Love and Pride

Love and Pride?
Husband and wife?
Can love and pride
Go together?
Can love and pride
Share a bedroom?
Can love and pride
Lie comfortably
On one bed;
Can love and pride
Be true lovers?
I want to know;
Who can answer me?
Who has seen them
In love?
Holding hands?
Love and pride;
I think these are
Strange bedfellows.
No pride with Love;
Leave out pride
And give love
A chance.
No love with pride.

A strange object in the sky

Not very long ago,
I saw a strange object
Flying gently in the sky;
It was huge object;
That looked both strange and frightful;
And also the object
Of much curiosity in my town.
As I do not object
To talking about any strange object;
I screamed and opened my mouth to comment;
But some people in my community
Forthrightly object to such a reaction;
Why they object, I do not know;
They will just not let you talk;
And so the strange object
Sailed away quietly
Without a word crossing my lips
Or anyone else’s lips.