A great destiny you have

When I look at you,
Who will go far,
I see
Yes, in you
A bright star I see;
I see it shining in you;
I see your star shinning;
And I thank God for you;
Aren’t you blessed?
You are blessed;
Indeed, you are blessed;
You are abundantly blessed;
You can never thank God enough;
He is so good;
Ever so good.
He is a wonderful God;
My advice is,
Continue to depend on him;
He is the almighty;
Can do whatever he wants;
And favours
Those who believe in him,
And rely on him;
Rely on him;
Put your trust in him;
He will make your star shine;
Always make your star shine;
Brighter and brighter
It will shine.
And indeed, it should shine;
That is the destiny
For you I see.
A great destiny you have.
A shining destiny.

This is shining time

Trying times, these times
We are waddling through;
A challenging era
For a long time not known;
Which, interesting to say, offers a great opportunity
To shine;
It’s time to shine;
If not like the sun,
Like a star or the moon;
Glimmer, glow and radiate;
I urge you to do just that;
And don’t wait;
You don’t have any reason
Not to glimmer on the hill;
Begin to shine now
And be a star;
Make sure you shimmer
And glitter so,
The utmist you can be;
Light the lamp in you;
And put it on a lamp stand;
So it may shine,
And give out light
To illuminate all the world;
Yes, my friend, shine!
If you don’t light your lamp,
Switch on the meter;
Because it’s time to shine;
If you squander such a chance,
You will always live to regret;
Beam your light!
Brightly so;
It’s time to dazzle
The best you can.
For this is shining time.

Born to be a star

On one bright day,
So many years ago,
A child so cute was born;
That rare pearl was you;
Ushered into the world
To be a shining star
Like none,
With only Sirius to compare.
Truly, you are meant
To shimmer
Like Venus in the sky;
As hardly anywhere is found;
At an epoch like ours,
Where darkness battles
Supreme to reign.
We need a star like you,
To glitter and to gleam;
And bright rays to spread;
Letting your radiance
To illuminate the world.

Born to do amazing things (Be inspired today 334 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

You are a star;
One day you will become
A superstar;
A super hero, you are;
So much I do admire you;
You are my role model;
A legend;
Born to do amazing things;
To leave idelible footprints
On the dust of time;
Are you aware
Of what destiny awaits you?
Reserved for you
Is so much in God’s warehouse,
To which, your name
Has been tagged.

A Christmas Celestial Event

A Christmas Celestial Event cover

A perfect scene… a star like none other, sitting above a stable in the peaceful night and it’s announcing the birth of a holy Messiah. The Gospel of Matthew was the only book in the Bible which described “The Star of Bethlehem” occurrence:

A Christmas Celestial Event verse

What did the wise men witness in the sky that night? Was it real? Was it a star, a comet, or something else? The magi were skilled astrologers and scholars, so their fixation was not in the stars, but on large astronomical events which they believed would predict something happening. But why were they the only men to witness and describe a star guiding them? If they were well trained then why didn’t they understand what they saw in the sky?

Many astrologers of 2,000 years ago, the Chinese, Korean, and Babylonians, documented the heavens because they placed predictions based on events. The writings recorded then, are in a constant review by our astronomers today, and theories abound. But, one thing is for sure, no answer or explanation for this divine incident is clear. Here are the details I discovered, and you may come to your own conclusion.

Enjoy the beautiful song, “Star of Bethlehem”:

I know little of astronomy, but for certain, stars do not move relative to themselves. Planets continuously shift through the solar system. Based on this, how, then, did the sacred star move, leading the magi to Bethlehem? One theory suggests a heliacal rising. The planets Jupiter and Venus lapped each other while moving through the background stars. If the sun caught up to one of the planets, the planet would disappear until the sun moved far enough away from it. Then it would reappear shockingly bright in the sky, just before sunrise. Historical records show this exact occurrence on April 17 of 6 BC to December 19 of 6 BC. But, this natural alignment of planets, sun, and earth would not create a long, extended tail to the ground such as the one described by the magi.

A Christmas Celestial Event Pic 1

A heliacal rising

A second theory suggests a comet. This seems to be the most logical explanation because it can hang over a city or land mass as did Halley’s Comet on March 8, 1986. Historical astronomy records revealed a tailed comet in the timeframe of the magi’s travels, and it lasted for seventy days. However, from Jerusalem’s vantage point, the comet would have been in the southern sky with the head close to the horizon and the tail pointing upward. The magi described the “Star of Bethlehem” as one they never seen before and comets were frequent visitors in their galaxy. So, as scholarly astrologers, why couldn’t the magi tell the difference between a comet and a star? Apparently, something confused their decision.

A Christmas Celestial Event Pic 2

Image of Halley’s Comet

A final theory suggests the birth of a star, known as a nova. It certainly matched the biblical description. Once again, Chinese historical records reveal a new star was born in the northern constellation of Aquila in 4 BC. During the time the three wise men traveled from Jerusalem, the star would have lit their sky south into Bethlehem and not in the west. This explains why no one else witnessed this bright star. However, the star did not move, and it certainly didn’t stand over the city of Bethlehem; nor would it have stayed bright for the one to two years they took to find Jesus.

A Christmas Celestial Event Pic 3

Image of Supernova

Revealing all the facts described in this blog, I will stand on my own theory. The Star of Bethlehem was an incredible act of God and one created for a unique purpose. God can use natural law to carry out His will because He is not bound by the laws He created for this world. When you think of the whole miraculous event of Jesus’s birth, a special star is not beyond His scope. What do you think?

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Make others smile

Smile as you do read;
It’s meant to put
A smile on your face;
To brighten your heart;
And all your day.
And then you pass it on;
Charm I see buried
Deeply in you;
Make it shine like
The moon on your face;
Why not even brighter?
Maybe like the sun;
You are meant to be
A superstar;
And put smiles
On others’ faces?
But you cannot give what
You don’t have;
Smile then
And let others smile
With you.

Amazing power of encouragement

Encouragement has amazing power.

I have seen the magic of encouragement at work. It has moved some people to virtually move mountains.

Some people have became football superstars just because someone encouraged them. There are people who shine as musical stars because someone encouraged them.

I believe in encouraging people to do their best.

I do appreciate when others encourage me.

Nobody is too big or too old for encouragement.

If you have some encouragement for me, that will be most appreciated.