Falling and rising

We live in a world
Of many twists and turns;
Winding and sliplery roads;
Straight, ones are rare;
It’s hard to understand;
A complex world,
When you look ahead,
You must also look behind;
When you look up,
Also cast a look down;
Don’t look one way alone;
Or stay in one place;
And believe that’s where
The world ends; far from it;
It is a wide world;
With lands and oceans;
Mountains and seas;
Where we fall and rise,
And fall again
And rise again;
Always falling and rising.

The risk of falling

The road to success
Is most slippery;
The most slippery road
I know;
The risk of falling
Is high;
If you aren’t careful,
You can slide on it
And badly fall;
If I know the ground
Is slippery,
I will be very careful;
Because I don’t like
To rub myself in mud.
And it seems everywhere
There are sleepery roads.
The risk of falling
Is very high.
But what do you do,
If you happen to fall?
Get up, dust yourself
And march on.

I will do all to find you

Why are you so hard to come?
I am talking to you, Success;
I have been seeking you
For such a long time,
Yet, I have not found you;
Why are you so slippery?
So difficult to find;
Why are you like this?
What am I to do?
Do I keep searching for you?
Or I call it quits?
To call it quits means
To say I have failed;
I am not ready for that;
I am not going to fail;
I will find you;
You are hard to find,
But I will find you;
I will not stop searching
Till I find you.
That is my resolution.
I will do all to find you.

Smooth but dangerous

If I start to talk about
What I think about a smooth surface,
Any smooth surface,
I may never end;
So much I have to say;
Say not that a thing is good
Simply because
Its surface is smooth;
The smooth surface of your skin
Does not necessarily mean you have
A healthy body;
Just as a road with a smooth surface
Does not mean a safe road;
It may be smooth but slippery and dangerous;
Let the surface not deceive you;
Judging anything from its surface
Is like judging someone from their appearance;
Appearances often deceive;
Look beyond the surface;
To get a real taste of the soup.

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