Suffer to enjoy

If you want your life
To change,
You must cultivate
The courage
To change your ways;
Change demands change,.
Which takes courage,
And courage is not free
It has a price
Which must be paid.
You must risk;
And be ready to suffer;
Suffer inconvenience;
But you suffer today
To enjoy tomorrow.
Suffer to enjoy, of course.


Poor men!

I say poor you men!
I feel for you;
You’re not poor
Because you lack money;
You are not poor
Because you lack
Earthly property,
You are not poor
Because you lack wisdom,
Knowledge or understanding;
Because in great abundance
You possess each one of them;
You are poor
Because you suffer
More than you can say;
So much you sacrifice
For others;
Kids, spouse and others;
You do all you can
To see them grow;
To see them succeed;
But once they’re fine,
They forget and even deny
You ever did a thing;
And sadly about you,
Nobody cares
Your time is over;
You’re a nuisance;
A liability no longer an asset;
If you aren’t careful,
You become lonely;
And end miserable.
That is the fate of men.
Yes, poor men.
You suffer even in
The hands of other men;
And closest ones to you.

Be wise in love

Be wise
When it comes to love;
Don’t be stupid
When it comes to love;
If you are wise
When it comes to love,
You will enjoy it;
If you are foolish
When it comes to love,
You will suffer from it;
Many have enjoyed love;
Many have suffered from love;
At this moment,
Many are enjoying love;
Many are suffering
From love;
Many are laughing
Because of love;
Many are crying
Because of love;
Love warms the heart;
Love burns the heart;
You have to be wise
When it comes to love;
Love, but love wisely.
Don’t allow yourself
To suffer from love.

What goes around comes around

There are people who don’t
Like to see others grow;
There are people who like
To create problems to others;
They seem to take delight
In seeing others fail.
They seem to bathe in the joy
Of seeing others suffer;
They are so full of evil;
Freely, they spread it around
Caring not what harm they cause.
Sad that such people abound;
And many suffer in their hands;
May God save the good from
Their evil hands!
The evil they do will chase them;
What goes around comes around.

It doesn’t go to all

IMG_20151108_164727Success is what everybody runs after;IMG_20151108_154155
For no one wants at all to suffer;
And to enjoy this rare commodity,
You must work hard with fidelity;
Success doesn’t go to all who seek it;
It only goes to those found fit;
And for being fit I say you are;
As any other can see even from afar;
In search of success you will rise and fall,
But when you find it you will stand tall;
And on your face you will put all the smiles;
And you and yours will live new lives.