A spike in stats – inspiring indeed -Thank you sweetest friends!

You are the best team in the world; and we are only just starting to build our team. Amazing!

Friends, let’s continue and tell the world we can make a First Class World Team.

Nobody is left out. Every body who likes to is free to join our team.

Again, Bravo! Thank you!


The more you publish, the more traffic you draw in

The more you publish good material,
The more readers you draw
to your blog;
This is my experience;
What is yours?
Do you agree or disagree?
Yes, some say less is better;
To me, not so;
Less is not necessarily better;
Less of quality
Is better, for sure, than
Much of low quality;
But Less of high quality,
Cannot be better than much
Of high quality.
Be prolific,
But keep to high quality;
The traffic will flow in;
Write. write and write.

This is what SIWO received today. WAO! THANK YOU ALL!

Hello friends! With you, we made it big. Monday was our biggest day in almost a year.

And all because of sweet people that you are. Bravo! Thank you!

Your blog, Success Inspirers’ World, appears to be getting more traffic than usual! 183 hourly views – 43 hourly views on averageA spike in your stats


Do stats matter to you?
They do to me;
I am here to win
The game of making people win;
The more people
I help win,
The happier I am;
Hence, page views matter;
The more I have, the closer I get
To my target;
You can thus imagine my joy
That I have crossed the line of
400 thousand page views.
To say the least,
I am amazed;
I first thank God;
Then WordPress;
And finally but not the least,
The sweetest people in the world,
All gathered together
In this fast growing community
Of Success Inspirers’ World.
Bravo to you my sweet friends!
God’s time is the best;
I love you more than you know.


A WordPress Anniversary Gift

I wiped my eyes and looked at the stats again. Was I dreaming or was it reality?traffic-surge-note-icon-256traffic-surge-note-icon-256traffic-surge-note-icon-256

I wasn’t dreaming. It was reality. The figures were clear: 1268 views in one day, 921 likes, 382 visitors and 75 comments.

I used to dream and hope. But it came when I least expected. True, we worked hard. we got help. Many times we were discouraged; but we did not give up. We persisted and believed. 

The results have come. A WordPress anniversary gift? We worked very hard; and WordPress put a broad smile on our face on our third anniversary.
We thank God for all of you. We thank God for WordPress.

Are we celebrating together?


3 Year Anniversary Achievementanniversary-2x
Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
You registered on WordPress.com 3 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

traffic-surge-note-icon-256Your blog, Success Inspirers World, appears to be getting more traffic than usual! 114 hourly views – 32 hourly views on average
A spike in your stats

I want, in a very special way, to shout out a big ‘hank you’ to all the sweet friends in this community who have made this site such an amazing one. You are all so wonderful; and we have only just begun.

Take the credit


Your blog, Success Inspirers’ World, appears to be getting more traffic than usual! 75 hourly views – 10 hourly views on average
A spike in your stats

Can you imagine how uplifted I was to get this message? But you know,the credit does not go to me alone. I am surrounded by amazing people; People I call my sweeties. That is you and the others. 90% of the credit goes to you. That is why I implore you to take the credit.

Honestly, I have never found a gathering of sweet souls as the people I meet on the web. This gives me hope for the world. Despite the atrocities we hear about in the world everyday, the world is full of sweet souls; people who want the best for the world; people who want loved to prevail.

My prayer is that God may continue to bring us together and keep us together so that we change the world. We may not do it in our life time but we will set in motion the machinery that will.

Thank you sweet friends for sharing the sweetness in you. As you make your contribution here everyday, look beyond me, the administrator of this site. Look at the vision that we share for the world. Look at the good we are jointly doing by spreading the good in us and supporting the good we find in others.

Thank you for your love! Keep shining!

How to manage your followers

Do you know how to manage your followers? How well are you managing your followers? Many bloggers do not know how to manage their followers. The result is there are bloggers with thousands of followers but who never manage to have ten likes or comments on their sites a day?

Why would you have one thousand, three thousand, four thousand followers but go for a week of blogging unable to get up to ten likes and comments on one day?

One reason is many of those who follow you do not click the follow button because they like you or really want to be your follower, but because they want you to follow them back so that they may have many followers. (I do not criticize anyone here as I do this myself).  The fact is, not all those who follow you care  about you. They follow you to follow them back.

What I have also discovered as I blog is many bloggers click the ‘like’ or ‘follow’ button when they have not read the post, or when they do not know what the blog is all about. They are liking or following something they do not know. Why do they do this. Again, to attract these people to return the ‘like’ or ‘follow’ so that their stats may go up. Hence, do not deceive yourself that the so many followers you have are there for you. Many of them are following you for themselves.

Another reason people may have thousands of follower but do not manage to have even a few comments or likes is we do not manage our followers well.

You can turn this around. If you manage your followers well, you can transform the passive or non-committed followers into active, committed followers who will actually be reading and liking your posts. WordPress wisely advises us to manage our followers.

What does it mean  to manage your followers? How do you manage your followers? What does it take?

The first thing to have in mind is it does not suffice to have followers. We have to manage them; and to manage them means to do what will make them continue to like and follow us actively not passively.

The main strategy in managing your followers is to hold their attention as much as you can. This means being present to them. When you comment on a follower’s site, you are present to that follower. It is hard for your comment not to be returned. Of course, someone may return your comment but still will not visit your site. Here, I recommend that you extend an invitation to the person to visit your site. It could be an invitation to visit a particular post and give you their opinion on something specific.

The long and short of it is you manage your followers by following them and making yourself visible to them through your likes, comments, sharing, reblogging etc and tweeting their posts.It is not enough to have followers. You must learn to manage them.Just like it is not enough to have money. You must learn to manage it well before it can bring any good into your life.