Today’s morning prayer 25

Father, make me
A blessing to someone;
Give me
A heart that loves;
A heart that is kind;
A heart that smiles;
A heart that appreciates;
A heart that sees good
In others;
Give me a heart
That obeys your word
That I may always obey;
And live by your teaching
As you want me to,
Not for my glory,
But for your glory,


Today’s morning prayers 8

I the name of the Father,
And of the Son,
And of the Holy Spirit,
God of heaven and earth,
Lead us this day,
To where we must go,
To what we must do;
Equip us with the wisdom
We need,
To deliver the goods
As it will please you.
Protect us;
Guide us
To do not our will,
But yours.
May we live this day
Not for ourselves
But for you.
Through Jesus Christ
Your Son, our Lord,
For ever and ever. Amen!

Today’s Morning Prayer 5

Our Father in heaven,
Praise be your name;
Holy you are;
And mightier than all
That I know;
Into your hands
I commit my life
This day;
Into your hands
I commit the lives
Of everyone in my family;
Into your hands
I commit my neighbours;
Into your hands
I commit
Everyone I know,
And everyone I don’t know
Around me;
Into your hands, this day,
I commit anyone in danger;
Help them
Out of their trouble
O Lord our God;
This, we pray,
Through Christ our Lord

Empower me

Empower me O Lord;
That I may do the work
You have called me
To do for you.

Empower me O Lord;
Though I am willing to do
What you like me to do,
I lack the tools.

Empower me O Lord;
I have accepted to do
Your will,
I cannot do it on my own.

Empower me O Lord,
If you equip me,
I will do what you expect
of me.
And do it well

Will you equip me?
Will you empower me?
Tell me you will.
I am waiting to hear
From you.

You alone can save me

In difficulty, O Lord,
I find myself,
Danger lurks around me;
I urgently need help;
Come rescue me
From the devilish hands
of evil men;
Who, by jealousy,
Completely devoured
Want to pull me down.
You alone can save me;
Make them know
A living God I serve;
That you are
That living God;
Come put your hand on me,
That saving hand
That has power
To rescue men
From a lion’s mouth.
On you alone I count.
If you don’t,
No one else will.
You alone can do it.
You alone can save me.
You alone are my God.

Help us O Lord

We cannot provide for ourselves O Lord,
Nor save ourselves
From the dangers
That surround us;
We are helpless;
We cannot protect
Ourselves from evil men
Who are everywhere
Around us;
Only you can;
Nothing in life
Can we do on our own;
It’s only you
Who can will it,
On you alone, we depend
For our needs and safety;
You hold our lives in
Your divine hands;
Before you, we kneel;
To you, in prayer,
We submit our lives;
Take full control
O God, our Father;
Keep away our enemies;
All power is in you;
You can do anything
You want;
And so to you we cry,

It pains my heart (poem 99 from 100 poems for my sweetheart by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

When I think of how we were
Not very long ago,
I cannot hold tears
Running down my eyes;
You were everything to me;
I was everything to you;
We were all and all
To each other;
You could not be seen
Without me;
I could not be seen
Without you;
We were inseparable
Like conjoint twins;
Bound together like one
By love;
Where they saw you,
They saw me;
Where they saw me,
They saw you;
We were an ideal pair,
The admiration of all;
Who came to us and said so;
But today, we are world’s apart;
What happened, my love?
What or who came between us?
Do you know how I feel?
Don’t you care again how I feel?
Am I not the same one
Who meant so much to you?
How could I have imagined
We would come to this?
You were so ideal;
And gave me more than I could imagine;
You stood by me;
Cared for me;
Made me happy;
And made me so proud of you;
And for all that to vanish
As I see;
Is so hard for me;
Though I may smile;
Though I may laugh;
Though I may look normal,
I am so alone;
That I lost the only heart
I had in the world;
Which is you.
It Pains my heart;
It pains the more because
There’s nothing I can do;
It’s only you my love
That can bring back your heart
From where you have taken it;
Will you do it?
Will you bring back your heart?
You better do so my love;
Do you know
We are the laughing stock
Of our city?
Many are saying, “look at them!
They claimed to be ideal;
See where they are today!”
Shall we allow them
To continue to laugh at us?
It Pains my heart.

Listen to my cry

Listen to my cry O God;
I come before you in tears;
Pleading for your help;
My heart aches with sorrow;
I long for you to listen to me;
And answer my prayer;
My people are suffering;
And many are dying;
Here we are helpless on our own;
Without your intervention,
Surely, we are finished;
But with you, we have hope;
You never abandon your children;
Do not abanbon us;
Come to our aid;
Rescue us from the fangs
Of danger.
In you we put our trust.
That is why I come before you
Pleading you listen to my cry.