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To reach the stars

If you want to reach the stars, Be ready; Be determined; Be bold; Be courageous; Be hardworking; Be prudent; Be focused; Be patient; Be prayerful; Be active; Be smart; Be clever; What have I left out? Advertisements

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As the stars shine

When I look at you at this very moment,What I see sweetens my heart;The best is clearly on its way;Always look forward to excellent days;Push yourself to breaking point;But don't break;Stop doubting and believe in yourself;As the stars shine in the sky,So shall you;Many shall be your accomplishments.

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They may be worse

Why do you look at others And feel bad, Because you see them shining like stars? Do you know what they are going through? You think they have it all, don’t you?; Let me tell you; They may be worse; You are seeing only one side; The bright side; They also have their dark side;…

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