Light up your heart

Smile, the lovely way
You always smile;
Let your smile
Light up your heart,
As it lights up
The world around;
Let all gloomy thoughts
Go a-running;
As their place is far off
From you;
Let the charm that always
Shines on your face,
Giving light to all,
Light everyone around;
Making our world a sweet
Place for all to enjoy.

This Poem is dedicated to our lovely Shilpa Vineet to light up her day.


Thank you

Thank you for being here;
Thank you for being who you are;
Thank you for your smile;
Thank you for your love;
Thank you for your support;
Thank you for your sweet heart.
Your good ways and good work
Make you even more beautiful;
You shine like a star;
May that charming smile of yours
Ever be there
To light up the world!

Rare charm

You ask me to smile;
Yes, I will do;
Thank you for your own smile;
Which is like light
Shining brightly from a fluorescent torchlight;
The way it lights up my heart,
No light from sun or moon
Can do;
Smile on you too, sweet one;
Keep lighting the world
That rare charm of yours
Is a treasure.

Inspired by KEEP SMILING by Shobha Iyer.(see below).

Life Is Not Forever; Treasure Your Time My Dear

हम सोचते ही रहे और ज़िन्दगी यूँ ही गुज़र गयी 🤔😢 Life is too short to be taken so seriously बड़ी चाहतों के आगे खुशियो के छोटे पलों को हम महत्व नहीं देते🙄 Come! Let’s live those little joyful moments today for they have much greater impacts 💞🙏

The Consequences Are….

The Consequences Are verse

Years pass and memories fade; our skin grows tired and desires wither away. But only one thing rejuvenates life….

Blooming flowers permeate scents, drawing us into heavenly thoughts. We close our eyes and smile, as only one thing rejuvenates this life….

You age, withdrawn as if society closed its eyes on you. You’re not alone for many feel the same pain creeping through the window pain. I pray our Father unsheathes the frowns of miserable days, filling your life with thanksgiving. Only one thing can rejuvenate this life….

Erase your sorrows of past dormant days! Allow yourself to be reborn, and God will fill your enjoyment of life and love. One miraculous morning, the flower petals will commemorate the reflections of your smile. God’s spirit will lift you up and live on inside you, as only one thing rejuvenates life….

Today, I sit in the sun and watch you shine. A blessing to all who meet you, my brightest star – you are the one who lights my up life in the darkest of hours. Frustrations ride off into the sunset. If all things were made through and for Christ, including the joy of happiness for only one thing rejuvenates life…..laughter – it comes with a smile! It keeps us young, and most all the consequences are forever more.

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Quote on tide and charity

“If life favours you, put smiles on the faces of those whose fortunes have hit the rocks. After all, life being so unpredictable, the tide could turn at any time for anyone. If it happens to you, that will be your own turn to look up to others for acts of charity.” Romilia quotes