Solidarity Support Challenge day 57


Hello friends! Our challenge is on day 57. What a great thing for us. We keep waxing strong. It’s great that we love what we are doing- the fun of blogging as a community.

Those who are not in a blogging community don’t know what it means to be in one.

Here is our first blogger for today:
16. jade0207
I was on this site today and loved it very much. Go see for yourself.

17. lovehappily

I have the pleasure to introduce to you the second lovely blogger of the day:

Love Talk (Solidarity Support Challenge day 33)

Hope you enjoy visiting our two blogs and bloggers of today.

Happy blogging!

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Solidarity Support Challenge day 56


You certainly have met Nicole Martin before. But meeting her is always a joy.
18. Nicole Martin

Today we also meet the charming CJ.
19. cjstorm. She has much to offer. Visit her site at:

Enjoy blogging.
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Solidarity Support Challenge day 55


Hello sweet bloggers! You keep on being so nice. I keep getting great encouragement from many of you. You are all the best.

Let’s keep shining and building our little world. None else will do it for us. We have to speak for our voices to be heard and that is what we are all doing.

I continue my tour of our community with real pleasure. It will take a while to complete that tour. We have grown big; and are still growing.

Warm congratulations to those of our friends who were not with us at the start but have joined us. We love them and want more to come on board.

Our blogs and bloggers of the day are right here:

No. 20. Heart of Refuge
The beautiful, sweet Heart of Refuge will help you unveil “the hidden beauty of your heart.”

No. 21. Tessa
Our own darling Tessa is also waiting at her door to welcome you. Things have not been the best for Tessa of recent; but the love of all of us, her friends, has kept her going. Stop by to keep Tessa some company. Touch her heart with love. She’ll appreciate it.

Keep shining and lighting up the world around you. That’s what the light in you is meant for.

I love you!12935160_1053075468071953_916968871_n12935160_1053075468071953_916968871_n

Solidarity Support Challenge day 53


Our bloggers of the day today need no introduction.

As far as I know, these two are friends to everybody around here. They’ll welcome you warmly home.

If you are not yet friends, this is a chance to meet two people who are most likely to rank eventually among your best friends on the blogosphere. Enjoy your visit to their sites.

24. Shiva Malekopmath

25. Erika Kind

Happy blogging!


You are free to join the Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum and start participating in this challenge.

Solidarity Support Challenge day 52


Two blogs by two bloggers to visit and one blog to welcome.

Brenda is one of our two bloggers of the day. She has a lovely blog you will love.
26. Lean Not Unto My Own Understanding

Some of you have already met Nena before. Still do so in the contxt of this round of our challenge. You will enjoy your visit.
27. Nena

Yentl Lega | Health + Balance + Beauty

On your behalf, I wish to welcome Deirdre Conran into the Forum. Deirdre has a blog known as My Blog for Life. You will love it.

58. myblogforlife1:
Deirdre Conran
I call on all to welcome this sweet new friend into our community. Stop at this blog and say hello with a like and a comment.

Solidarity Support Challenge day 51


Our challenge is doing very well. Thanks to all of you who are making it a great experience.

As to what concerns our bloggers and blogs for today, we have two lovely ladies and their blogs.

28. sharmishtha basu

29. simpledimple

These two bloggers are very special as you will discover for yourself. Let us visit them as usual; and for those who have more time in their hands, why not take a good walk through the two blogs? Many blessings to you all. Happy blogging.

Solidarity Support Challenge day 50

Hello friends! The moment of joy has come. We begin Round 4 of Solidarity Support Challenge.

Thanks to you all, sweet members of Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum, we have been able to come this far. We are growing big in numbers.

We are moving fully to two blogs and bloggers of the day to make it more exciting and to go faster. Two blogs are definitely not too many.

Following are our first two blogs and bloggers of the day.
1. Mihran Kalaydjian is an amazing blogger. He was among the very first to embrace the forum. But somehow along the line his name slipped off from our list. You will be happy meeting him if you haven’t already. We’ve apologized to him and are happy to have him co-top the list of this round with wivesrepublic.

Visit Mihran Kalaydjian and leave him some words of love. I find him very special. Here you find him:

2. We also have wivesrepublic. You will love to meet this charming lady at:

She was already with us too, but how we missed her, no one can say. We are catching up by listing her first with Mirank for this round.

Read the words that carried me away when I visited her blog: ” I have always excelled in everything I do because ‘PERFECTION’ is the first word in my dictionary and I am a natural dreamer. I dream about unimaginable things and a host of other things. If I had my way, women would rule the world.”

I invite you to make a stop at wivesrepublic and meet this beauty queen.

If you like to know who else is with you in this forum, the updated list is here.

For those who are not part of this winning team but like to be, feel free to join. Go over to Solidarity Support Challenge and enroll.

Many sweet melodies from heaven come with best tidings for you!

Save and invest in blogging to grow

What will happen if you earn a very big salary but save nothing?

What will happen if you have a lot of income but do not invest any of it?

Let me answer this: what will happen will be when you go on retirement you will be wretched. You will have no savings and no investments.

This can make you miserable. The most successfully people financially are those who know how to save and invest.

I have found that the same thing works with blogging. You must save and invest to grow in blogging.

This is what prompted me to create the Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum. When you visit a fellow participants blog and read and like, you are saving and investing at the same time. Some day the benefits will all come back to you.

This forum is also making use of team spirit. Reading and commenting at random on the web may not be a bad thing to do; but doing so in community is better for growth.

In community you support one another; you are committed to one another. You are community because you have the same values and aspirations. What you save or invest will be given back to you.

It is also good when you stick to your community and lend your own contribution to make it grow. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence; but do not jump fence just because you see the grass looking greener elsewhere.

It is my heart’s wish and hope that our community will continue to grow from strength to strength and render maximum service to all her members and the world.

If you have not made up your mind yet to join, the time is now. do it here:

50 places are available

As we start a new round of Solidarity Support Challenge on Monday April 11, 50 places are available for new members to register.

If your name is not on the list here, and you want to join, write your name and blog url in the comment box; and get ready to start on Monday.

Old participants do not need to register again. They are already registered.

There is no age limit. This challenge is open to all bloggers.