Why I love God

I love you
So much O Lord,
And the reason is
When I am stranded,
You always appear;
You might not care
When life is smooth,
But always
You give me
The grace
To turn to you,
When in difficulty;
At such moments,
You always appear,
To answer my call;
You are so good;
I love you;
Grant me the grace
To love you
More and more;
With all my heart,


God first?

God first?
Yes, God first, not last;
God first, not second;
God first;
Not God third;
God at the start;
Not God along the way;
A common mistake
We humans make is;
We do not put God first
In our lives.
And what else
Can one put first
In one’s life if not God?
Let us be advised
And challenged
Not to play
When it comes to God;
To take God serious;
And put Him first always;
Put Him
At the center of our lives.
He will direct us
In everything we do;
And we will succeed.

God’s plan

Which plan for your life
Are you following?
God’s plan or your plan?
Your parent’s plan
Or God’s plan?
Which plan for your life
Do you know?
Do you know the plan
God has for you?
God has a big plan
And not a small plan;
God has a plan
To make you grow;
A plan to make you rich;
A plan to bring happiness
Into your life;
It is a great plan
God has for you;
You have to follow the plan
God has for your life;
Not your plan;
Not another person’s plan
For you,
But God’s plan
No plan is better
Than God’s plan
For you.

My answer is “yes”

Look at yourself carefully,
Look at yourself in your mirror;
And ask yourself a few questions;
Are you the person
God meant you to be?
You must not walk through life
Half awake and half asleep;
Go through life fully awake;
Be aware of God’s plan
For you;
God has a big plan for you;
A plan to make you live fully;
A plan to make you happy;
A plan to make you strong;
A plan to make you loved;
A plan to make you famous;
A plan to make you obedient;
A plan to make you successful;
A plan to give you many children,and grandchildren;
Who together with you
Will be God-fearing.
This is God’s lofty plan
Specially designed for you;
A plan which eloquently
Reflects God’s love for you;
God immensely loves you;
And wants you to be intimate
With him.
What answer do you give him?
Mine is a clear, loud “Yes!”

Are you wise or foolish?

A wise person believes in God;
A foolish person does not
A wise person loves God;
A foolish person does not;
A wise person fears God,
A foolish person does not;
A wise person has time for God;
A foolish person does not;
A wise person worships God;
A foolish person does not;
A wise person talks often to God;
A foolish person does not;
A wise person listens to God;
A foolish person does not;
A wise person is a friend to God;
A foolish person is not.
A wise person tries to please God;
A foolish person does not.
Are you wise or foolish?

Making The Bed


This is my bed. It is a black metal futon frame with a Full size mattress on it. The futon came with a typical futon mattress and for over two years I slept on the futon mattress (though I added a foam eggshell mattress topper).

Realized several years ago my mental health is going down the tubes when my kitchen gets to be a mess. The kitchen is the one room in the house I need to have clean. I can have piles of papers and clean and dirty clothes but if there are piles of dishes in the sink and the stove is not wiped off then something is wrong.

More recently I have discovered how much making my bed affects my mental state. My grandmother used to always make her bed. She made mine too, and tried to get me to make my own bed when I was old enough. My grandparent’s bed had a bed skirt and everything. It was a Queen size bed. Box Spring, mattress,  and a wooden headboard.  The Headboard matched the dresser and both were given to my grandparent’s as a gift from some of the parishioners of one of the Churches Grandfather served.

My grandmother had a hand embroidered Quilt Set. It was white with a blue cornflower motif. The bed skirt, top quilt, and several throw pillows made up the set. She would make the bed as most people do.  Fitted sheet, Top sheet, light cover (made for sleeping) and the decorative cornflower top quilt (not made for sleeping). She would finish it off with the decorative pillows.

Yeah, that isn’t me.  I learned from grandfather how to make hospital corners. My first job was a housekeeper at a Days Inn. So I made plenty of beds….not necessarily my own. For a long time even sleeping with any type of sheet on the bed was a hit or miss. I don’t do Top sheets at all. I was staying at friend’s house and her parents had a sleeper sofa. To make it more comfortable her mom had put one of the crushed velveteen blankets under the fitted sheet. Then the Top sheet and the sleeping cover. No need for a decorative quilt on a sleeper sofa. Without the use of my CPAP I run marathons in my sleep. I turn to one side and then the other. One time I did a complete 180 in my bed and woke up where my feet had been when I went to sleep the night before. Anyway, the next day when my friend’s mom went to strip and remake the bed we discovered I had not only bunched up the top sheet under the cover but I had somehow manage to strip the velveteen blanket under the fitted sheet without removing the fitted sheet.

