If you want me to succeed…

If you want me
To succeed,
You will support me;
And I will succeed.
If you want me to fail,
Withhold your support;
That can make me fail.
Your support I need;
Your support is important.
Decide to give
Or not to give.


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Will you stand by me?

There’s no magic in success;
Others make you succeed;
Hence, I need your help
To succeed;
Put your hand on
My shoulder;
And make me succeed;
Stand by me;
And I will succeed;
If I am strong,
It’s thanks to you;
And others like you;
That stood by me;
There’s no magic in success;
Others make you succeed,
I will succeed if you stand
Always by me.
Will you stand by me?

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The most sought-after thing in the world

I have been reflecting on the most sought-after things in the world? What is it that most people fight to get? Let me propose a few things: love, money, success, stardom, popularity, happiness, power, fame.

Please, give the first three in order  – first, second, third.

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Let’s talk success

Who wants to succeed?
Don’t be surprised
To hear this;
Don’t take for granted;
Doesn’t go without
Many like to succeed;
Many fear to succeed;
Many can’t handle success;
They get scared of success;
Success calls for courage;
Build the courage to succeed.

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You have value

You have value whether you succeed or fail.

Nobody can create another you. If you are no more, the world will be minus one person. If the richest person in the world is no more, the world will be minus only one person not two. Hence, weather you are rich or poor you have value.

It is wrong for anyone to think that because someone is poor the person does not have value and can be treated shabbily. To treat anyone shabbily is the violation of human rights. We all deserve to be treated honorable; with dignity.

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Prove them wrong

When I wasn’t doing great in life,
Many people laughed at me;
Some played me down.
And I felt frustrated and bitter.
But I did not end there;
I took it as a challenge;
Worked harder;
Went the extra mile.
And did things above the ordinary.
The results were amazing;
And brought joy to my heart.
If ever anyone wants to put you down,
Make fun of you,
Or downgrade you,
Do same;
Go the extra mile;
And prove them wrong.

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Go for it!

Go for your success! Don’t wait for it to come and meet you where you are. You risk waiting for ever in vain.
Those who achieve the most success are those who go for it. They run after it until they catch up with it.
Therefore, get out into field and fight your way to what you want.

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