To each their due (Be inspired today 400 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Never forget this lesson;
It is a big lesson
In life;
Give each one
Their due;
A sprint is not a marathon;
Neither is a marathon
A sprint;
Do not run a marathon
As you would a sprint;
And do not do a sprint
As if it were a marathon;
It just cannot work;
To each one their due;
That is if you want it
To work.


Sprint don’t crawl

Why should you crawl
Like a baby
Who cannot walk
When you can run
Like a deer?
Make use of your feet;
If you want to reach
The winning line first,
Get going;
And do so on top speed.
Every runner wants
To arrive first;
Every competitor wants
To win the trophy;
And so everyone is putting
Their best effort.
You have to do same to win
Or you lose.
Effort is the prize you pay.
Make the effort;
And carry the trophy.

Take a smile from me

IMG_20151108_152902Take a warm smile from me;IMG_20151108_154120
As a sign of my love for you;
As you go about your activities today,
Know how dear you are to me;
And not only me,
To others as well;
If you feel not loved by some;
Know you are loved by many;
If you feel not appreciated by some,
Know you are appreciated by many.
At all times carry a smile on your face;
And a sweet melody, take along in your heart
Wherever you go;
Allow worries alone;
Too much already you have in your hands;
Life is not a sprint;
Life is a marathon;
You may be last now
And first when you reach the winning point;
Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose;
You may lose today
And win tomorrow;
You may win today
And lose tomorrow;
Be positive as you go about life;
If things are not right now
As you like them to be,
Hope that the best will come;
With you in mind
God has a beautiful plan.
May today be the best day for you!IMG_20151108_150926