At this point in my life my bedding consist of a fitted sheet, the blanket you see on the bed in the photo and three body pillows–with pillow casings (another non consistent item in my bed making).  I added the only two throw pillows I have left which I care about. The Hello Kitty one I found while touring an empty apartment. It was in a really high cabinet which may or may not have had a rifle in it as well. The realtor agent never told me. The second throw pillow is in the color and has the House Crest of my favorite House in Harry Potter: Slytherin. The pillow was hand embroidered by a friend of mine who loves Harry Potter as much (or even more) than I do.

While my bed is simple to make, the act of making it, and of laundering sheets, pillowcases, and cover one a month or as needed, gives me sense of peace and order; starting my day off on the right note.

My suggestion to anyone who feels out of control or anxiety ridden or in a bad place mentally is to find the “making your bed” thing to help you through, to get you back on track. It might be journaling when you first wake up, or having a cup of coffee, or walking, or it make actually be making your bed. Whatever it is, having one thing which helps all the other things in life move easier through day is invaluable.

Pray that you may be

Pray that you may be
The best spouse
To your beloved spouse.
That is what you expect
Of your spouse.
Therefore, aspire to give
The same.

Pray that you may be
The best companion
To your beloved companion;
That is what you expect
Of your companion;
Therefore, aspire to do
The same.

Pray that you may be
The best friend,
To your beloved friend;
That is what you expect
Of your friend;
Therefore, aspire to be
The same.

Meditation and Sharing no 2

Theme: Heaven is our Trophy

All the participants in a⚽world cup competition want to win. 🏆

The reality of life is whenever there is a title and a trophy on the line, motivation runs high and even amateurs want to finish in first place and beat their more experienced opponents.

For us Christians, Heaven is our trophy: but how many of us are highly motivated to win that trophy? How many of us are preparing to get in (not just as individuals but as breatheren in the Lord) and be part of its eternal love and happiness?

The final whistle blows when we die⚰. It will soon be 90 minutes for you and I. Are we fighting hard to win and carry the trophy?

Are we evaluating our spiritual progress?

On the field of play, there are rules and guidelines. This is same for other arenas of life. Are we living by the rules?

One danger about a competition is that it can promote a me-first attitude. And selfishness can destroy families, friendships, and team work environments.

That is the risk we face in our present world.

But Jesus models a life of love and humility for us. Matthew writes, “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:28)

Our attitude should be the same as Jesus’ attitude, looking for ways to care for one another and putting the general interest first. That is love. That is humility.

Real love sacrifices, serves, and is marked by generosity.

In this world where there is competition🏆 every day between good and evil; God and the devil; light versus darkness, if we make it our primary 🎯goal to be faithful to Jesus, relying on the Holy Spirit, and seeking to serve the common good, we will consistently win as we can see with the teams with a strong team spirit and a good manager.

We ought to have confidence in God as our team manager and declare: ” *Thanks be to God! He has given us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Corinthians 15:57)*

May we learn to work for the common good, following Christ our able team manager and keeping selfishness aside.
shalom AMEN 🙏🏼

Author: Suh Edwin Igwacho.

Our Lady of Assumption Parish, Bonamoussadi,Douala,Cameroon.

Since you left me

Since you left me
Something dramatic has happened to me;
I cried when you left;
I felt unloved and abandoned;
And found it hard to stop crying;
But do you know what?
Today, I thank you for leaving;
I cannot thank you enough;
I was in hell with you;
We were both in hell;
Now, I am in heaven;
And I only got there
When you left me;
Since you left me,
I have got closest to God;
I have a deep relationship
With Him;
That gives me joy;
I feel fulfilled;
This is the best thing
That has happened to me;
What a big transformation!
My tears have turned
To laughter;
Imagine the time we wasted
Thinking we had found love
In each other;
Even when started and felt mad about each other,
That was just a scratch of love;
I have found love in my creator;
You need to taste it to know;
Thank you for leaving me,
And making this possible.

Do you agree?

Do you agree with me
That many of the things
That can be seen
And touched
Are not as important
As many of the things
That cannot be seen
And touched?
Do you agree with me
That many of the things
That can be seen
And touched perish
While many of the things
That cannot be seen
And touched
Last forever?
Don’t put your heart
In material things
Which last
But for a short while;
Put your heart in
Non material things
Which will last and last;
Put your trust
In God
You’ve never seen
Like the air
You never see
But believe it is real;
God, you never see;
You never touch;
But he is real,
And everlasting.