Better late than Never

Don’t give up because you are late. Still try to make it. Always remember the saying that its better late than never.


How Do You Survive Your Own Eclipse? — Michael J. Fite

“Do not be afraid when you experience an eclipse in your personal life. Just like the moon cannot cover up the sun forever, neither can bad moments cover up your life forever unless you want it to.” -Michael J. Fite

For today’s inspiration, I want to share with you how you can survive your own eclipse. Eclipses are going to happen many times in your life, and how you choose to deal with them will help determine how long they may last in your life.

Remember that your eclipse may come in to bring you down, but if you know how to deal with and learn from it, you will come back up again like the sun.

How do you survive your own eclipse?

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How Do You Survive Your Own Eclipse? — Michael J. Fite

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Success Inspirer Daily resolution!

Do you resolve at the start of your day how you will face the day? Many people don’t, which is a great mistake. They get up and start going about their chores with no resolution about the day. No doubt many people do not achieve much in the day and eventually in life.

If you want to make significant achievements in this world, the way you manage each day matters; and the best management of your day starts with a good resolution on how to face it.

Starting today, I like you to try this:

When you get out of bed, after your prayer, take a resolution about how you will go about the day. The Success Inspirer Daily Resolution that follows can help. Say it to yourself aloud or silently.

Success Inspirer Daily Resolution:

“I will face this day positively. I will turn every negative thought that comes into my mind into a positive thought. I will look for something positive in every situation that I come across. I will be strong; confident and smart. i will not be discouraged by anything or allow anything to put down my spirit. I will be courageous; risk; work hard; very hard; spare no effort to get the best out of today. When I face discouragement or any obstacle, I will remember this resolution.” (Success Inspirer Daily Resolution For Life).

After this resolution, begin your day. Do this everyday for the rest of your life. Do everything to respect what you have resolved.

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Pay attention to everyone

Pay attention to what others tell you. Pay attention to everyone. Each one has a story to tell. Do not dimsiss an idea from another without giving it careful thought because the person is lowly placed. The words of the commonest person may transform your life.

Look at what some ordinary person sent to me:

“Don’t look back when you are moving to success;
But don’t forget to look back affter reaching success.”

I do not know who is the author of these words; but they mean a lot to me. I wonder what they mean to you. And I could have dismissed them judging by the one who sent them into my box.

Take time to reflect on these words. They may change your life.

The champion

Have you ever experienced the joy of being a champion?  If you have never been a champion in anything, it’s hard to know. There is joy in being number one in a race; in winning the most coveted trophy; in winning a golden crown.

But it’s not milk to drink. If you only take a superficial look at those who have succeeded to get to the top of the ladder and are savoring the sweet taste of being a champion, you may not know the tunnels they passed through to get to their envied destination.

Most often people think they had it easy.  It’s hard for anyone to have it easy to the top. The road to the summit of the mountain has steep hills  filled with potholes, stones and gravel.  You have to fall and rise many times; and many times you may sustain wounds of struggle and suffer bruises of failure.

If  you are not sufficiently equipped with come-back power, you will never reach the top. Come back power is that ability which enables you to spring back and get going when you fall.

At this moment, more than twelve Americans are vying for the most coveted post in their country – the White House. These candidates are people who have proven their mettle in various ways and in their various fields in life. Yet, in the end, all but one person will win the trophy. And when that individual puts on the golden crown, hardly will people see the sleepless nights that it took for it to be won.

Success is hard to win. The greater the success, the harder it is to win. Therefore, you must take time to prepare yourself for the victories that you want to win in life. And if you want to be the first to reach the summit in a Mount Everest competition, bear in mind that the challenges will be tough; and you have to work hard; or train hard for it.

No competition for a gold medal is a bed of roses. But when you fight hard as a bull dog, and come out victorious, the result will be joy. You will know the joy of victory; the joy of being a champion

Do what you must do

DSCN0657I have discovered that to bring out the best in myself, I must be ready to make the effort necessary to do so.It is clear to me that the best will not come to me on it’s own or on easy terms.

This holds true for everybody. It holds true for you. You cannot bring out the best in your without working very hard for it. In addition, you must be ready to do more than the things you like to do. Be ready to do the things you have to do whether you like to do them or not.

Many of the things that will take you to the top are challenging. They are not the things you usually like to do. More often than not, you will be tempted to skip them to do instead what you like to do. Skipping them is a sure way to fail to realize your dream.

For instance, idling is what many people like to do; but idling will not take you to where you like to go. Many people do not like to shun pleasures and work very hard. Yet, it is shunning pleasures and working very hard that will take you to where you want to go in this world. If you want to achieve your aim of becoming the person you want to be, you have to make up your mind to shun pleasures and work hard even though that is not what you like to do.

This means that to make sure you achieve your dream in life, resolve to do what you must do whether you like it or not. Why not take that resolution now?

Ready for success?

Are you ready for success?

Shallow search, shallow search

Gives birth to failure.

If you want success,

Dig deep,

Dig deep, deep, deep.

In my village, local chickens scratch the ground to find their food. If they do not find food at the surface, they dig deeper.

If you read the bible and other spiritual books, you will know the word of God; you will know God and get closer to Him. If you read these books superficially you will remain shallow in your knowledge of the faith. You have to dig deep into Holy books to get deep in your faith.

It is the same with life. You have to go out and search for success – be it riches, power, happiness or influence. You will not find it doing nothing. You will not find it scratching at the surface. A shallow search will not deliver. You will have to dig deep.

Anyone who is ready to dig deep is ready for success; and when one is ready for success, success comes.

Keep on digging

Some wells are shallow; some are deep. In some places you dig just a little and find water. In some, you have to dig deep before you find it. People do not like to dig too deep before they find water. Yet, if that is the reality of your land, you have no choice but to dig deep.

Life is like this. Some people easily find the success they seek. Some have to dig and dig before they succeed.

Just like if you don’t easily find water as you dig your well, you have to keep on digging until you come to it, if you do not easily find the success you need, keep on digging until you find it.

No easy terms

Success is never attained on easy terms. You have to fight for your success.

If you are not ready to fight, forget it. No one will hand over success to you on a platter of gold.

If you see people shining and sparking, know that they worked hard to be what you see. Of course, there are exceptions;but exceptions don’t make the rule. If you want to shine like them, do like them: work hard.