What you say

Are you aware of
The importance
Of what you say?
Do you weigh
Your words
Before you speak?
What you say
Is important;
And the way
You say it matters;
Be careful
What you say;
Weigh your words
Before you speak;
There is power
In the tongue;
And danger
In the tongue.
Mind how you use
Your tongue.
With it only build.


Your beauty we need

Do you know the beauty
Of angelic voices?
When lovely souls open
Their mouths,
Sweet words flow;
When people with hearts
Of gold speak,
There is a flow of joy;
When good people
Good things are said;
When saints deliver
The content
Of their hearts,
The beauty of the world
Is enhanced.
Flow ye, lovely voices
Of the world;
Your beauty we need.

Don’t die in silence!

Don’t die in silence!
Speak out!
If you are silent,
Nobody will know what you
Are going through;
And dying of;
Speak out!
Say what hurts you;
Ask for redress;
Is someone hurting you?
Is someone cheating you?
Is someone trampling on your right?
Is someone playing with your emotions?
Is someone being violent on you?
Don’t be silent!
Don’t die in silence!
Speak out!
Let the world hear.

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Speak nice to me

Speak nice to me, my love;
Speak nice to me,
And I will be happy;
Your nice words warm my heart;
Speak nice to me;
Do you know what I mean?
Don’t speak harsh to me;
Don’t throw hard words on me;
They hurt my heart
And spoil my day;
Speak nice to me;
Speak gentle, nice words to me;
When soft gentle words
Flow from your mouth to me,
They give me joy;
Speak nice to me.

How was your day? No 37

You may have something to share but lack someone to share it with – a good thing; a bad thing that happened to you or somebody else; a thing that hurts; a thing that is making life great or bad for someone somewhere. You can share it here.Did you travel? Did you learn something worth shouting to the world. The first time I traveled to the West, I was truck by the way people were working – very hard. I was determined to share that with my people on my return to let them know that you have to work very hard to make it. Feel free to express any of your thoughts here.Thanks for sharing.

Think twice

Think twice before you act;
Lest you do a thing
And later regret;
Think twice before you speak;
Lest you say a thing
And later regret;
Take responsibility
For what you say;
And take responsibility
For what you do.
Think twice before you speak;
Think twice before you act;
That’s the right way to go;
Lest you do a thing
And later regret.

God’s silent voice

God for ever speaks to us;
To billions of us daily he speaks;
Don’t you hear his voice?
In a silent voice he speaks to us;
Through his silent word;
Sadly, unnoticed, it flows
Through billions of ears;
Some, he hits like a rocket though;
Powerfully and strongly;
Transforming mind and heart for ever.
Don’t you hear as he for ever speaks to you?
Open your ears;
That this silent voice may hit you hard;
And touch your heart and mind;
And change your life for ever;
You will never be the same again
If God’s silent voice hits your ears;
And touches your heart.

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