Smiling from jaw to jaw

Today, I am smiling
From jaw to jaw;
What about you?
I have good reason
To smile from jaw
To jaw;
To smile broadly;
I see many good things
God will enrich me;
I know he will;
And enrich you too;
You ought to smile
From jaw to jaw also.
Smile and thank God;
You have many blessings.
Go ahead and smile
From jaw to jaw.
Why not laugh out
Your lungs?


Put your heart in what you do

Put your heart
In what you do;
Put all your heart
In it;
Be passionate;
When you put
All your heart in it,
God comes in
And gives you
A hand;
And therefrom
Comes your success;
Even outstanding success;
I do advise then,
Which is also
My encouragement,
Whatever you do,
Be committed;
Commitment is the thing;
Have passion;
Put your heart in it.
God will come in
And lend you a hand.
And you will smile broadly
As success will
Smile also at you.

If you are serious about winning

You will be optimistic;
You will not be pessimistic;
You will be positive;
You will not be negative;
You will hope;
You will not despair;
You will encourage yourself;
You will not discourage yourself;
You will see stars at night
You will not see darkness;
You will laugh at difficulties;
You will not cry at difficulties;
You will smile often;
You will not frown;
You will have a winning spirit;
You will not have a losing spirit;
You will learn to stand tall;
You will learn not to lie low.
You will see the bright side;
You will not see the dark side.

I encourage you today

I encourage you today
To wear a smile
On your face not lipstick;
It will make you
More beautiful than
Lipstick can do.
I encourage you today
To push positive thoughts up
And negative thoughts down;
Or push positive thoughts forward
And negative thoughts backwards;
That will make your day
A more joyful one;
And pave the way to greatness;
I encourage you today
To sing a joyful song
When your spirits are down;
It will lift your spirits
And brighten your heart and day;
I encourage you today
To keep pushing
Even if the going is hard;
That way,
The day will end well
For you.
All this is what
I encourage you today to do
And be.
Yes, that is my encouragement to you today.

Success is smiling

Things are moving rightly;
Working really good;
The future looks so bright;
Day by day, I am moving;
Step by step, Success is on
Its way to me;
I like the way my star
Is shining so brightly;
Success is smiling to me;
Broadly, success is laughing
Happily to me;
Come rejoice with me;
Since success has come to me;
Life will never be
The same again.
How happy indeed, I am.
It is such a wonderful thing.