Pray for the suffering today

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Pray for all those who are in pain today;
That God may relieve their suffering;
Many are those who are suffering;
From one plight or another;
Some are hungry;
No food to eat;
Some are sick;
No cure for their illness;
Some lack the money for medical attention
Or to buy their medication;
Some are tortured in their own families;
In their own country;
They need your prayers;
Some are unjustly punished;
Punished for crimes others have committed;
Some are displaced;
Some have no roof over their heads;
Pray for all these people;
That the Lord may have mercy on them.
And relieve their suffering;
Will you have time to pray for them?


Are we aware?

Are we aware
Of what we are doing
To each other?
Are we aware
That we are gradually
Wiping out
The human race?
Are we aware
Of the killings going on?
Are we aware
Of how much our people
Are suffering?
Are we aware
That parents are being
Killed and their children
Abandoned to themselves
As orphans?
Are we aware
Of the way we are tearing
Hearts apart?
Are we aware?
Are we really aware?
That we are slowly
Destroying our own world?
I don’t think we are aware;
We are not aware;
We are blind;
We have eyes
But we don’t see;
We have eyes,
But we are blind;
We better see;
We better be aware.
We better examine ourselves;
Examine our conscious;
We seem blank;
We definitely are blind;
We are not aware.

It is too much

Brothers and sisters
Of the world!
What are we doing
About the evil
Ravaging the world?
Devouring the world;
Storming the world daily;
What are we doing?
Why are we quarreling?
Have we forgotten
The ten commandments?
Thou shall not kill?
Where is love gone?
Many are suffering;
Tears are flowing like
Water in an ocean.
Let us do something.
Let us stop this evil;
It is too much.

Your prayers are needed

Your prayers are needed;
Many people are going through pain,
For them, the future is bleak,
They have been displaced
From their homes;
No shelter over their heads;
No food to eat;
No good source of water to drink;
No bed to lie on;
Not sure of a meal a day;
War rages on around them.
Would anyone say a prayer
For all these desperate people
That God may do something about their suffering!
Please, pray.

Daily Chat Forum No 4 Suffering in the world

There is too much suffering in the world – poverty, hunger, wars, domestic violence, crime wave etc. But why? Is this what the creator meant the world to be? Let’s chat on life and suffering. What are your thoughts? What can be done about suffering in the world. We are suffering. What solution?

So rich so what?

If you are so rich, so what?
You’ve accumulated so much money;
You have swollen bank accounts here and there;
You have investments, houses, and what have you?
You have a string of cars;
Some for your spouse,
And some for your children;
You spend your leisure flying around the world:
So what?
You are so rich, so what?
What use when millions are perishing from misery?
Don’t you know that many are dying of poverty?
Don’t you know that many don’t have even one meal to eat?
Don’t you know that many cannot afford a roof over their heads?
And don’t you know that to have so much money alone,
When millions wallow in poverty is injustice?
And evil and a shame?
Don’t you know?
Why so much money alone?
How much will you take along when you die?
Let’s stop this money exaggeration!
Let’s stop being greedy;
And let the world’s wealth go round.
Why should you want to be happy alone?
To enjoy alone?
If the world knows you as the richest man in the world,
So what?
If you don’t know,
Let me tell you;
It’s all vanity; greed, wickedness;
Let’s stop being greedy and wicked!
If you like, continue and be the richest person in the world;
If you are,
So what?

This poem was inspired by a response given by Helen Meikle to a comment I made on her site. Thank you Helen for inspiring me to write this poem. You originated the post that led to this. I wish to invite fellow bloggers to visit Helen’s blog to read this post
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Let’s do something

I wish I could do something;
Come let’s comfort them;
Let’s comfort the wounded hearts;
They are all over the world;
Those who are deeply hurt;
Those who are bleeding
With pain and sorrow;
Those who are tortured by love not returned;
Those who are victims of injustice;
Those who are suffering under the yoke
Of cruelty and human wickedness;
I wish I could do something about it;
I wish I could bring them relief,
And comfort; and joy;
I wish I could fight for them;
What a cruel world we live in!
Come, let’s join hands and do something;
And change this world;
And put an end to the evil we see
Everywhere we go;
Come let’s bring comfort and joy
To all the wounded hearts of the world.

Suffering for their sins

Don’t feel sorry
For people with disabilities;
They are being paid in their own coins;
Suffering for sins
They committed in another world;
Let them suffer for their sins;
It serves them right.

Note: This post has been written in response to a blogging prompt. The views are not the true views of the author. Apologies to anyone these views may hurt.

Life and suffering

What use is living;
If misery is all we know?
In the midst of plenty,
We cannot afford to perish in hunger;
Suffering is not the wage,
Life is meant to pay
When our best we’ve put in;
Life is meant to be enjoyed;
and not for living in misery;
Although we must struggle;
Our struggles, with success,
Should be crowned;
If suffering is the only
Thing we know,
Something is wrong somewhere;
And life is not worth the price.