should be up;
Do the right thing
And do it at the right time.
Be moving!

Good morning dear

Good morning dear;
I slept soundly this night,
As I have not slept
For a very long time;
And the reason is,
You showered me with love
Last night,
As you never did before;
Your sweet words
More especially,
You tender touches;
Sent a thrill through me,
And moved my heart.
I was virtually floating;
I can’t remember
When I last had
The thrilling feeling
You have made me experience;
That was accounted
For my sound sleep;
I slept like a king;
And thank you
From the bottom of my heart.

If you want me to sleep soundly… (New love poem 2 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

You asked me to sleep
Did you sleep soundly?
Were you by me
To make me sleep soundly?
How could I sleep soundly
Without you?
There’s just no way
To sleep soundly
When you are so far away;
If you want me to sleep soundly,
Come carry me in your arms;
Hold me and keep me warm;
That is when I can sleep soundly.
Those warm arms of yours
Are what will make me
Sleep soundly.

People sleep less

People sleep less,
When there is trouble;
How can they sleep
When uncertainty reigns?
They go to bed
But sleep hardly comes;
They fear to sleep,
Should anything happen,
They will not know;
And so almost all night,
They are in bed,
Their eyes are open;
They look at places.
And time keeps running.
At such a time,
Think of your God;
Turn to him,
And pray for help.
He will not leave you
In the cold;
He’s always there
To help you out;
Don’t fail to go to him.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. – Irish proverb

But who Cares ??

A good laugh &; Long sleep best cure

Seven days without laughter makes one weak. Mort Walker

It’s a 3.4 minute read.

Have you studied the facial expressions in the above photos ?

They are all laughing…their heads off ! This is happening irrespective of their age.This laugh is spontaneous and heartfelt.Since you are smart, you know that it is not a fake laugh.

Being intelligent, you also noticed that, some of them have closed their eyes,indicating total involvement and contentment of the situation they are in and the life they are living at that moment !

“A smile is the beginning of laughter,and laughter is the feeling of being happy,which we all need every day” ! Byron Pulsifer

Don’ take life seriously,start having fun ,what ever way you wish and have at least one good laugh every day !

Have a hearty laugh at every available situations be amusing or funny.Even recollect something funny that happened in your life and laugh and laugh and laugh.

I love friends who make us happy by their laughter and who are also jovial.

And I am lucky to have lovely online friends,who make my life burden lighter with their humour.

Advantages of Laughter –brings down the stress level,Reduces the Blood pressure,Your worries gone for sometime,You are also spending the calories,even improve the immune system

A hearty laugh gives one a dry cleaning, while a good cry is a wet wash.
Puzant Kevork Thomajan

And talking about sound sleep ……. Lack of sleep is common in modern society.

Good laugh & Long sleep best cures in the doctors book

From the interactions I had with a few WP readers,I realised that some of them are able to respond/reply/comment mostly during past midnight ( people from my part of the Indian Subcontinent ). I am not here for any judgment,since I know nothing of their schedule etc,but I wonder what is the mood like during that time, and how their next day is going to be and also the consequences on their health status in the long run.

Reduced sleep

Disturbed sleep ( insomnia) or Lack of sleep ( Sleep deprivation).

1.Insomnia is a sleep disorder due to psychological or health problems and one has to consult the physician for the cure.

2.Lack of sleep is human making.You get ready answer as to why one is not able to sleep enough.

Lack of sleep affects your immune system.( I don’t want to go into medical /scientific details).If you want your immune system to work at its best…then get the needed amount of sleep every night Don’t give excuses of stress etc.

On the contrary,good sleep reduces your stress level !

Don’t depend on sedatives or tranquilizers ! Remember lack of sleep makes you depressed.

“Sometimes it is difficult to remember, but other times it is very easy to remember. Sleep deprivation is the killer”. Andy Samberg

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Thank you
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You sleep soundly only when

How soundly do you sleep at night when you go to bed?

Is it easy for you to sleep? 

There are people who do not find it difficult to fall asleep.  They sleep with great ease.  When they put down their heads, it does not take them long to start snoring.

Others are different. Sleep does not easily come to them.  In bed, they turn from side to side and sleep does not come.They look up at the ceiling and count the mosquitoes passing, but sleep does not come.  Then they begin to take one problem after another and examine. All types of good and bad ideas  pass through their minds.

May of us are like this.  We spend many sleepless nights for one reason or the other.  Business people spend sleepless nights calculating business.  They do not know whether things will work out well for them or not. People spend sleepless nights worrying about financial problems. 

You may see someone moving on the street and think he is fine when he is dying under the yoke of problems.

There are problems everywhere; but there is one thing about problems which is worth underscoring. You may have a problem and think it is the worst problem in the world when it is not.  It is when you see other people’s problems that you know yours is more or less child’s play.

Another thing is problems pass away.  No problem lasts for ever. You may think your problem will take away your head when in reality it is just a common problem. It is true that problems take away heads; but you must be careful that this does not happen to you.

If you live a reckless life, you can create problems that will take away your head.  Secondly, if you live as if there were no God, you can be sure to create problems that will take away your head. If you have fear of the Lord, you are well placed to handle any problem that comes your way; and will go to bed and sleep soundly even if you lie on a plank bed.

You do not have to depend on yourself alone to solve your problem. God is there for you. Go to him; depend on him.  He will never fail you. He will make you sleep soundly at night.

Take note that sound sleep does not just come. You sleep soundly only when you make it possible for you to sleep soundly. Remember these 10 points:

  • Living a responsible life.
  • Being disciplined and organised;
  • Not letting problems take control of your life;
  • Putting God at the center of your life.
  • Making sleeping time an important time.
  • Thank God for your day;
  • Thank God when you get up in the morning.
  • Do not go to bed with a grudge against a fellow human.
  • Always forgive those who wrong you.
  • Don’t take anger or worries to bed.

Many wishes to you for sound sleep when you go to bed. You will get up resfreshed and ready to face another day. Blessings!