Michel Montecrossa sez: “In all this we need solidarity..” (& Photo & Song)

Michel Montecrossa sez:
“Good times, bad times, work, no work, worry, happiness, peace, revolution, catastrophe, war and isms: In all we need solidarity to find our way through, to come out of mean and low treatment, to help each other, to go beyond narrow thinking, to make life better and to live and celebrate humanity.
In my songs I sing and speak my mind so that you and me can get together and let new ideas grow like trees and flowers because we believe in something and understand the good of solidarity, of working together, of caring for earth and people and honest peace.
Solidarity is what my new topical song movement is about.”

(Michel Montecrossa about his Solidarity Solo Acoustic Concert)

Listen to Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song ‘Solidarity’

Michel Montecrossa Homepage: www.MichelMontecrossa.com


Come on, pretty baby, listen to me,
do you know what’s a-goin’ on?
Storm and thunder are on the road,
the world is a-goin’ wrong!

The people are frightened, life’s goin’ down the drain,
too many families know too much pain.
Come on, pretty baby, give me your embrace:
The world is goin’ insane!

I need solidarity and you need it too.
I need your love to make it through.
You don’t want to suffer, don’t want to be killed.
You want my lovin’, want to feel the place.

You know, pretty baby, waterboardin’ ain’t cool.
In the neighborhood there is electroshockin’ too
and fingerbreakin’ nowhere is taboo.
But nobody can stop the freedom move,

The call for the better, for the change of all.
Nobody can silence the people who are all.
The people are we and we want to be free.
Governments are thieves, but we defend the real.

Our solidarity is the clue,
the clue of love to make it through.
We don’t want to suffer, don’t want to be killed.
War is not lovin’, makes us ill.

Come on, pretty baby, listen to me,
I give you my kiss for the way of peace.
I give you my body, give you my soul,
Let’s live the life of heaven
and nothin’ will go wrong.

The people will rise, no horror is endless.
We are here for the future, are the future indeed.
No more brainwashin’ slavery and poverty.
Let us fight and work for tomorrow free!

You need solidarity and I need it too.
You need my love to make it through.
I don’t want to suffer, don’t want to be killed.
I want your lovin’, want to feel the peace.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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