Smile, my dear! (New love poem 26 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Smile, my dear,
And do so broadly,
With cheer;
Don’t frown;
Don’t wear
That dirty frowny look
On your face;
It doesn’t go well;
What’s perfect,
Is a smile!
When you smile,
You pull down the fence
Round my heart,
And you can see me
Star at you
With teary eyes of love
Never before known.


Smile to me (Poem no 98 from 100 poems for my sweetheart)

Smile to me my love;
I don’t like when you frown
To me;
Smile broadly to me;
Your mind is like sun rays;
It brightens my day;
Smile to me,
And warm my heart;
Smile to me
If you see my spirits down;
Feed my Heart with your smiles.
When you frown,
I am sick;
When you frown,
You spoil my day;
The best thing you can do
To me is smile to me.

A chain of smiles (Be inspired today 259 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Be strong and determined
And look to the future
With hope
Not just if the weather
Of your aspirations
Is bright,
But even if the clouds
In the sky are darker
Than they’ve ever been;
Put on a smile
Of gratitude to God;
If yesterday had its pains,
And sorrows,
Do not let that ruin
The joy of this day;
Make way for love,
Good feelings, and hope
To flow through you
This day;
Give everyone a smile;
And see how your life
Will be a chain of smiles.

I will smile again (Be inspired today 204 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Soon I will smile again;
Good things are beginning
To happen to me;
Good things had gone
On holiday;
And was lonely and cold,
Like someone sitting on ice;
But my hope was not lost;
My confidence ad well;
I knew better days were ahead;
Though coming at slow speed,
Coming all the same;
And soon to arrive;
That is what will happen;
And soon I will smile again;
As good things will soon
Happen again to me.

Smile like me (Be inspired today 146 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Smile like me;
Please, smile like me;
If you see my face
As I write this piece,
I am smiling;
Smiling broadly;
I am smiling sweetly;
If you want to know why,
Many things went well
For me today;
And continue to do so;
The day has been good;
And I want a way
To let the joy in me
Flow to you;
I want you to share
The joy in my heart;
I want your heart to
Glow with the light
Of happiness like mine.
I want you to smile
Like me.
Will you?
Tell me
You are smiling like me.

The Closer….. the Better

Toughest job on earth

Toughest job on earth

What is the toughest job on earth ?

Guess and tell me.

I am sure you can not.

Googling gives you billion answers in nanosecond !

Nothing to compare as to what I am going to tell !!!

If you are eager to know , just answer the following question.

How to tell some one that their breath stinks without hurting their feelings ?

1. When. 2. Where and 3. how to say nice words at the same time stressing the point.

Many times we have seen relationship getting worse when somebody is frank.

Sadly we even avoid the person while in conversation.

And even dread meeting the person.

Or you think it is rude even to give hints etc.

Or just forget everything and continue conversation with the person and just move on….

And quite a few with bad breath go into depression and tend to avoid people or remain in isolation.

Any members ,aware of any Etiquette…if at all it is there ??

Is the ‘Mint’ only solution to overcome this problem ?

That is the reason the World celebrates ‘World Oral Health day’ March 20 and to-day is that day !

Who doesn’t love sparkling smile with lovely set of teeth ?

Why not each and every one of us see the Dentist regularly (once in 6 months) as required.

Dental Check Up

What are the minimum things we are supposed to do regularly ?

1.Start the dental care for the kids as soon as teeth start forming.2.Brush twice a day,by using proper technique and never forget flossing daily.If you are not aware of flossing take help of you tube or your Dentist.3.Change the tooth-brush once in 3 or 4 months.4.Before going to bed rinse the mouth with anti bacterial solution.5.Forget smoking,tobacco and all other related stuff.6.Eat healthy diet and I need not stress how important this is.7.Consult Dentist once in 6 months.

Ok.Now I come to some common dental problems we face because of our irresponsible habits.

Of course ,these things you already know.

1.BAD breath…this is how I started my topic. 2.Tooth decay.3.Gum disease,4.Tooth sensitivity.5.Oral cancer.6.Of course who enjoys your unpleasant & un-attractive smile ?

Members suggestions/ opinions appreciated.


Image credit -FDI World Dental Federation.

World Oral Health Day is celebrated every year on 20 March. It is an international day to celebrate the benefits of a healthy mouth and to promote worldwide awareness of the issues around oral health and the importance of oral hygiene to looking after everyone old and young. source-World Dental Federation-FDI

Thank you .

Philosophy Through Photography

Image credits-pixabay,

Miles of Smiles

I sit alone this morning, in the sun, with miles of smiles… I’ve led a life few know or could imagine. I ran the gamut of memories – from death-defying courageousness to the fonder moments of sledding, crabbing, and sailing off the beaches of the Chesapeake Bay. I’ve ventured to places some only read about, such as Hong Kong and Korea, but I always returned to the comforts of my heart.

As age and experience equal wisdom, I find myself now complete. I can honestly say I know who I am today, but in the beginning, it was a “Rocky Horror Show.” I began as an educationally handicapped child who also suffered through my parent’s complexing divorce situation. Every day it seemed each of their tales led nowhere or even served a purpose. Then one day, they passed in grace, along with my predecessors. Could fate allow me to live a better life?

I often asked myself how many times will God give us a second chance? Some friends lived through heart attacks, and some should be dead from serious accidents. How often God picks us up and brushes us off, I don’t know, but I do know He protects us like no other insurance plan.

In three months, my high school class will celebrate our 50th-year reunion. Many will come to celebrate and some cannot, but the miles of smiles will include my love for each one. The comradery we share will live in infamy. As I read the list of classmate obituaries, I recognize they, too, touched my life. I pray for them as God, I’m sure, will take them home to be with Him one day. This is their second chance at life!

My miles of smiles over the years had a few frowns, but it was just a smile turned upside down. Today I look back and wish only one thing… I listened to God when He first whispered in my ear. I walked a lonely road, in 1985, in the afternoon’s sunset with my aspiring wife, and then she disappeared for thirty years. Second chances just don’t come around for everyone as I recognize in my classmates. We are not cats who land on our feet and have nine lives. But, those miles of smiles I missed with her, only enhances my gratitude for her now. God knows for sure how much meaning she gives to my life every morning.

The miles of smiles is our destiny to eternity for all of us. It’s the crosswalks we crossed in our youth as we sat under the moonlit night. It is the memories of those childhood times. How grateful I am to live long enough to appreciate those adolescent years!

I feel so complete in these last chapters of my life’s autobiography. I hold my wife’s hand, and we meander where time will never end. It’s the same place we shared when God introduced her love for me… miles of smiles ago, in the sand.


Thank you Success Inspirer’s World Organization!


Smile to me (poem No. 55 to my sweetheart, by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Smile from your heart, my love;
Smile many times over;
Smile and warm my heart;
Smile and light up my day;
Smile in that your charming way;
Smile a broad smile;
Smile and look more beautiful;
Smile like the morning sun;
Smile, the world will smile back;
Smile now, right away.
Smile to me with love and cheer.