Put a smile on someone’s face

Do not minimize the smile you put on someone’s face today. It may cost you nothing but do so much for the person concerned.


Magic smile

When you smile
I am hardly the same;
I don’t know
Why it is so,
But that is what it is;
Your smile charms
My heart;
And does it transform
It’s chemistry?
I can hardly say;
But I feel different.
I love how I feel;
It is a magic smile;
I pray you to smile on;
Let me have this feel
For ever.
Will you continue
To smile?
Smile on, sweet one,
And charm my heart.
Emit that magic smile
As often as you can.

Smile, my dear! (New love poem 26 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Smile, my dear,
And do so broadly,
With cheer;
Don’t frown;
Don’t wear
That dirty frowny look
On your face;
It doesn’t go well;
What’s perfect,
Is a smile!
When you smile,
You pull down the fence
Round my heart,
And you can see me
Star at you
With teary eyes of love
Never before known.

Smile to me (Poem no 98 from 100 poems for my sweetheart)

Smile to me my love;
I don’t like when you frown
To me;
Smile broadly to me;
Your mind is like sun rays;
It brightens my day;
Smile to me,
And warm my heart;
Smile to me
If you see my spirits down;
Feed my Heart with your smiles.
When you frown,
I am sick;
When you frown,
You spoil my day;
The best thing you can do
To me is smile to me.

A chain of smiles (Be inspired today 259 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Be strong and determined
And look to the future
With hope
Not just if the weather
Of your aspirations
Is bright,
But even if the clouds
In the sky are darker
Than they’ve ever been;
Put on a smile
Of gratitude to God;
If yesterday had its pains,
And sorrows,
Do not let that ruin
The joy of this day;
Make way for love,
Good feelings, and hope
To flow through you
This day;
Give everyone a smile;
And see how your life
Will be a chain of smiles.

I will smile again (Be inspired today 204 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Soon I will smile again;
Good things are beginning
To happen to me;
Good things had gone
On holiday;
And was lonely and cold,
Like someone sitting on ice;
But my hope was not lost;
My confidence ad well;
I knew better days were ahead;
Though coming at slow speed,
Coming all the same;
And soon to arrive;
That is what will happen;
And soon I will smile again;
As good things will soon
Happen again to me.