Be careful or you regret (Be inspired today 237 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

How it happened,
It’s hard for many
To understand;
They were all kids
In the same neighborhood;
Taky from a rich home,
Mawomba from a poor one;
Mawomba begged from Taky
To survive;
Today, as grown ups,
Mawomba is rich,
Taky is poor.
Taky begs from Mawomba
To survive.
Who can guess
What must have happened?
What went wrong for Taky?
How did the tables turn?
Can this happen to anybody?
You may be a Taky;
You may be a Mawomba;
This can happen to anybody.
Better to be a Mawomba
In childhood,
And end as a childhood Taky
Than to be a Taky
In childhood,
And end as childhood Mawomba;
You have to watch out
If you are blessed;
You may waste your blessings
And regret tomorrow.