Spouses work together

If you are married,
Or when you marry,
Don’t spend time fighting
With your spouse.
It is not only a waste of time,
It is also a misuse of time;
A mismanagement of time;
Abuse of time;
And working against yourself
Not for yourself;
Working for failure
Instead of working for success;
Spouses should work together;
And support each other;
So as to enhance their chances
Of succeeding.
Start today to work
With your spouse
If you are married;
And if you are not married,
Decide now
That you will work
When you become married tomorrow.


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I got so much inspiration from God’s purpose for us and thought it good to share with you.

Crystal Ann has done an excellent job. I praise her effort. She is the founder of Out of the mug and mire blog. You will need to discover this lady and her blog.

Crystal has a very pleasant style and I enjoy every single post she writes. She is simple, short, and convincing.

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He is Always there.

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You are not allowed to waste anything;
What are you wasting?
Why are you wasting it?
Do you know what you are doing?
Maybe you do not know about waste;
It’s a waste to waste anything;
Thank you easydiet.blog;
Your reminder is good and welcome.

If you have not visited easydiet.blog,
This is your invitation;
Let’s show solidarity to our fellow blogger.
You might be surprised what
You will gain from Benefits of Pineaple,
Banana and Mangoes.


Solidarity Bloggers’ Forum 10

Do you believe that you are doomed?

Venkatesh Agnihotri says Stop believing that you are doomed. In his blog Dream Bigg he advises that no matter the difficulties you are passing through, you must “keep believing that things will get better.” You must “Keep having hope.”

Venkatesh’s post makes for enjoyable reading. And what he says is worth reading with careful attention.

Since I found this blog very edifying, I decided to hover around for a while. Good thing I did because I found another post, “Why you should stop highlighting others mistakes.”

I think you should read this post. Not only will you enjoy the story of the “four student Monks,” but also, you will get the wise lesson it teaches.

Thanks for reading and happy blogging!

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Curiosity Satisfied

Hello friends! I am happy to say my curiosity about China has just been satisfied.

And do you know who did it? Our own sweet Richa. She just posted this, which is just what I wanted to hear.

You know how Richa writes. She gets you hooked. She did no less in this post and I found myself spellbound till I finished reading.

She gives 7 interesting facts about the Chinese New Year. I really appreciate this.

And while we are on this, you may also like something from Richa’s travel diary.

Happy Blogging!