No one succeeds alone

No one succeeds alone;

The concept of self made man is erroneous.

There is nothing like a self made person.

We only succeed because somebody has bolstered our efforts to do so.

Without the help and support of others, we cannot do much.

If you hear someone boasting that they are self made, such a person would be an ungrateful one; someone who doesn’t recognize and appreciate the enormous contribution of others to their success.

Think of all the sacrifices of your parents when you were unable to take care of yourself.

Think of all those who helped you along the way in one way or another; your wife who is always there to cook for you, take care of the home and the family when you are away at work.

Think of your husband and his sacrifices to stay back with the children while you were in school; the moral and financial support he gave you.

Can you say you have succeeded alone?

What of the househelp who is taking care of the kids while you are at work?

What of the neighbor who drops you at work every morning and picks you up after work?

Can you say your success is all your doing?


No one succeeds alone. We have to be honest, fair minded and grateful enough to give recognition where it is due.

You owe your success to God, to your effort and to others who helped you along the way.


God has a big plan for everyone

God has a big plan for you. But make no mistake. No one has ever made it big alone in this world. If you find anyone who has made it really big, look around, you will find someone or some people who offered them a great hand.

It is your duty to look for people who will lend you a hand and get you to where you want to go in life.

Of course, some will come without your looking for them. In such a case, you may think they have come on their own; which is not exact. God has sent them.

God is permanently working to realize his plan for your life:

  1. Opening the way for you,
  2. Giving you the wisdom, energy, courage and health you need,
  3. Sending to you people who can help you succeed.

Unfortunately, many of us are not aware of this. We do not know God is permanently working for us to have our due. As a result, we do not collaborate with him to facilitate the process.

Instead, without knowing it, what we do is we work against it.

This is tragic. We could liken this to fighting to score against our team in a football match. This means helping our side to lose instead of to win.

What interests us here, is the people that God sends into our lives to help us succeed.

These people include people you have never met, and might never meet such as writers and speakers; people you may only hear on radio, watch on TV, read in the papers or meet on the web.

There are many ways they can help you. They may:

  1. Teach you,
  2. Encourage you,
  3. Challenge you,
  4. Inspire you,
  5. Motivate you,
  6. Campaign for you,
  7. Finance you
  8. Advice you,
  9. Caution you,
  10. Guide you etc.

You have to be discerning, open and receptive to embrace the people God sends to you to help you become the person he wants you to be.

God may also send you into someone’s life to help the person become who they are meant to be. But you may not know that this is what God is doing.

We need to oray for the grace to discern and know when God sends someone into your life to help you become who he wants you to be, and when he sends you to help others or another.

Yes, we need to know when he has made us an instrument in another’s life.

Your call in life is what God wants you to do for others. My call is to encourage, inspire, motivate, educate, advise and help people realize their potential.

Ever since I discerned this purpose for my life, I have been on it. But it is not everybody who opens their door to me. Some bang it to my face. But, I am never discouraged. You must not be discouraged because you are not working for them or to please them but to accomplish God’s plan for your life.

The take home here is, do not think you can make it in life on your own.

God has a plan for your life; and has put in place a strategy to make that plan come true. You can’t work alone and succeed to make it come true.

You must look for those who will help you succeed and embrace all those God sends into your life to help you make his plan for you come true.

If you do this, all the chances are on your side to make it big exactly as God wants you to do. God bless you!

Slippery ground ahead

Are there people laughing at you because you have fallen?

That is a mistake.

Tell them there is slippery ground ahead of them.

Who knows?

They could be the next person to go crashing on the ground.

Instead of laughing at someone because the person has fallen, hold their hand and lift them up.

What they need is your support and encouragement.

We have to learn to support and encourage one another in this hard and difficult world.

As we pray that God may come to pur aid when we run into difficulties, so too should we be ready to come to another’s aid when they are in difficulty.

Spouses work together

If you are married,
Or when you marry,
Don’t spend time fighting
With your spouse.
It is not only a waste of time,
It is also a misuse of time;
A mismanagement of time;
Abuse of time;
And working against yourself
Not for yourself;
Working for failure
Instead of working for success;
Spouses should work together;
And support each other;
So as to enhance their chances
Of succeeding.
Start today to work
With your spouse
If you are married;
And if you are not married,
Decide now
That you will work
When you become married tomorrow.

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