Turning darkness into light

His stumbling-block
He turned into
A stepping-stone;
Putting a broad smile
On so many faces;
Starting, of course, as charity would dictate,
At home;
This is a blessing
That is no common commodity;
It’s the preserve of a few
Who possess the transformative know-how
To get to the bright side
of darkness;
Turning darkness into light;
Resultantly, they look like
A rare specie;
If you can boast of this ability, call it skill,
Count yourself lucky;
Stumbling blocks
Are a daily reality,
Galore in everyone’s life;
Their ugly faces always
Show up in annoying doses,
Without prior warning;
Justifying the raison d’être
Of the management skills
To turn them into
Stepping stones
To facilitate instead of impede progress
To your destination.


Stumbling blocks (Be inspired today 329 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

What do you do with your stumbling blocks? Stumbling blocks are a great opportunity that some people do not know. But some know and exploit.

Daily, I see such people. They turn their stumbling blocks into steppingstones.

This is something that every body can and should do. This includes you.

Instead of stumbling and falling on the stumbling blocks on your way, step on them and skip to where you want to go.

No matter the number of stumbling blocks you may have on your way, they are not there for nothing.

They are purposely put there by the creator to help you get to your destination.

You have to be smart and put them to good use.

If you start badly…

Today, I got up to a slow start;
And did not feel happy
About it;
I do like when I get up to
A quick start;
I like when I get up bouncing;
And ready to go for the day;
To face the challenges ahead;
But things do not always go
My way;
That does not discourage me;
I am strong;
I always turn things around;
I always motivate myself;
I always turn negatives
To positives;
You will find many obstacles
On your way;
Turn them into opportunities;
Your stumbling blocks
Must become your stepping stones;
A slow start must be turned
Into a quick start.
If you get up with a tear
In your eye,
Turn it into a smile.
If your day starts badly,
Make sure it ends splendidly.
If failure comes to you,
Convert him and baptize him
With a new name – Success.


Opportunities are stepping-stones
To success;
You may call them building-blocks
Of the edifice called success.
One by one, you bring up the walls of your edifice;
Stepping on them, you cross over to the green land of success.
They are not to be wasted;
They are to be valued;
They are to be well exploited
To accomplish the mission for which
They are put on our path.

Dive into Paradise

I am about to retire for the day;
I worked so hard;
But I did not get the results
That I expected;
They were far below my dreams, indeed;
Do you think I was sad or happy?
Of course, you know it’s hard
To be happy when things go
The opposite way;
But if you know my New Year resolution,
You will understand;
I took a decision to be happy;
To turn my stumbling blocks
Into stepping stones;
And so I wrote this poem;
Had my day been great,
I would never have written this.
Let’s see how far it goes.
Whenever you are hard hit
By the blows of life,
Do something positive;
Step on those stumbling-blocks
And dive into Paradise.

Quotes from “Wonders of Wisdom”

The following quotes come from my book ”The Wonders of Wisdom.” I would love your appreciation:

“”Hardly do we realize how many opportunities are hidden  within our earthly sufferings. We focus on the ills of suffering and ignore the good buried in it. It is like seeing the shell of a coconut, ignoring the juicy, delicious fruit because it is hidden inside.”

“How great to realize that every unhappy condition can open the door to a wealth of opportunities! Every obstacle can be a stepping-stone to a gold mine. Every  misfortune is pregnant with a great dream; and every tormenting question has a relieving answer somewhere.”

“When night comes with darkness, we must not forget that just a few hours later there shall be day with light.”