Prayer 69 for a successful retirement for our Archbishop Emeritus, His Grace Cornelius Fontem Esua

O God, our heavenly Father,
We thank you from our hearts,
For a successful retirement
For our Archbishop Emeritus, His Grace Cornelius Fontem Esua;
He was a special gift
To many of us;
And our entire Archdiocese;
Thank you immensely
For giving him to the Church,
First, as a Diocesan priest,
Then as the Bishop of Kumbo;
Finally, as our Archbishop;
The Archbishop of Bamenda;
Thank you for his health,
Whenever he faced challenges
With his health and work,
You always stepped in
To take care;
Thank you for his energy;
His strength;
And his wisdom;
You equipped him and led him
To do his work
As the Chief Shepherd
Of our Archdiocese
For 14 active, good years,
After so many successful years
As the Bishop of Kumbo;
He loved his work,
Which he did diligently
And with total dedication;
He has spent more than half his life in your vineyard
As Priest, Bishop
And Archbishop;
All his life since childhood
When he was a Mass boy,
His focus has been you, Lord;
He championed the growth
Of the Faith
Wherever he worked;
And has left the Church stronger
Than he found it;
We pray O Lord,
That may you kindly reward
This faithful servant,
With a calm, peaceful, prayerful and joyful retirement,
Free of any worries.
Continue to protect him
As you have always done;
May he enjoy an excellent relationship
With his successor,
All the Priests and Religious with whom he worked,
And with whom he will live,
As well as the lay faithful
Whom he worked so hard to lead to heaven;
Though retired,
Make him not to be tired,
So that by his example
Of living the faith
On his retirement,
He will continue to nourish
Our own faith,
As a great source
Of inspiration to us.
Bless him now and throughout his retirement;
We make our prayer
Through Christ our Lord, Amen!


Talk less listen more!

I have learned a big lesson from my observation of people’s habits and behaviours.

I have learned that big people talk less and listen more.

Small people talk more and listen less.

What is the advantage that listening has over talking?

As the big people listen, they learn. As the small people spend their time talking, they do not learn much.

We learn more by listening not by talking.

When we talk, we give away what we have. When we listen, we receive; we take in.

Listen to others and you will learn from them. Talk to others and they will learn from you.

There are people who think that talking is more important than listening. It is not.

As you would hear people say, God gave each of us two ears and one mouth so that we talk less and listen more.

Talk less, listen more. Thanks for listening to me.

Today’s daily prayer for a successful day 60

Lord, God, our most high,

I beg you at the start of this day, to touch all those who are having worries, doubts, fears and anxieties;

Calm them and bless them, O King of glory and allay all their fears, worries and doubts,

Bless all those who are facing a threat to their lives because of politics or their religious beliefs;

Save the lives of all innocent people who are facing danger of death;

Almighty God, you are such a loving God,

Your ways are too deep for us,

Everything that happens is for our good,

But many times we don’t see because we look at your divine actions with our limited human eyes.

Give us the strength to fight for what is good for us, not to wait for it to be given to us as hand out because it will not happen;

Grant that we all may love you today as never before,

That we may make you our priority and companion in everything that we do;

It is only by your grace and not our power that we can stay hooked to you,

For this grace for all your children, we pray;

Some of us do not have jobs, some have not been given their rightful positions in their work places, some are suffering oppression and some exploitation and discrimination,

We pray O Lord, that you look at each one’s problem and give it the solution that will make each person happy.

God our father, among us are people who are having problems with their marriage, some with their future spouses.

Only from you can a solution come. Do something about it.

For those who are hungry, Father, give them food.

Those who are in financial straits right now, get them out of it;

Make your love flow among your children and chase out hate which has become so common among and so resistant that it is enslaving us.

Make this day a peaceful and successful one for everyone who reads this.

This is our our prayer through Christ our Lord Amen!

Start well, end well

There are times when we start something very badly but end it well.

At times, we start well but end badly. This can be very unfortunate.

It is better to start badly but end well.

The ideal to me though, is to start well and end well.

This calls for good preparation before you start, and a lot of hard work once you have started.

Do these things today

Do these things today. God will be pleased with you; and you will be happy.

  1. Pray
  2. Thank God and all who render you one service or another.
  3. Greet as many people as you can.
  4. Smile.
  5. Read something as you are doing now.
  6. Listen to someone.
  7. Listen to, watch or read the news of the day.
  8. Eat.
  9. Drink water.
  10. Take time to rest.
  11. Take time to think.
  12. Think positive.
  13. Learn a new word.
  14. Take action on your goal.
  15. Forgive someone.

Do you have something to add to this list. Please, tell me.

My footprints

If you want
To pass here unnoticed,
Like a thief slipping in
Through a side door,
You are free to do so;
You make your choice;
You do as you like;
As for me,
I won’t go that way;
That is not my destiny;
It’s the wrong road for me.
To go unnoticed
Is not like me;
To throw myself in mud?
And get my body soiled?
I refuse with all my energy;
I will stamp my feet
On the ground;
And make the world
Know I am there;
I will rock the boat;
And make a loud noise.
Why should I tiptoe,
When I can leave
My foot prints in bold,
On the dust of time.
I am not a lamb;
I am a lion;
I will roar,
Be it in the valley
Or the hill.
I will play my role.