What an historical figure taught us

The reading of success literature, which we also call inspirational or motivational literature, listening to it on audio or watching videos of it, is a worthwhile habit which I strongly recommend.

It is invigorating, and heightens your awareness of the principles of success.

This habit has been of immense benefit to me. Many top achievers attest to this also; and their achievements lend credence to it.

There are many people who, sadly, still live under the illusion that success is either predetermined, or dependent on luck.

Nothing could be more farfetched.

Success is always a consequence of the respect of the principles of success; one of which is making right choices.

Right choices are never made haphazardly. They are usually the result of correct information, and clear thinking.

I have been listening to some icons on how they found their way to the top.

Their stories are not only thrilling, but also edifying.

The need to make right choices or right decisions keeps topping the chart of their list of success principles.

I have read many odysseys of people from obscure backgrounds to triumph, and I bet, always they enliven my spirits beyond the ordinary; and what I get away with all the times is the choices we make, which is the same as the decisions we make, are highly determinative of our success..

You have to take time to learn how to take sound decisions or make right choices in life.

Another requirement for noteworthy success which from every indication escapes many people struggling to succeed is the need for a sponsor.

When you have someone who backs and guides you, success becomes a certainty. All on your own, it is always much harder.

My advice to anyone in search of success is to make learning a must and a continuous process. Keep learning how to better do whatever you want to do.

Not long ago, I took an online course on digital graphics design and it has enhanced my work. Without it, I would still be trailing far behind in many ways.

An error that is commonly made, is wanting to have what we want here and now. It doesn’t work that way. Why? Because as one luminary of the science of success asserts, nothing worth while is accomplished easily in life. If that were possible, everybody would be an achiever.

Success demands that you invest time to study your project, plan it, and meticulously execute your plan. Even then, that does not guarantee automatic success. You may still fail and try a second, a third and a fourth time before you can make it .

The journey to success, especially to eminence is challenging but it can also be thrilling if you have the right attitude.

Whatever the challenges, never lose sight of the inspiring words of the man whose teachers dismissed as a dunce but who defied all the odds to become a timeless historical figure.

Among the enlivening lessons Winston Churchill taught us and future generations was, “Never, never, never give up!”


How do you know?

How do you know
Your future is bright?
How do you know
You’re bound for success?
How do you know
You were born to succeed?
How do you know
Your time has come?
How do you know
You must stop it or blow it?
How do you know
You are at the winning point?
How do you know
You have found
Your partner for life?
How do you know
You are on the right track?
How do you know
When you’re on the wrong track?
How do you know
All you need is perseverance?
How do you know
You have come to the end
Of the road?
How do you know
Your spouse loves you?
How do you know
A new idea is better for you?
How do you know
You’ve taken a good decision?
How do you know
It’s time to quit?
How do you know
Staying on can ruin you?
How do you know
Your faith is strong or weak? Yes, how do you know?
Tell me how you know;
I ask because I want
To know how you know;
I ask because it’s hard
For me to know;
So how do you know?
I ask because
I guess you know it;
And I want you to tell me;
I ask because
I know if you know,
I will.know,
Becsuse you will tell me;
Do you know?
Tell me if you know;
I really want to know;
How do people know certain things?
I really want to know
Why some people tell lies;
I really want to know
How one would see black
And call it white;
And that happens daily
Under our very noses.
How do you know
That someone is someone?
That someone is someone
You can trust;
And how do you know
That someone is someone
You cannot trust?
How do you know
When your closest friend
Is stabbing you on the back?
Let me tell you something;
In God alone you must trust;
Take it or leave it;
In Him alone, I do trust;
We, humans, will fail you;
Your most trusted person,
Will fail you,
But God will not;
He will never fail you;
He will always stand by you;
At all times, in him, alone,
Put your heart;
Put your trust;
He will never fail you;
Neither let you down;
He will always hold you up;
That is how wonderful
Our good Lord is at all times.

Keep on running

You cannot stop;
You don’t have to stop;
How can you stop?
You can’t,
When you have not found;
You have to keep on going;
Keep on seeking;
Keep on asking
And knocking;
Keep on searching
Till you find.
Keep on running;
You haven’t arrived;
That is what the winners know;
That is what they do;
If you stop searching,
Your journey ends;
Then you can say
“I have failed “
Who wants to pronounce
Those words?
We all want to succeed,
Not to fail;
So the road is clear;
The road is straight;
No deviation;
Keep on going;
Keep on searching till you find.
Keep on running
Till you arrive.
We call it persistence;
Dont stop;
Dont quit;
The race is not over
Till you reach the winning point.

