I miss you so much (Poem No. 56 for my sweetheart) by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

I cannot explain to you,
Why I miss you so much;
The simple, honest truth is,
I miss you more than you know;
I like you to be around me
All the times;
Not once in a while,
But always,
From morning till night;
From Monday to Sunday;
Be near me;
Your presence gives me joy;
It makes me know I am loved;
Your absence takes joy
Away from me;
Hence, I like you to stay
With me and comfort me.
Don’t say ‘No!’
I won’t take ‘No’ for an answer;
Come be a full part
Of my world.
Come show me you care.
I don’t want to miss you again.

Celebrating love (poem 54 to my sweetheart by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Celebrating love

The writing on our love board
Is a beautiful, sweet one;
The story it carries
Has the sweet taste of refined wine;
That lovely story of our love;
Taking off from romance
And safely landing on romance;
Passing through
The difficult channels
Of challenges,
And near divorce;
The normal trajectory for all
Durable marriages;
Do you remember our down days?
When everything was bleak?
When all seemed lost?
And irredeemable?
Thank God we held the forte:
And our hope tank
Though seriously rocked,
Innumerable times battered,
Was hardly empty;
Never for once went dry.
We have reason to celebrate.
Let us celebrate our love.

Smile and smile (poem No. 52 to my sweetheart, by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Smile and smile, my love;
Smile and smile again;
Do not stop smiling;
You have a smile
That charms me;
I love it when you smile;
A broad smile on your face
Makes you look so beautiful;
My heart smiles when
You smile;
Your smile can light up
A dark night.
Show me you love me
With a broad smile.
Are you ready to smile now?
Please, do.
Smile and smile.
The world will return
Your smile;
Broadly smile,
The world will smile back;
With you, let it be
All smiles.
Light the candle on your face
With a smile.

Tea without sugar (poem No 53 to my sweetheart by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Don’t leave me;
Don’t stop loving me;
Don’t say you are
Not mine again;
Are you mine for ever?
Will you be mine
Till the sun moves
From the sky
To the earth?
You are sugar in my tea;
Without you
My life is like tea
Without sugar:
What use is tasteless tea?

First class beauty (by Ngobesing Suh Romanus) poem 51 to my sweetheart

Your beauty,
I have never seen,
Your beauty,
Is so special,
So unique;
Your beauty,
Is first class beauty;
Eye dazzling beauty;
It can make
A man’s heart
Lose a beat;
Where did you get such
Simmering beauty?
And to know that
With such glittering
You are mine,
Can you guess
How I feel?
On top of a mountain,
Looking down
On the world;
Pure, fresh air
Floating in the sky.

Poem No 38 from 100 poems for my sweetheart

A quick word
To you, queen of
My heart,
To remind you of my
Burning love for you;
Until the world
Comes to an end,
You are
The chief occupant
Of my heart.
Your seat is guaranteed;
And protected;
No matter how heavy
It may rain,
No drop will touch you;
You are,
And will, for ever, remain,
The Queen of my heart.

Poem No. 29 from 100 poems for my sweetheart

The only treasure I want

The sweetest one I know;
You are sweetness itself;
Tell me if you are
Honey or nectar;
You are the loveliest creature
I have set eyes on;
Where were you manufactured?
You are my golden girl;
Many distances conspire
To keep us apart;
Time and space
Working hardest to do this;
But woefully
They have failed;
Already our hearts
Are solidly knit together,
Never ever to be
Torn apart;
Let them do what they may,
Nothing will stop
My heart from burning
For you.
No barrier will stand
On my way.
Even if you fly to heaven,
I will continue to love you.
You are the only treasure
That my heart desires.
Silver and gold,
I will not take;
Nothing do they mean to me
As long as I have you.
All the content of my heart
Is joy because of you.

Poem No. 28 from 100 poems for my sweetheart

My darling forever

Are you thinking of me?
I cannot stop thinking of you;
Of your golden lips;
It seems there’s nothing else
To think about but you;
Are there any lips
Sweeter than yours?
I am helpless when it comes
To our love;
Hard as I may try,
I cannot stop thinking of you.
As my heart burns for you.
I feel the heat in and out.
It’s such a joyful heat
I never before experienced.
Assure me I can count on you;
Will you always be there
For me?
To quench this thirst
That is consuming my heart
like a wildfire?
A fierce hunger for you
Is gnawing my heart;
Tell me you will be there
For me as the sun shines
In the sky;
That is all I want to hear;
That those golden lips
Are mine for ever.
That you are my darling forever.

Poem no. 27 from 100 poems for my sweetheart


Do you know the person
I am thinking of
Right now?
I am thinking of you;
No other
Than you;
And if
I am thinking of you,
It is
You are the one
Who holds my heart;
You are the source
Of my joy;
The content of my feeling;
The reason
For my being alive;
I think of you all day
And all night;
Because you are such
A sweet soul;
You are my darling;
You are all I live for;
Without you,
I am air;
I am zero %.
That is me;
And who are you?
That’s the question.