You see how life is!

Be the sun and shine;
Light we need;
Humans, animals and vegetation;
But beware of being too hot
Lest you burn and destroy;
Though you give light;
Be not sun alone;
Be rain as well;
Sure that light is precious;
But darkness also;
I, for one, am the product
Of darkness;
Many of us are.
Be summer aint our only darling;
Winter also is precious
In its own way;
How would we skii without
Our dearest Winter.
You see how life is?


Is your sun shining?

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Is your aun shining?
Your sun is shining;
And shining brightly too;
I see it on your face;
Your broad smile speaks louder
Than words can do;
Are you aware?
Of what’s happening to you?
Your sun is shining
So brightly;
Which makes many so happy
For you;
May it never stop shining!
May it instead continue
To shine brighter and brghter
May your sun shine for ever!

Make others smile

Smile as you do read;
It’s meant to put
A smile on your face;
To brighten your heart;
And all your day.
And then you pass it on;
Charm I see buried
Deeply in you;
Make it shine like
The moon on your face;
Why not even brighter?
Maybe like the sun;
You are meant to be
A superstar;
And put smiles
On others’ faces?
But you cannot give what
You don’t have;
Smile then
And let others smile
With you.

The Still Moon

Conquered by the golden crepuscule
Where dissent was forbidden growth
Moon had no voice !

Fading sky lost it’s colors
To highlight the crescent
Yet the Sun pacified
Evanescing the Moon

Darkness yearned radiance
But oh! Poor Moon
Begged the Sun
For some illumination

Hovering Clouds demeaned the Moon
Shabbily capturing all it’s beauty
Yet the moon stayed all the same
Reflecting perennially the same stillness

Living with the dead fate
Every night it continues to smile
Emanating hope with nothing to own
Charming the mortals
Who still shoot for the Moon!


Drawing ‘The Sunman’

Drawing ’The Sunman’ by Michel Montecrossa

Description: ’The Sunman’, Miravillage, 2013, wax crayon on canvas, 49 x 58,5 cm

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