go get it

Go for what you want. Don’t think you can sit and fold your arms and wait and what you want will come to you. Go out and get it.


My footprints

If you want
To pass here unnoticed,
Like a thief slipping in
Through a side door,
You are free to do so;
You make your choice;
You do as you like;
As for me,
I won’t go that way;
That is not my destiny;
It’s the wrong road for me.
To go unnoticed
Is not like me;
To throw myself in mud?
And get my body soiled?
I refuse with all my energy;
I will stamp my feet
On the ground;
And make the world
Know I am there;
I will rock the boat;
And make a loud noise.
Why should I tiptoe,
When I can leave
My foot prints in bold,
On the dust of time.
I am not a lamb;
I am a lion;
I will roar,
Be it in the valley
Or the hill.
I will play my role.

The sad reality of life

There is a sad reality
Of life,
That I don’t know
What we can do about it;
It is the fact that
No matter how good
You may be,
Not everybody
Will like you;
Or speak good of you;
No matter how brilliant
You may be,
You will not succeed
Every time;
No matter how hard
You work,
Success will not always come.
At times,
You have to take things
As they come,
And not as you want them
To be;
That is life;
The complexity of life.
More often than not,
The things that we want
Don’t easily come to us;
The things we don’t want,
Are the things
That easily come our way;
That is the sad reality
of life.

Open the door of your mind

If you close your door,
And keep it closed,
But though you have the key,
You are unwilling to open it,
And so it remains ever shut,
What purpose will it serve?
Nobody will go in or come out;
Yet, many people do that;
They shut the door
Of their minds forever;
Nothing comes in,
And nothing goes out;
They become standing water;
We call that a closed mind;
Such a mind leads to a stagnant life.
Turn on the key of your mind,
Open it, and let in new ideas;
And let out the outdated ones;
Progress, you will enjoy.
Shut your mind to new ideas,
And shut out your progress.

Start small or big

The beginning does not matter;
It is the way you proceed;
And the way you end;
Sometimes we start big
And end big;
Sometimes, we start small,
And grow big;
However you start, go well;
And make sure you end big;
Along the way, stay focused;
Work hard,
Be positive;
Expect challenges;
When they come, face them;
Do not be discouraged
If they are hard and many;
Keep on till you get to where
You want to land your plane.
Go for a safe landing;
Then you can throw a party.

My strength

That I have you,
Makes me happy;
When discouragement
Shows its ugly head,
You encourage me;
When my spirits
Are down and rolling
On tbe ground,
You raise them up;
When I slide
On slippery ground
And fall,
You hold my hand
And pull me up;
When I am tired,
Heavy ladden
With my loud,
You give me
A helping hand;
When I fail,
You urge me to persist
And turn failure
Into success.
This is how precious
You are to me;
You are my strength;
The architect
Of my success.

Pick up

Pick up
Where you stand;
It is never too late;
Don’t wait for tomorrow;
You so well know
How uncertain it is;
Pick up
Where you stand;
And don’t stop,
Till you arrive.
And every time you fall,
Maintain the pattern:
Pick up
Where you stand.
If you are waiting
For tomorrow,
You are signing a pact
With failure;
Tomorrow has never come.
Pick up on the spot
Where you stand.

Do what you can do

Always be positive;
Make the most
Of whatever time you have;
Your remaining time
May not be much,
Or you may still have
Much time left;
But don’t forget,
It’s never too late,
To do something great
With the time
In your hands,
Even if it’s not much,
Do what you can.
No matter your age,
Strive for the best.
Expect the best;
And believe you will
Get the best;
No doubt,
The best, you will have.

Sign a pact

I will not sign a pact
With fear,
I have already signed one
With courage;
I will not sign a pact
With doubt,
I have already signed one
With faith;
I will not sign a pact
With failure
I have already signed one
With success;
I will not sign a pact
With sluggishness;
I have already signed one
With smartness;
I will not sign a pact
With negativity;
I hgve already signed one
With positivity.