I am sorry, please, forgive me!

B easily do you say “I am sorry when you wrong someone?” Our poem in this post is titled, “I am sorry”

I am sorry

Dear friend, please, forgive me;
Today, I taught of you lovingly;
I know you are angry with me;
That I haven’t visited you,
When you were visiting me daily.
I do understand your anger;
I have been rather selfish;
Thinking only of myself;
I ought to think of others too;
Especially of you who have been so kind to me;
Please, I am sorry;
I urge you to find space
In your heart to forgive me;
And why not help me be like you?
You can see,
I am not different from a patient;
Who is sick and hospitalised;
And will die if a Doctor does not
Work hard to rescue me;
You are that great Doctor
Who will save me;
You know the cure for my ailment;
Can you fold your arms
And lose me?
You cannot fail to do something;
I count so much on you.
Thanks for your understanding,
And all your love.

When was the last time you said ,”I am sorry” to someone? Is there someone you have hurt? As we start this new year, why don’t you go to the person or write to the person and say “I am sorry!”?

Pardon me!

Please, pardon me, my dear;
I am sorry to hurt you;
It was not my intention;
Please, pardon me, my love;
I am sorry to disappoint you;
It was not my intention;
Please, pardon me. sweet one;
I am sorry to fail you;
It was not my intention;
Please, kindly understand;
It’s our filters, that’s all;
Nothing wrong with you;
Nothing wrong with any of us;
Just our filters;
That have led to blame game;
Let’s stop the blame game;
It doesn’t help us;
And letting the whole world
Know what concerns only us;
But why?
How does that help us?
Let’s correct what went wrong,
Let’s reconcile;
Reconciliation is noble;
It comes from forgiving hearts;
And forgiving hearts,
Are noble hearts.
So, pardon me;
Let’s reconcile!
See us world’s apart;
It doesn’t help at all.