What you mean to me

You mean a lot to me;
I need you;
I cannot do without you;
You are so precious;
Thank God for you;
He did well
To create you;
If he had not done so,
There would have been
A big vacuum
In my humble life;
If I smile so broadly,
It is because of you;
You are sunshine
In my life;
You are my happiness
And my joy;
You are God’s gift to me.

Make us laugh this day!

Make us laugh this day
O Lord;
Make this day a good one;
Change all negatives
To positives;
Give us sunshine
Not rain;
Let us smile
Not frown;
Make us laugh,
Not cry;
Wipe all our tears;
And in their place
Give us laughter;
So that we may laugh
From jaw to jaw
In joyful happiness.
You are in control;
You own everything;
You decide what should
And should not happen.
Decide now in our favour;
On you we depend;
In you is all our hope.

The rain is over

The rain is over;
There is sunshine;
The weather is bright;
No more tears;
No more crying;
But laughter all the way;
Darkness is gone;
And brightness is here;
Light has come.
Let’s go out,
Into the yard
And play!
This bright weather
Is a gift from God.
But won’t be there forever;
Let’s enjoy it now.
Sing a song of joy;
Shout out loud!
Blow the trumpet;
Let all the world come
Celebrate with us.

Sunshine today

They brought me sunshine
Do you know who they are?
My ladies;
My sweet ladies;
My charming ladies;
They are all full of light;
And they light up places,
Wherever they are;
Wherever they go;
Amazing ladies;
Very special ladies;
They’ve lit up my world;
They’ve brought me light;
They’ve brought me sunshine;
And that, they’ve done today.

I am so alive

Some people you meet,
Your heart goes for them;
They make you different;
You want to be with them;
You want to listen to them;
And life becomes different
Just because of them;
You don’t get tired
Of their company;
The more you interact with them,
The happier you are;
A day spent away from them
You feel empty;
You are not happy without them;
Will it surprise you
If I say I have such a person?
And it is you?
With you, everything is
So different;
So sweet;
So nice;
So alive;
You are my star;
Bright sunshine in my life.

Where’s my sunshine?

Where’s My Subshine?

Sunshine, where is the sunshine?

Why is this cloak of darkness all around me?

This orb of light represents a channel of peace

But where is mine?

People go to and fro

Their little banks of loans in their hearts

Or trying to win the lotto of the soul

But we have more control than we like to show

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018