Don’t wave me aside

Don’t wave me aside;
Don’t look at me
And conclude
That I will not make it;
That I will not amount
To much;
Because I look so;
That will be an error;
My determination
To make it is strong
And unshakable;
And it is hard to know
What a person can do
With such determination.
There is virtually no limit.
If you wave me aside
I will surprise you
By making it big;
I will prove to you,
What I am meant to be:
A great individual.


It’s not over yet

It’s not over yet;
If you think it is,
You are mistaken;
A big mistake;
It is far from being over;
In fact, I want to say,
It is just starting;
Who is talking of
Being over
When it’s just starting?
We are still getting out of bed;
It’s still early in the morning;
The sun is still to rise;
Who can be that crazy
to talk of the sun setting?
It will rake a long time
Before the sun sets;
And you can guess
How many things will happen
Between the two poles.
And I know, many of them will be positive.
The long and short of it:
It is not over yet.
Much is still ahead;
Much more than
You have seen;
Much more than
You can imagine or hope for.

The future is bright

Who says it is over
For me?
Who told you so?
Whoever told you is wrong;
Dead wrong;
If you think it is over
For me,
You are mistaken;
It is not over;
I am still on,
And even stronger than ever;
The future is bright;
It has never been more promising;
I am upbeat;
And I have one person
To thank – God;
He is almighty;
He is wonderful;
He is great.
He knows how to take care
Of his people.
To him, I owe everything;
To him, I am most grateful.
And I thank all good people
Through whom God carried out
His wonferful works
In my life.

Content is not enough

If you have a blog,
If you are a blogger,
I am confident to tell you
That content is not enough;
That content is important,
No one can deny,
Or argue against;
But that is not all;
If you have the best content,
But do nothing else,
I am afraid,
That will not take you far;
You have to know
How to give value
To your content;
How to market your content;
So that it sells,
And sells well.
If you think that
Because you have great content,
You will make it big
Without doing anything else,
You are in for a big shock;
There are many other skills
That you need
To make your great content;
And deliver for you;
Like getting it to the potential consumers;
Wooing and encouraging them,
And rewarding them
When they see it
And consume it. It is important here to note that
Content is not enough;
Content is not all and all.

Video: My Six Year Old Spills The Tea On What It’s Like Having A Blind Parent

We have victory! After countless editing program breakdowns and this poor footage being kicked from place to place more than a football at an intergalactic game, I have managed to keep my uploading promise to you, my Treasures. Take a seat, please forgive the audio and visual flubs (both my computer and phone fought me all the way on this video, and enjoy as my six year old spills the tea on what it’s like having a blind parent!

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Step on

Step on your failures;
Don’t sit on them;
Which means if you fail,
Begin again;
And see how far you go;
The first time
Should not be the last;
Let it be the start;
You will fail many times
Before you succeed,
But what you are looking for
Is not the times you fail,
But the one time
That you succeed.
See failure not as an end
But as a stepping stone
To success;
Step on them,
Don’t sit on your failures.

Fully reconnected

Why am I disconnected?
Who has disconnected me?
Why is it taking so pong?
When will I be reconnected?
What do I do now?
Are you aware of my disconection?
These and more questions
Keep invading my mind;
Seeking answers
That are not forth coming;
Like many questions of life,
That have no answers,
They keep on harassing me;
O Divine Master,
This is what happens,
When I am disconnected
From you,
I find no peace,
My heart yearns for you
Until I am reconnected;
The branch cannot live,
Cut off from the trunk;
Whenever I am cut off
From you,
Bring me back, O Lord.
Get me fully reconnected;
That I do not die, but live.

Covenant of Faith

God set forth an impossible undertaking when He challenged my capabilities to be the best at something I never imagined possible. But then it occurred to me – how many others seem to be on a quest for Jesus? They do not realize the disillusionment of the deserts.

I often wonder how some people got started in life. What made them so great in their lifetime? For example, Nicodemus in the Book of John became a legend in the Jewish community as a ruler and teacher of Israel. Then there was an Indian lawyer called Ghandi, and a lady named Mother Teresa. Closer to home was a little boy called Billy, who took his Bible to school every day. He was such an avid reader, and he never gave up his desire to serve the Lord.

But many others are true to their heart, and they never waver from God’s ministry. In my personal life, it’s a profound feeling of a great success to serve the Almighty. It comes with abounding rewards and grace. Now I should ask, where is the Holy Spirit in your life?

It could be too easy to stop my ministry of writing. I’d load the kayaks in the back of my pickup truck and head to the lake. Not a bad idea, but God puts His trust in me to bring others to His kingdom. My reward for faithfulness? I am so blessed in every waking moment. I’m sure my words may confuse you, but my closest friends and family know my priority is to serve the Father.

Too many believers “toe the line” in their commitment to serve our Lord. They pray for answers but give up when there’s no immediate response. Sometimes we look for answers within this world only to discover God is already working on our healing.

If you want to see faith at work, then don’t look at a three-piece suit parading up on a stage, shaking a Bible at our Almighty. That’s blasphemy – no! Let’s examine the heartbreaking scenes of the Bahamas. A mother stood in a bathroom with her three children praying to God for help in the disastrous times of Dorian. Do you think God didn’t hear her heart? (See the video below) Prayer is the only ammunition to combat evil.

With the mighty force of just one young mother, who guarded her three children in a bathroom, she brought together the strength of nations, ready to oblige her mission. What a world we could live in if we understood the destitution of our mental thoughts! Hopefully, many received the message for it was a great example of God working through His people.

God challenges us to be successful in His glory if we stay in prayer and never give up hope. Do not render your patience. As we kayak in God’s calm waters, do not evade the fact the calm waters are His too. He wants everyone to be successful and filled with hope. We shall armor ourselves in the covenant of faith for God ordained it to be ours.

God bless you, my friends, and all the survivors of Hurricane Dorian.

Tell me your story

Tell me your story;
That I may make it
A case study;
In it to find
The road signs
That will regulate
My driving;
From it, I will draw
Wisdom and imbibe
The hows you turned
Your stumbling-blocks
Into stepping stones
Of success;
To climb
To the ivory tower
You today, occupy
When just yesterday
You sat on mud
With no hope;
And despsir your bed fellow;
I want your story
To be my blue print;
Like a spring serves
As a source
From which to draw
fresh water to quench
one’s thirst,
Your story will be that knowledge spring,
That will keep me afloat
To successfully sail
Through the stormy sea
Of life
That lies so vast
Before my very eyes
To safe shores.
Yes, I want to hear
That narrative of yours;
How from rags you amassed
Riches that turned
A beggarly life
Into a kingly one;
To tell me your story
Is to gift me;
To show me how to fish
Rather give me a basin
Of fish to eat.
Therefore friend,
If you love me,
To do me good,
Tell me your story
And how you did it.