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Mind your business

If you don’t mind your business, you may run into trouble. This is the lesson I got away with from On the high way of love by Gottfried.

It’s a very interesting story told with a lot of wit and humor

Just like Conversation with my brain.

Gottfried is what I call a master story teller.

Visit his site. You will not regret it. Instead you will thank someone.

Click here.



Is good for humanity;
Live together
Do it in common,
Let oneness prevail;
Solidarity in your service;
Solidarity in your community;
Solidarity in the world;
When people care
About one another,
They live
When people are interested
in one another,
They live
When people are concerned
About one another,
They live
If one person is
In difficulty,
The others help
When one person is celebrating,
Everybody is celebrating
And when people live
They live better.
In your school,
In your work place;
Among friends,
Among classmates;
In your country;
In the world.

SoLIDariTY BloGGerS’ FoRum 28

Nothing saddens the heart more than the death of a loved one. But this sting can be overcome. In a beautiful article, Chrystal Ward tells us ways of Overcoming the sting of death. It’s a good read.

Take a look. It can become handy. You can even use the tips to help someone experiencing the sting of death.

Chrystal Ward runs Maybe Crazy Help where she helps “others overcome the darkness within their minds.”

A stop at Maybe Crazy Help would be time well spent.

SoLIDariTY BloGGerS FoRum 26

I got so much inspiration from God’s purpose for us and thought it good to share with you.

Crystal Ann has done an excellent job. I praise her effort. She is the founder of Out of the mug and mire blog. You will need to discover this lady and her blog.

Crystal has a very pleasant style and I enjoy every single post she writes. She is simple, short, and convincing.

Take any post on Crystal’s blog. You will leave edified and uplifted. Click this:

He is Always there.

I am delighted to recommend this beautiful blogger and her blog to you. Visiting here can be a great way to start your day.

If you like to support the laudable work of this great blogger, you can share or reblog this post.

I really love to see good work promoted and people who are doing excellent work encouraged.

Many blessings to you, sweet reader! Let us encourage others; support others. Feel happy when others excel. That is a way we can contribute our own quota to make the world an excellent place.

Be part of a lofty dream

Are you part of any lofty dream? Great people are usually part of a lofty dream; a big, great dream.

You are called to be part of a lofty dream – a dream that is bigger than you.

We all want the voice of good in the world to be louder than the voice of evil, don’t we?

Evil is shouting louder than good at the moment and making the world unlivable for billions of people.

People are discriminating against others because of differences in culture, religion, language and ethnic origin.

We don’t want that. The world’s people are meant to be one; and the world an excellent place for all.

How can we achieve this?

It is our conviction that if many of the good people of the world team up and work together to promote good, our voice can sound so loud that it will crush the voice of evil.

Do you see a point? It is only by helping people to focus their minds on good, think good, talk good, do good, spread good that good can prevail over evil.

SIWO International is thus recruiting one person at a time into its family for this lofty purpose.

The SIWO International community is made up of good hearted people, peace lovers, lovers of good, lovers of love, lovers of kind deeds, who are working together, educating, inspiring, encouraging, motivating and helping one another and others to bring out the best in themselves.

We believe that if you bring out the best in you, you will offer your best to the world. The more this is done, the more good will prevail in the world.

Simple and clear isn’t it? Now, tell me if you buy this dream and vision for the world.

As of now, about ten thousand people believe in SIWO International. Over 100 authors are publishing here, inspiring, motivating, educating, encouraging people to excel. By so doing, we are all keeping the dream going.

Since we reap what we sow, when we render this exalting service, we reap abundant rewards. Many people who spent months unable to get 100 views on their blogs got them just with their first post on SIWO International.

In this way, we are helping all our members get the best from their efforts.

If you are already following SIWO International, that is excellent. You are free to move to the next level which is to become a SIWO author as well.

As an author, you decide how frequently you publish here. Some people publish many posts a day and are happy with what they reap from that for their own blogs. Some publish less. It is left to you. The truth is every post you publish here reaps for you great benefits and you also move forward the lofty dream of an excellent world for all.

Express your wish to be part of this lofty dream in the comment box.

We know where we are coming from. We know where we are going. We have an outline of our strategy to get there. As the days go by, as more people with big and small brains come on board, as new technologies come up, new and better ways will be found to better get to our destination. Of where we are going, we are confident. As for the big picture of the path to take, we are confident. We know it is not a journey to accomplish in our life time. We are only setting a ball rolling. But we are happy, proud, satisfied and thankful to God that He has made us the instruments of such a lofty mission for the world.

We know when God gives a dream he provides the people, the means, the wisdom, the courage and the strength to accomplish it or take it as far as He decides. For that, we are thankful to Him.

Please, indicate in the comment box if you wish to join the team of Authors here. While our community will help you become a hero in blogging and in life, you will contribute, even without extra effort, to make the world a better place for all.

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Pride can hinder your success.

This is the message I get from a post by Elle Clarke tilted is pride hindering your success?

Elle Clarke of Elle Clarke Media Group has produced a motivational video titled Pride is hindering you.

This writer and motivational speaker gives the various ways Pride may be hindering your success and says “Your blessing is closer than you think. Once you break down the walls of pride you will create the entrance to the next level.”

Take some time off and watch Pride is hindering you. It is worth the effort.

SoLIDariITY BloGGerS’ FoRum 19

The delicate question of being in love well handled

I have read and written a lot about love.

The post I am recommending here has captured my attention in a special way because of how it has handled the delicate question of being in love.

I know it will thrill and edify many of you. Hence, take off some time and read it:

If you have a post which you like us to recommend in this forum, please, indicate to us in the comment box. You may give a brief summary to facilitate the exercise for us.

SoLiDariTY BloGGerS FoRuM 18

A post you should read 1

If you remember Give fear a kick is the title of a poem I published to encourage you to stop fearing and face the bull by the horns. That is the only way to make it big.

Motivated and Free blog offers you great encouragement on the same subject of fear and goes further to give the issue of mindset a good treat. I read through the full post titled Vital Mindset Shift to Progress.

To be honest with you, Femi has done a great job. You will not regret reading this post. Click here and have a good time with Femi’s Motivated and Free blog.

“If you don’t enjoy blogging, revise your notes. You are not doing it rightly.” (Romilia Quotes)