Prayer for a successful day

Almighty God, whose power
Has no limit,
We pray O Lord
For a successful day;

We pray for courage
To face the tough challenges
Of today.

Grant us the wisdom we need
To successfully sail through
All the stormy waters.

Help us to know and do
All that is required of us
And not to shy away
From our responsibilities.

Be a light to our path
During the dark moments
Of this day.

Be the source of our strength,
When our feet begin to fail us
And we can no longer walk.

May your word energize us
Every step of our journey!

May we have reason to boast
To our enemies about
The power of the God we worship.

Make us a source of inspiration
To many who do not know you
To seek and find you.

We make our prayer
Through Christ our Lord,

Go get it, you can

Go get it. You can. Are you aware of that? Yes, you can.

Let me ask you: which qualities do you consider the most apt to bring you success?

I can’t say with certainty what your answer will be, but I dare to conjecture you will think of resolve, determination and hard work.

Please, let me know if I am right, close or far from it.

If I quickly thought of these three, it is because they are commonly known sterling qualities that have taken countless people up the ladder of success.

Undoubtedly, they will continue to do so.

But it wouldn’t surprise me if you come up with others like faith and persistence.

Here, I will still agree with you because faith and persistence are amazing forces when married to hard work.

Imagine the persistence of Christopher Columbus; how it contributed enormously to the great discovery that he made and which turned him into an historical figure.

Of course, you could still talk of courage, passion and self confidence. No one, I guess, can boast of any tangible reason to gainsay this.

These are also indisputable qualities that have led people in varied walks of life to success.

We have borne witness, time and again, to what they have done in the lives of people, taking some from total oblivion to superstardom.

You can begin to see why it is said success is not a day’s job.

I laugh when I find people who think they can get up, and in a day, become a top flight. It’s a big mistake.

For sure, it can happen; but that is rare; and an exception has never made the rule.

I say these things to encourage my readers to get to the top. That is precisely what I am here for; and have been in this all my life. When you have the right information or knowledge, you are best placed to make wise choices that will take you to success.

My work is to inspire, motivate, encourage and help people rise to the summit because that is where we all belong.

There is no single normal human being who is not endowed with the potential to soar high in the sky. You are no exception.

What most of us lack is a coach, a mentor, someone to hold our hand, lead us, guide us; encourage us to bring out the best in us.

It is more difficult to succeed without this support.

One thing that gives me real joy is when I find someone with the passion for great exploits. I mean the thirst or hunger to excel; to bring out the best in them.

This passion is a positive indication of what lies ahead for the concerned. Without a burning desire to excel, it becomes difficult to do so.

When you have that passion for success, when the desire to excel is burning in you, then you will begin to search for ways and means to do so; and when you search, of course, as the Bible assures us, you will find.

Let me leave you with three quotes that gave greatly inspired me:

“The path to greatness consists of having a strong and genuine desire, good purpose, and also having good company along the way – people who will help you endure as you walk through life for greatness isn’t a one-time effort, it’s a lifelong habit.” Peter Economy

“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness. Some have greatness thrust upon them.” William Shakespeare.

“Whoever renders service. to many puts himself in line for greatness – great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy.” Jim Rohn.

I like you to know you were born into this world for greatness. Greatness is at your reach.

Weren’t they classmates?

I hear someone ask:
“Weren’t they classmates?”
Of course, they were;
They sat on the same bench,
Studied the same things;
Were taught by the same teachers;
Played together;
Ran around together;
Committed mischief together;
And we know
Who was brightest in class;
Adebah was so brilliant;
He was the brightest;
Yondo trailed far behind;
Today, in the game of life,
They are world’s apart;
The tables have turned;
Adeba’s feet
Are dangling in the air;
Yobdo is soaring in the sky;
Who can explain?
What’s happened?
Is that how tricky life can be?
How does the first
Become the last?
And the last becomes the first?
Hard to understand;
The ways of life can be tricky;
You have to be careful;
The game of school
Is so different
From the game of life.
The rules and style of play;
You have to know them;
And play each by the rules;
Or be crushed hands down.
As is the case with Adeba.

I am smiling

I am smiling;
It’s not that everything
Is moving on well for me;
Far from it;
Many things are not moving,
It’s just that I have hope:
I believe in the future;
My creator put me here
To succeed;
He didn’t put me here
To fail;
He has fully equipped me
For success;
Why shouldn’t I succeed?
I will succeed;
I will do my best;
And I will make it.
And make it big;
That is why I am smiling.