High talent fertility

I am so amazed
By what I see
Some people do;
High talent
Fertility rate;
That makes them
Easily pregnant;
And waste no time
To give birth;
To children
Who shoot up
Like fertilized crops.

We owe it to God

When we talk of talent,
You have to know what
That means;
You may be more talented
Than you are aware,
Actually, you are blessed
With many talents;
And you owe God gratitude
For them,
Because it is not your doing;
It is his doing;
You don’t owe it to yourself
But to him;
You did not ask for it;
You found yourself with it;
Hence, it comes from
The one who created you;
And that one is almighty God.
He is a wonderful God;
Amazing creator;
Loving father.
You owe him words
Of gratitude;
And you can never
Express gratitude enough.
Just do the best you can.

Stardom or superstardom

Can anyone who wants to
Become a superstar?
Does everyone have a talent?
The Holy Book, the Bible
Says everyone has a talent;
Who then decides
How far your talent takes you?
Is it God or each individual?
No individual alone
Can go far
With their talent’
No matter how much they put in;
It is team work;
There is no limit to anyone
Who works in one team
With the Creator.
Go into partnership with Him;
And give your talent a chance
To flourish
And to bear abundant fruit;
Which you may call
Stardom or superstardom.

Why bury your talent?

Live for something that you will be remembered for after you have gone home.

That is the encouragement I give you.

To say to be remembered is not important because it all boils down to vanity, is to me, very escapist.

You do not know more than God who knows that life is all vanity but still took pains to create you.

If he had not liked you to use your talents to excel, he would not have given you the wonderful talents you have.

Though you know you will leave everything behind and go, you are required to do the best you can to leave your mark.

Do not be like the young man in the parable of the talents who buried his own talent as he waited for his master’s return.

I encourage you to work hard to make a mark.

Prayer for the gift of writing

This is a prayer for the gift of writing:

O Mighty God, source of every gift;
I pray for the gift of writing;
That I may write
All that you inspire me
To write,
In the best way that
You want;
Grant me the gift of words,
So that I may find
The right words to use
When I write;
May I excel in writing;
That what I write may be pleasant and edifying;
Grant me the ability to impact my readers,
And move them to think, behave and act in ways that will bring glory to your name;
You granted the gift to write
To Shakespeare, Dickens, Chaucer,
Jane Austin, Achebe, Soyinka,
And many more;
You have made great authors
To touch hearts all over the world;
The great poets, novelists
And playwrights were all inspired
By you.
Do same to me.
My humble supplication
I submit to you in all humility and faith.

We are exploring

We are exploring;
We are exploring all ways;
We are leaving nothing unexplored;
We want to make sure
We exploit our potentials
To the full;
We don’t want to waste
Our God given gifts;
If our talents are meant
To take us to the sky,
That us where we will go;
If they are meant
To take us to the bottom
Of the sea,
We want to reach there.
That is why
We are exploring;
We are exploring all avenues;
That, I recommend to you
As well;
Explore your talents;
Explore your opportunities;
Maximize your chances.
Go under the sea;
Fly to the moon;
Push right to the end.

I hate to see

I hate to see people
Wasting their lives;
I hate to see young people
Just idling around,
Doing nothing;
I hate to see lazy people;
I hate to see talent
Being wasted;
Or somebody with enormous
Potential wasting it.
I hate to see failure.
I hate to see someone killed:
Orsomeone maltreated;
Or brutalized;
Or tortured;
I hate to see it.
What about you?
What do you hate to see?

Talent for joy

Surely, you do have
A talent;
Are you aware?
What is your talent?
And if you know it,
Are you letting it waste,
Or you are using it
As the creator intended?
Talent for joy;
Tell me what you are doing
With your talent;
Let your talent fly high;
Don’t let your talent sleep;
Let your talent shine
Like a star;
Let your talent burn
Like a fire.
Let your talent sing
Like a nightingale;
Talent, talent;
You have a great talent
Straight from the hands
Of the Creator, God.
Use it for its purpose.
To bring joy to the world.