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Be part of a lofty dream

Are you part of any lofty dream? Great people are usually part of a lofty dream; a big, great dream. You are called to be part of a lofty dream – a dream that is bigger than you. We all want the voice of good in the world to be louder than the voice of…

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SoLIDariITY BloGGerS’ FoRum 21

Pride can hinder your success. This is the message I get from a post by Elle Clarke tilted is pride hindering your success? Elle Clarke of Elle Clarke Media Group has produced a motivational video titled Pride is hindering you. This writer and motivational speaker gives the various ways Pride may be hindering your success…

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SoLIDariITY BlogGErS’ FoRUm 17

Financial independence is the dream of every normal human being. If you want financial independence , take good care of your thinking. See what the experts say. Click here. This is correct. The story of a Nigerian artist who found his way to financial independence will inspire anybody. Read Financial Independence: an immigrant’s story. Tell…

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