And I almost gave up

Give glory to God;
All say “hurrah!”
At last we made it;
And not in any easy way,
We made it in a big way;
In grand style.
I call it flying colors;
And I almost gave up;
I would have missed;
And missed badly;
And regreted all my life;
What a big lesson I learn;
You never give up;
You have heard this again
And again, haven’t you?
Don’t be tired
Of hearing it;
Let it be said a hundred times;
Let it be said a thousand times;
Let it be sung like a song
In the morning, afternoon
And evening;
Do not be tired of hearing it;
And let giving up be is
The last thing you do;
Don’t give up;
When you give up, you lose;
All the effort you put in,
Winners have some qualities
That are common to all;
They know their destination;
Where they are going;
Why they are going;
Or what they are going there for;
Do you know where you are going?
Why you are going?
What you are going there for?
They want to do what they want;
They want to do it and succeed;
They are determined;
They are focused;
They put in their best,
Leaving nothing behind.
If you do like them,
There’s nothing to stop you
From getting to the last rung
Of the ladder of success.
See how happy I am;
Because I made it big,
And I almost gave up.


Shout Amen!

In the name of God
The most high
I declare you a winner;
You will succeed;
You will be happy;
You will shine;
Many good things
Will flow to you;
You will be rich;
You will be very rich;
You will have houses;
You will have cars;
You will be happily married;
You will enjoy your marriage;
You will have many children;
And your children will succeed;
You will get a good position;
You will be loved,
And much more;
What do you say?
Do you agree or disagree?
If you agree
That these lovely things
Will happen to you,
Or if you wish
That they happen to you,
Shout Amen!
Go to the comment box
And shout in print amen.

The desire to succeed (Be inspired today 402 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I like to succeed;
I know you like to succeed;
Who does not like to succeed?
Or don’t you like to succeed?
I think everybody likes
To succeed;
The desire to succeed
Is a natural desire
Planted by God,
In the hearts of humans.
If you lack that desire,
Too bad for you;
You may live a wasted life;
You have to cultivate it.
And make it burn in you.
No success comes
Without a strong desire
To succeed.

Don’t waste your time

Don’t waste your time;
Time is the most
Precious thing you have;
Don’t waste your time;
Time is the most
Valuable commodity;
Don’t waste your time;
There are useful things
That you can do with
Your time;
Don’t waste your time;

If you waste it,
You will regret;
You will never have it back;
Don’t waste your time;
If you waste your time
You may not realize
Your dreams.
The achievement of your dream
Is dependent upon
How well you use your time.
Success or failure,
That is the result of how
You spend your time.
Therefore, words of wisdom:
Don’t waste your time.

Proud to be married

Are you proud to be married?
As for me, I am;
And I have reason to be;
It is not given to all;
Now, I have to face the challenge;
To make it a success;
Precisely what God wants it to be;
I will turn to Him,
Founder of the institution of marriiage;
To equip me with the tools
To make it go the way he wants;
Not according to my way but his way.
It doesn't suffice to be married;
You have to make it a successful  marriage;
Which is not an easy thing;
It is only with God's help,
That you make it succeed.

To succeed in marriage, you must learn what it takes

What do you do
If you want to know
How to bake cake?
You learn, of course.
What do you do
If you want to know
How to bake bread?
You learn of course.
What do you do
If you want to know
How to prepare salad?
You learn, of course.
What do you do
If you want to know
How to play football?
You learn, of course.
What do you do
If you want to know
How to teach?
You go to school
And learn how to teach.
What do you do
If you want to be
A good tailor or seamstress?
You learn, of course.
Does it mean
You cannot do anything well
If you do not learn
To do it?
That is what it means;
Then why do people want
To succeed in marriage
When they have not learned
How to do it?
That is the question.
That is why many marriages fail;
Boy and girl plunge into it
Without any knowledge
Of how to go about it;
Before they are aware,
They are knee-deep
In squabbles;
You have to make sure
You equip yourself
With marriage skills
Before you get into it;
And while in,
Ongoing formation is a must;
You must learn,
And apply the knowledge
You acquire.
Then your success
Will be guaranteed.

A truth about you: you can succeed

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The road to success
Is wide open to you;
You can succeed;
Every normal person
Can succeed;
Whether you are old
Or you are young,
You can succeed;
Whether you are blind
Or you can see,
You can succeed;
Whether you are brilliant
In school or not,
You can succeed;
Whether you are literate
Or illiterate,
You can succeed;
Whether you are male
Or you are female,
You can succeed;
Whether you are a white
Or you are a black,
You can succeed;
Whether an Executive,
Or a cleaner,
You can succeed;
Whether you are a leader
Or you are a follower,
You can succeed;
Yes, you can succeed;
And brilliantly too;
You don’t have any excuse
Not to succeed;
You have every reason
To succeed in a big way.