Week well spent

I don’t know
How your week
Has been,
But for me,
It is a week well spent;
And that is how
A week should be.
Never waste your week;
Never let it go for nothing;
Make the most of
Every week;
Every day;
Every hour
And why not minute
Or second.
Make this week
A week well spent.


Let them lick their wounds

How can I afford time to waste
On those who do not like me?
Where do I find such time?
Time is such a scarce commodity;
A more precious commodity than gold;
I lack enough of it to spend
On those who like me;
Hence, I shall waste none of it
On anyone who does not like me;
Every bit of it I have, I shall
Spend it only on those who like me;
What of you? You have to be wise;
No time must you waste preoccupied
By those who do not like you.
Every bit of time you have here below,
Spend it only on those who like you;
And allow those who don’t
To lick their wounds.