Stranger in my own home?

I turned around!
Strange were all the faces;
No one did I recognize;
Where were they?
Where had they all gone?
I mean .my people;
All the people I knew;
They had gone home already!
I was left alone,
With people I did not know,
Stranger in my own home?
How long can I last?
Surrounded by people
I did not know.
How long can this really be?
Let me leave.



Black arched shadow, human like, hiding in darkness, lost in black nights, escaping the fiery stars blazing a light.

Visible sometimes, only in the sun, only in the daylight.

A follower, an intruder, a stalker, unknown, follows my steps, whether quick or slow. 

Quickening my pace, breathing with all might, the ghastly figure follows, not losing my sight. 

Panting for air, oxygen, I cry, what’s happening, so quick, so fast; panic grips, sweating, cold chill drails through me, I cry, this can’t be right. 

I pause, stop, holding with a blizzard of thoughts arguing my fate. 

The sun calms its heat and rays of sunlight, 

The stranger slowly fading, whispering with warmth; 

‘set down you’re guard, I’m a friend not a foe,
my life is tied, to you’re end’.  

Lovingly You’re shadow


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