Solidarity Support Challenge vol 2. 19


Her name is Ruby Craft. She is a pastor’s wife for 47 years.

She enjoys life in retirement from teaching. She tutored locally for several years. She focuses now on art, painting, and cooking one time a week at the church where her husband serves. She loves planting a small garden at home in the Spring, and watching it grow up taller than her.

Her blog is titled Rubies Corner’s Blog and there, she shares from her heart, the real she.Sometimes she shares what is on her heart and mind from a preacher’s wife point of view. Other times she shares a recipe, or a painting. She reflects the good, the present, and the future.

There are 8 other blogs that she writes on. She has written four novels. You can find them on, rubiedonovels.

She would love if you visit often, and make her blog your favorite.

Her other blogs are: Rubie Do, rubiedonovels, Rubies Jewels, Rubies Songs, rubiesrecipes, waitjustamoment,Rock a bye Ruby, and Rock a by Ruby

Welcome to Ruby’s Corner’s blog where you meet the lovely Ruby Craft.


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Solidarity Support Challenge vol.2.18


She is among my favorites on the blogosphere. She is very beautiful. I don’t know much about her – her name, and where she comes from; but I like her. The title of her blog is: trietnguyen 1982, 999 roses in my life and found here:

You can read about her here:

Please, do well to visit and chat with her. You will love much about her when you do.

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Solidarity Support Challenge vol.2.16


She is called Susanna, “a retired midwife who enjoyed a satisfying career”. Now she gets joy from story writing. Her blog, Grace in housekeeping, is making a difference in many lives. I have been enjoying her company for a good while now on the blogosphere. I really like her. She will appreciate your visit and will welcome you with one of her sweet smiles. I love that you stop by and tell her you care.

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Solidarity Support Challenge vol.2.15


Our blogger of the day is a man – a very special man. He’s called Lim Soo Peng. He hals from Malaysia. He has been a good and faithful companion on Success Inspirers’ World for a long time.

He is a loving man. He has an amazing blog with “one of the largest collection of Wayang or Chinese Opera stock photographs and Penang’s Cultural & Heritage stock photographs.” I am amazed by these photographs. You are heartily welcome to meet Mr. Lim Soo Peng. If you succeed to win him as one of your followers you will be happy. Once he makes up his mind to go with you he stays with you.

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Solidarity Support Challenge vol.2.12

Blogger of the day

She is one of my favorites in the blogosphere. We have journeyed together for quite a while now and I love her ways, her ideas and her dreams. I encourage her in her dreams because she has a lot of potential to do great things.

Her blog is called theutopiauniverse and it aims to “offer help,advice and teach ,great things into your life everyday.”

She is open and welcoming and if you like to connect her by email, you are free:

It is a wonderful joy for me to invite you to meet and know more about this lovely, dynamic woman, whom we are delighted and honored to feature as our Blogger of the Day, at

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Solidarity Support Challenge vol.2.4

Discover Our Blogger of the Day
She is young;
She is beautiful;
She is loving;
And she is Indian; a young poetess who writes about her experiences from life.
She is also a part of the anthology, Mental Note.
She is a member of Success Inspirers’ World team.
You will find her writings on Success Inspirers’ World.
She believes that the best way to treasure your memories and experiences, is to share them.
She is our blogger of the day; but who is she? You will find her here:

let’s show her our solidarity by liking this post and visiting her blog. She will receive you with a warm smile.

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Sacred Heart College Mankon 1965 batch

They honored our invitation and made us proud

The 1965 batch of Sacred Heart College honored our invitation to share some moments with us in our home. We want to thank this lovely family for their love. We are proud of the 1965 batch.

God brought us together in 1965. What God has put together, let no man put asunder. We have journeyed together; we are journeying together. We will journey together till death do us part.

“For the educated mind and heart, differences in levels of achievement do not constitue a barrier to love and togetherness . ” (The wise man)

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