On Monday February 15, 2016, you surpassed your previous record of most likes in one day for your posts on Success Inspirer. That’s pretty awesome, well done!
Most Likes in One Day
Current Record: 301
Old Record: 300
Thank you all. It’s your doing; which is good.

My stat connection

Have you taken a careful look
At your top five stats?
Take a look; and you may find,
Between them, a connection
You never knew exists at all;
That might be, a big lesson
That you’ll have to carry home.
Go right now; and take a look;
Let me know what you think;
That is what I’ll do myself.
I’ll let you know what I think.
I’ll take a look at my stats;
And I’ll see what lessons
I can draw.

The Stat Connection
Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

Find a need and fill it

I see great improvement in my stats because I am exploiting the information on my stats.

I did not know this information was meant to help us know how to better understand the needs of our readers to know how to give them what they want.

Thanks to Blogging 201, I am now aware of this. My best day is Thursday; and my readers enjoy my poems the most.

If you are new to blogging or you want to improve on your blogging, my advice is to explore the very useful information on your stats; so that you will give your readers what they want, when they want it.

Of course,if you do this, they will respond positively too.This is one of the greatest secrets of success: find a need and fill it.

Thinking aloud about blogging

I am battling with a serious but unanswered question. I am still to understand why it is so difficult for me to get one thousand likes and one thousand comments for any of my posts. Are they that poor? Some people do not care about stats. I do.

I have been hoping that I would get up one morning and find that one of my posts has brought me one thousand likes and even more comments. Instead, what I get is the direct opposite.

This is hard to understand. Is it that those who are on top along the line do not want others to be like them? Of course, this is what happens in the real world. May be it’s not different on the web. I am just thinking aloud.

Going by the few comments I receive from those who read my posts, they actually enjoy them. Where then comes the problem?

Aren’t there more people who think like ones who like and comment on my posts? Is it really so difficult to move the hearts of one thousand people on the web? Why would I do it through my published works but find it so hard on the web? Would somebody kindly help me out here! I am lost.

I am more and more convinced that hard work, quality content and even reading and commenting on other people’s posts is not enough to make one make it on the net. It looks like there is a door that must be opened in a way; and you have to get someone within a certain circle to open it for you or you labor in vain.

Just thinking aloud; but in truth, I like someone to tell me with proof that there isn’t something somewhere.

Hard work pays when supported by loving friends




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  1. A spike in your stats
    Many thanks to all my loving friends. This is what your support can do. All I can say is “Thank you.” This gives an opportunity to renew my pledge to do my best for all those who visit this site. Thank you sweet friends. Let us join our energies and talents in the International Friendship Blogging Forum to make blogging a joy and the world an excellent place for all.